Surveying Ukraine

our Great country, wide open spaces, everywhere there are roads, well-developed cities, in the villages built beautiful new homes, everywhere people are enjoying the benefits of civilization: hot and cold water, heating, gas, electricity, means of communication and the Internet. And in every movement of a person to improve your life there is a part of geodesy.

Geodetic works Ukraine

survey work in Ukraine in demand everywhere. Need them and large enterprises and farms, and individual members of society. In the country there is a geodetic network of reference points. They serve as starting points for surveying. The entire area of the state is covered by topographic survey in scale 1:25 000 and smaller. There are plans of the two thousandth scale, many areas covered by the survey in the scale 1:500. But as the situation of the terrain is constantly changing due to natural processes and human activities, topographical plans become obsolete and require updating. Therefore, surveying work in Ukraine never cease.

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In the country carried out huge work on creation of a unified cadastre of land. Land privatization, land without surveying will not be enough. To determine the exact position of the parcel on the area and fix its boundaries can only be a surveyor. To prepare the documents to perform various operations related to the land (sale, construction, installation of utilities), is often required to have a topographic map of a certain scale, diagram or copy. Survey operations in Ukraine are performed by the firm LLC “the Guild Engineering”. Work is performed with the use of modern equipment. Satellite equipment, total stations, scanners, modern theodolites and levels - all of these devices serve surveyors. The accuracy of field measurements due to their use increased significantly. Security engineers computer software makes products relevant, suitable for use in any project organization and relevant.

Industry and agriculture require geodetic materials. Any construction work begins with surveying. Geodetic works in Ukraine is accompanied by the construction from start to completion. At the design stage the company made a topographical plan of the territory. The removal of the axes of the Foundation, a breakdown of the axes of the building, as-built survey upon completion of individual stages, removal of marks and final as-built survey - these types of work are performed at every construction site. If the production process of the enterprise covers the operation of heavy crane, when periodic inspection is performed leveling of crane tracks.

Surveying work in Ukraine cover a larger area of the ecological character. Career building materials are tested for content of radioactive substances. Constructed buildings subjected to radiological examination. For the enterprises with harmful emissions are determined the geodetic coordinates of emission sources and inventory of emissions.

In large cities, power lines are laid underground, the railway network covers the whole territory, there are tunnels, mines, ports. In these areas survey work in Ukraine is done by surveyor. Their work is difficult, but very necessary. To build or to mine coal underground need exposure and a great knowledge of the subject. The value of estimating mineral resources or of goods at the ports for economic activity is difficult to overestimate.

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