Geodetic works in construction

With surveying it begins construction. Geodetic works in construction – a complex of works on the measurement of the earth's surface with geodetic instruments, the calculation of the data and then entered this data on paper with the aim of drawing a topographic plan. Geodetic works in construction as required for the construction of large objects and small. In every moment you can order geodetic works for construction or other purposes in the company "GeoTop Engineering, and our specialists will perform the work quickly and professionally.

Geodetic works in construction

What is geodetic works in construction?

Geodetic works in construction – the following works:

  • topographic survey;
  • engineering-geological investigations;
  • the establishment of boundaries;
  • the creation of additional geodetic grid;
  • the breakdown of the trench;
  • geodetic measurements and calculations during the digging of the pit and its strengthening;
  • the calculation of the volume of moving soil;
  • geodetic calculations for the laying of the Foundation;
  • breakdown of axes of a building;
  • geodetic calculations for the construction of walls and roofs;
  • Executive survey of the pit, Foundation and individual parts of the building;
  • geodetic observations for settlement building.

How to carry out geodetic works in construction?

Geodetic works for construction are performed in stages. First you have to choose the site where the construction will take place and then collect materials related to area of work. Best would be a situation where surveying starts, before carrying out construction works throughout construction, and after completion of construction works.

Geodetic works in construction starts, with topographic survey and geotechnical studies. When surveying is studied and the area where it will be construction. During engineering-geological works drilled several wells, including collecting samples of soil, examined the geological conditions of the area, determined by the groundwater level.

If the area of work is not about triangulating points, then, to bind, with the help of geodetic measurements of thickening of the geodetic grid.

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Another geodetic works for construction are performed?

Breakdown of axes of buildings is an important geodetic works in construction. This work is the transfer of all data from the plan for the area with maximum precision. This is especially true of those parts of works that are in cities where accuracy is very important because a small mistake – and you will find yourself on the neighbouring property.

First and foremost, work on the breakdown of axes of a building begins with the binding of the site to a geodetic point which is closer to the work site. This is necessary in order to learn the coordinates of the points located on the perimeter of the site. If triangulating point is far away from the place of work, then you can bind to the nearest building with known coordinates.

Then rendered on the terrain the main axis of the building. With the help of them you can imagine the dimensions of the future building and its configuration. After the main axes of the building are carried to the axis of the individual elements of the building, a broken field, which consists of piles that will keep the entire building. Of great importance in the construction have the following surveying Executive surveys, which are conducted throughout the building several times to check if there are any deviations from the project.

After Executive surveys definitively as-built drawings. This is a very demanding job. The survey plan consists of the following documents:

  • situational plan of scale 1:2000;
  • topographic plan of scale 1:500;
  • longitudinal profile;
  • the catalogue of coordinates points of underground utilities, and drawings sections of the underground chambers, manholes and sewers.

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