Geodetic work in land management, land surveying

Geodesy and land management

Surveying when the land have their own characteristics, surveying work in land surveying more important task, geodesy and land management are very closely linked.

Geodetic works in land management, surveying. Geodesy and land management All procedures relating to the renewal ownership of land or the determination of its true owner have a common name - land works. As a result of their execution to the owner together with the documents transferred all rights in this area. Also spatial process may be necessary in order to determine the exact coordinates of the site, its boundaries, area.

Land significantly associated with obtaining the necessary documents, their preparation and tidying. The company "Guild Engineering has been engaged in the provision of such services, providing assistance to their clients on such land management issues:

  • The draft, which you can get a plot of land in his possession. This item is associated with the privatization of land. After you perform this procedure, the land becomes lawful possession of private persons.
  • Development project surveying, according to which the land is given on lease. This service is popular among entrepreneurs who want to develop on the site of their business projects.
  • Separation plot one of several
  • Change the destination site. In the event, if you decide to turn, for example, accommodations in the area under production.
  • The paperwork for combining multiple adjacent parcels into one or split one large parcel into two or more smaller.
  • The inventory of land - confirmed availability of land in a defined territory, and also done in cases when changing the boundaries of the area or rebuilt objects here.
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Geodetic works in land management

agriculture and division are inextricably linked and surveying. They focus on measurements, calculations, preparation of drawings. All these procedures help to clearly identify the location of the land plot, as well as all real estate objects located on it. Land works without geodetic part would be considered incomplete, and in some cases invalid. In the complex of such studies includes a variety of procedures and actions. But surveying work in land management include the following key processes:

  • Cadastral survey is required of the site. This service is required for registration in the cadastral system, to obtain cadastral number and cadastral maps. Shooting involves determining the precise boundaries of not only the desired area, but adjacent to it. Also, we determine the coordinates of the plot.
  • Topographic survey. More in-depth view shooting. Here, you commit all angles, distances. The data obtained in the result, form the basis of plans and maps of this area. Also, if necessary, can be performed not only ground-based shooting, but the fixation of all communication systems.
  • The removal of boundaries. This service involves the actual fixing of the boundaries with the help of special boundary markers. To perform such work must, if early signs are lost if the site is under construction when the work is done by drilling and, if land is purchased or there is a dispute with the owners of neighboring plots for the bordering territory.

"Guild Engineering specializes in all issues with land regardless is surveying the terrain or this compilation of maps, drawings or reports. In matters related to official documentation, registration and other formalities, our specialists are ready to help.

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