Surveying equipment

a List of all surveying equipment used by the company Guild Engineering

the Basic principles of the company "Guild Engineering": to minimize the influence of human factor, which is achieved by using the latest surveying equipment and software. Through innovation productivity increases.

highly Qualified specialists of our geodetic  companies skillfully use all the features of new devices. Regularly visit geodetic seminars and forums.   In Dnepropetrovsk is held annually at least 2nd exhibition geodesic equipment main competitors in our region Topcon and Leica, with which we without shopping try not to leave.

On our field GPS controllers installed full complex  programs for decision of geodetic tasks directly in the fields.  This is known, but an expensive product like a Magnet, worth more than 1 thousand USD for the demo version has a number of advantages over its free competitor Topsurfer, in the free version which you can record up to 20 pickets. Our receivers two frequency, that means the signal simultaneously taken from Russian satellites GLONASS and American GPS, which is 2 times increases the quality of coverage satellites that point, and in 3 times increases the accuracy of observations and reduces to zero the possibility of mistakes. Also it 5-6 times reduces the time of definition of coordinates of the antenna. That is, from clicking on. before the presentation of vnature first point passes less than 3 minutes!

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Separately stands to note the active use of our company services RTK and kinematics from the same suppliers Topcon and Leica. So at the check-out  on the site of the service of one of the providers may be temporarily unavailable, we use the other. Also during field work from two independent servers that have fundamentally different algorithms for processing data from satellites and ground-based receivers we have very good control of measurement results, the estimated accuracy at any time.

Main functions of the total station, which we use with film works:

  • maintain through tacheometric survey in POSITION

(90% of surveyors working in the measuring mode). What gives?

  1. We estimate their accuracy at any time, at every cut, every time I move, while lifting up any anchor point when you hover on any benchmark. And controlled as the coordinates and elevation. 2) On arrival in the office all the cloud of survey points to bear in one piece on the drawing. Even if transition stations was 5, though 1005.
  2. In the course of surveying jobs we leave on the columns, walls, asphalt, reference points so-called serifs. And, if necessary, of Damerow on any site we can easily get the coordinates for itself through serif 2-3 anchor points. Calmly producing door and arriving in the new office pickets strictly laid down on the drawing to the right place.
  3. When running on 2nd pair, on the same area the coordinates of the control points, you can pass each other, or to use landmarks to go on transtitional system.

Main functions of the total station, which we use with center jobs:

  • the function BASIS. We define the terrain where we will be 0,0. show this with the total station, measured, as defined by the X direction, measured again and get a local coordinate system.
  • when broken down on the ground, you first define where are X, where U, then we measure the position of the reflector and inform his colleague with a pushpin where to move to project a point in two directions, taking away from the camera coordinates the project.
  • in cases with radii and a breakdown in the clean field celesoobrazno to apply a function takeaway points of vnature through the angle and distance.
  • measuring points in without reflective mode, why to drive assistant piles, columns, careers, dumps, if the total station in without reflective mode gives a very decent accuracy;
At construction sites with systematic presence of our specialists accumulated powerful geodetic control network for every point of standing was visible at least 3 opornych geodetic points. It gives the chance  every time the system to determine the relative error of coordinates standing of the total station. That, in turn, govorit about the quality of items and measuring equipment. As conceived points are fixed and are coordinated by a single station, measurements and notches are made subsequent to another device and error-definition coodinate point standing in the tolerances, then it is safe to judge good technical condition of the station. and for the smallest deviation of the coordinates of a reference network from the norm need to first check the device and pass verification and perform the adjustment.

rent geodetic equipment!

Field controller TOPCON FC-236

Field controller TOPCON FC-236

the Field controller TOPCON FC-236 is executed in accordance with standard MIL-STD-810G. Equipped dvadtsatitrehletnim chipset SiRF Star III. Works in a mode DGPS using SBAS corrective amendments. Necessary for the removal of borders, the surveying in an open area, the coordination of the bases.

RTK GNSS receiver HiPer SR

Field controller TOPCON FC-236

Integrated RTK GNSS receiver HiPer SR without a wired connection uses an integrated multi-channel communication technology LongLink. Equipped with improved multi-system chipset Vanguard of GNSS. Necessary for the removal of borders plots surveying in an open area, the coordination of the bases.

Electronic tachymeter TOPCON ES 105

E-TOPCON total station ES 105

the Message TOPCON total station ES 105 the module is equipped with remote due TSshield. Use the Bluetooth module™ first class with a function LongLink. Solves all engineering tasks on the construction site, when geodetic researches. Especially good for measurements of raw materials in warehouses, shooting facades, metal.

Electronic Topcon total station ES 107

Robotic total station Topcon PS

Topcon total station ES 107 different from ES 105 lower price, technical accuracy 7", the presence of one of the screen. The Topcon total station ES 107 is full and cheaper replacement for ES 105.

Chartplotter-fish finder Lowrance HDS-10 Gen2

Robotic total station Topcon PS

Chartplotter-fish finder Lowrance HDS-10 Gen2 is used to determine the depth of the reservoir. The main feature that distinguishes it from analogues: write data to the memory stick. In addition to images of the day recorded a track with latitude, longitude and depth in each point (recording speed up to 20 points per second).

the Locator RD 7000+ dl

Locator RD 7000+ dl

the Locator RD 7000+ equipped by a complex of software and hardware Centros™that provides high speed of measurements, powerful filtering and signal analysis. Probes generators can detect metal or plastic pipes, as well as clay, bricks, cement. Need to search for underground communications.

Topcon total Station GPT 3005LN

Topcon GPT 3005LN

the Modern Topcon total Station GPT 3005LN has an extended range of measurements. Very convenient when measuring quarries, embankments or poderevnoy shooting. Indispensable for topographical filming m 1:500, the breakdown of axes and the daily geodetic supervision on the construction site.

Laser roulette the LEICA DISTO D2

Laser roulette the LEICA DISTO D2

Laser roulette-LEICA DISTO D2 provides measurement with an accuracy of 1,mm Automatically calculates the area or volume. The best assistant in surveys on built-up areas or shooting inside the building.

Surveying temple MRA-3

surveying the temple of MRA-3

the Original and reliable design of the mechanism of winding up to 2 metres twine. Tip if necessary retracts into the hull the slope for safe transportation. Weight - 400g.

Theodolite TK

theodolite TC

the View 2T5 is used to determine the magnitude of the horizontal and vertical angles in geodetic networks, thickening, shooting networks, for measurements in applied geodesy, determine magnetic azimuths and traverse filming.

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