Geodesic support of construction

Geodetic support of construction, construction works

With the invention of total station surveying as an activity of the engineer moved on new level of perception. Emerged specialized companies that deal exclusively geodetic network (maintenance) construction or construction works. Unqualified surveyor on a construction site can bring great inconvenience for the customer. Accordingly, by choosing our company for geodetic support of construction, you will be quiet for a clear structure geometry and marking speed. With electronic total station, our specialists will not only efficiently perform the entire scope of geodetic works, but will also give recommendations on repairs.

Also to ensure on geodetic issues include the full range of Executive documentation necessary for putting the object into operation the list can be found on a list of the documentation necessary for putting the object into operation (surveying)

Geodetic support of construction, construction works

Any construction begins with surveys. First is the removal of the boundaries of the land, then I'll think about for the design, then the removal and breakdown of the construction of the axes, then the Executive the shooting. Often call the surveyor happens when builders are faced with the problem. For example, when the breakdown of the building in the center of the footprint falls ukrtelekomovskaja column with the inscription: "not to dig". Then cut the bar to inflict on the General plan, to send to designers. Then repartition the building, taking into account all the interference. But this could be avoided having the actual topographical survey for the design. Eventually lost a couple of days, for the entire period of construction can be expressed in months.

Any modern construction begins with surveys. By accessing the new object, the construction company first remeasure all of the omnipresent constructs using geodetic organizations such as we. Then all the data on geodetic support of construction are directed to the project Department. The designer gives a technical solution for the next operation. Surveyors pursuant to a decision break to the axis on the object, mark the rapper. Builders, using axes, do yourself a breakdown. Perform the construction. Surveyor appears on the object at the final construction stage to confirm the exact geometry of the work performed. Perform manufacturing Executive schemes. They indicate the actual parameters, and compare with the design. This is the whole essence of geodetic support of construction. And only after all these steps, the customer can confidently use a new building or structure, and will have all necessary as-built documentation.

the Most popular is the geodetic support of construction of large-scale objects where all of the engineering and surveying work carried out by surveyors in accordance with the project for production of geodetic works. This project applies only to property that has a height of 9 floors. In the case where the project for production of geodetic works are not necessary for geodetic support of construction of the building or buildings necessary materials such:

  • topolini and topographic schema;
  • materials, which contain information about the ground on which it is planned to conduct construction works;
  • plan, showing the breakdown of the axes;
  • master plan
  • the plan of the foundations.

And so you do decide on the presence of geodesy in construction process. First of all are you interested in prices. We can calculate the cost according to your source data as one-time visits and for the entire period of construction. On a standard construction site with the alleged surveyor foremen need 9 times:

  1. 'll think about for the project;
  2. removal of boundaries of the site;
  3. the breakdown spot of the building under the trench;
  4. a breakdown of the foundations;
  5. takeaway axes for walls;
  6. markup overlap;
  7. the axis of the columns of the second floor;
  8. 'll think for landscape design.
  9. 'll think about the final with all communications with a complete package of the Executive schemes;

from this we can prepare a cost estimate for the entire set of geodetic support of construction. To choose the most important to you and order.

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