Geodetic control in construction

Geodetic control in construction

In all developed countries, geodesy at the construction site already perceived as an independent Supervisory organization, paid by the customer and controls contractors. Often during the construction period can vary more than a dozen contractors. Some have started to do, others continue, and others to finish. For you, this complex can be called "geodesy turnkey".

the complex includes:

  • Once you decide to buy land. Have a couple in mind. You need to choose from three to one. Here without geodesy nowhere. First climb materials oldest surveying - tablets. Plots candidates are reviewed not only undesirable underground networks, but also an opportunity of rendering of communications for the next proposed site of construction, such as the sidebar, gas, water make-up electricity, fire water supply, drinking water, sewer, storm drain, convenient check in.
  • Chose the optimum site for future construction - do actual parisotto stamped architecture "fit". Thus we shift part of the responsibility for possible damage of the city architect, if network palisade are incorrect;
  • Take a picture to receive cadastral numbers with precise coordinates and size of the plot, we obtain the state Certificate on land plot;
  • Design;
  • Produced the borders of the plot according to the current exchange file with the city coordinates. This must be the case if the surveyors did a challenge for cadastral surveying with adjustments associated with the norms of fire travel, protected zones of communications, podstanovki with neighbors, etc. thus the control of correctness of privatization;
  • With a plot decided - make-axis for the development of the pit, give space to the diggers. Do Executive survey of the pit. Believe the amount of excavation works. Drop axis in the pit;
  • Make geodetic rapper and axis for saibidinov, giving them a platform, do the Executive survey pile field;
  • Bring axis concrete preparation and then foundations, columns;
  • Check the first floor. Control the height of the floor, the horizontal formwork, correctness fixing armature for editions of walls, columns, Elevator on the following floors;
  • Conduct relevant Executive dokumentaciju;
  • Divide the location of all future communications;
  • Do the Executive geodetic scheme at all elements;
  • Put the constructed object on urban tablets (ideally be, if he will meet the project, and if discrepancies occur, it is best to adjust the project to the fact);
  • Successful negotiation with authorities and delivery of object in operation !!!
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Geodetic control in construction

A particularly important role during the implementation of geodetic control of the entire construction process plays an Executive survey that allows you to control each of the stages of installation and construction works. This survey gives you the opportunity with millimeter precision to monitor the quality of the rendering of the project in nature, to determine, if any, all things are possible deviation during the construction of buildings or structures from materials which reflect the project. It is a complex work that should be trusted only to qualified surveyors with extensive experience. The professionalism of specialists depends on the quality and speed of carrying out this survey. Our company employs professionals who possess special skills and knowledge, and have all necessary permits to provide services.

The result of this survey is the Executive documentation, which consists of drawings, certificates, permits, General journal papers, statements, and registry. Such content is provided to the customer electronically or on paper. It depends on what format the materials required by the customer. We prepare as-built documentation accordingly all regulatory requirements in the shortest possible time.

I Hope that is clear about the importance of geodetic control in construction at all stages.



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