Geodetic works at land management

The land administration system regulation of land relations and rational organization of land use that occurs under the influence of socio-productive relations. An important component of land management are surveying work.

Geodetic works in land management

That include geodetic works in land management?

Geodetic works in land management include:

  1. Construction of geodetic survey ground in the form of triangulation moves trilateral and poligonometrii; leveling surveys; serif.
  2. Different types of survey: aerophototopography (which in turn are divided into contour, stereotomography and combined), phototheodolite, menzhulin, theodolit, levelling, total station and surveying.
  3. A map update is performed according to the aerial photography results attaching them to the existing geophysical studies.
  4. Amendments to the plans and maps – the application of new objects and contours or remove the missing objects and contours from existing maps and plans, perform with the help of topographical surveys of the area.
  5. The design and creation of maps and plans according to the results of Executive surveys.
  6. Definition areas of land with the preparation of the legend (performed on the results of the measured lines and angles in nature with the use of special formulas).
  7. Preliminary and technical design objects.
  8. Preparing for the transfer of the project in kind (includes data preparation).
  9. The making of the project area.
  10. Conduct Executive surveys (for constructed objects or objects under construction with the purpose of control).
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Why do you need surveying work in land management?

One of the important components of land management is the implementation of topographic and geodetic surveys and surveys of land that provides land use operation topographic (maps, plans). Topographic-geodetic surveys and inspections required to:

  1. Changes in the boundaries of land ownership and land use.
  2. The formation of new land development projects and improvement of existing ones.
  3. Search and identification of new land for agricultural activities.
  4. Surveying and conducting soil surveys
  5. Project development for new settlements.
  6. The reorganization of the agricultural lands and farms.
  7. The development of measures to combat natural and irrigation erosion.
  8. The introduction of crop rotation.

What processes are geodetic works in land management?

Geodetic works in land management is one of the most important components and include three main processes.

Cadastral survey of the land. Necessary for obtaining a cadastral number and registered in the cadastre system and further preparation of cadastral maps. This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and their coordination with surrounding areas, determination of coordinates of land boundaries.

Topographic survey of the land. This is the most common type of surveys, which compiled topographical plan of the area. Keeping a constant scale at any point of the terrain and does not account for the curvature of the level surfaces. On the plan reflect the situation and terrain. The situation shows the location of all objects on the site: buildings, utilities, vegetation, etc.

Removal of boundaries of land plots. The fixing of boundaries of land megevie signs (has an individual number which is unique within the whole Ukraine). Is carried out on the basis of approved technical documentation or of the project of land management concerning allocation of land.

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