On land surveying is the beginning of everything. In new construction, the beginning of the entry into ownership, start renovations, landscaping and more. With geodesy begins any work, because without her to perform tasks accurately and correctly is not possible.

survey work

Why is it so important geodesy and what is it? Surveying is a science. Among her many areas especially notable engineering geodesy. Its popularity is due to the fact that this direction is the most practical. That is, engineering geodesy solves everyday problems and issues arising in everyone who owns land, water body or property.

As has become clear, the main object of surveying is to land and structures located on it. These works very much, they are all different in nature and purpose. Therefore, all surveying can be divided into several groups.

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the Main body of work is called geodetic survey. This trend is leading, because the procedures included here are the most popular among customers. It is in this piece of work included topographic survey, and which performs the desired and actual procedure. Also a member of the research is to develop territory plans on the basis of the data obtained after the topographic survey.

Topographic survey is not the only component of the survey process, but also the basis of topographic and geodesic works. They mean the shooting at the necessary scale and creation of graphical document based on it. This includes shooting communications – underground and surface.

Before construction, when a draft of the building, are geodetic works. The breakdown involves the removal of the key and auxiliary axes of a future building. Also the breakdown is not only important at the initial stage, but in the course of construction or installation works on installation of equipment.

control the construction process, the breakdown, the construction of key building elements and over other important processes are managed through the Executive shooting. Based on the data Executive survey to judge the accuracy and the reliability and durability of construction.

Work on land tenure – not less important direction. The registration of the documents of the land – the first thing that is done before the construction or improvement. The scope of work includes defining and staking out the boundaries of the land, procedures for registration of cadastral documentation, surveying, drafting a plan.

Geodesy is necessary at the design stage or during the carrying out of certain works on site. It also applies to the operation of structures, constructions. In particular, the surveyors, the monitoring of deformation processes. A particular object is monitored using surveying instruments. This monitoring is necessary to timely identify deformation, damage.

these are not a complete list of what surveying. It helps in calculating the amount of excavation work, landscaping, the installation of equipment in industrial facilities, in monitoring the operation of hydraulic structures and water bodies. All of these areas for a long time successfully engaged in the company " Guild Engineering”.

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