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Surveying the terrain: what are the different types of shots

Geodetic works are always for very specific purposes. Surveying is the process of getting information about the area. Geophysical methods can be obtained data about the coordinates of individual points (planned position) and their height (the altitude position). Depending on which data are defined, to distinguish between such types of surveys of the area.

Geophysical survey of the area

  1. The planned survey (horizontal). Under the planned shooting set of coordinates of individual points is determined by their location in plan.
  2. Altimetric survey of the area (vertical). In high-rise shooting measured the height of individual points is determined by their altitude position.
  3. Altimetric survey of the area, or topographic survey. When horizontal and vertical shooting are calculated, and the coordinates and height points of terrain, determined by their position in plan and height.

The type of shooting that will be performed on the land plot or other area, determined on the basis of what data areas need to get. Different types of surveys involve the use of various geophysical methods and tools and may differ in cost at different sites (based on topography development, and other factors).

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Surveying the terrain: what is the planned survey and its use

Like any other type of survey routine survey involves such activities as reconnaissance, creation of shooting fundamentals, performing field measurements and drawing sketches, the preparation of graphic material. Horizontal shooting is performed using the theodolite.

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The geometric fundamentals of shooting are laid closed or open theodat moves. Between the points of the traverse should be mutual visibility. On the points of the traverse are measured the horizontal angles between points are measured line. Angles and lines are measured with errors. Surveyors perform the alignment of the tunnels, which consists in determining the allowable residuals and the introduction of amendments in angular and linear measurements. Calculates the coordinates of theodolite lines. The use of the total station when performing work done unnecessary manual alignment moves, so that in this device it is performed automatically by the software.

Theodat moves have to be tied to the geodetic points. Creating a set for the mesh are shooting details. Perspective is the ground-space method for horizontal shots using the satellite equipment. The planned survey is used when it is necessary, for example, the plan to draw the contours of the structures, or contour plot of the lake. It is effective in small areas with quiet relief and contour of a substantial load.

Geodetic surveying: aerial surveying

The most important result of a high-rise shooting area is plan with mirrored relief. Elevation data are used for planning of surface runoff, the calculations of the displacements of soil, and landscape design. Vertical shooting is used for monitoring the condition of the reservoir base.

To determine the height of the points with leveling.

Geodetic surveying: horizontal and vertical shooting

Topographic survey is the most common type of surveying. A large area is removed by means of aerial photography, small plots of ground tacheometric method. The use of total station for ground survey allows to measure simultaneously the coordinates and the height of the point.

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