Geodesy, surveying, Geology for shops

Geodesy and Geology for the construction of networks of shops, for example the ATB network, a network of supermarkets Amstor, Metro network, Epicenter, and a topographic survey to extend the contract regarding the lease, removal of boundaries, as-built survey of networks and communications, Geology for retail store construction, surveying for the construction of the store, a topographic survey for the lease of the store, take-out boundaries of land for the construction of the store. It all makes our geological surveying company Guild Engineering.

In the age of Commerce and consumer abundance store is one of the most popular and visited places. Food, clothing, household appliances... This is not a complete list of the variety stores that can be found in any locality. And more than this town, the more and more diverse range of shops. Special popularity and love for people, especially the young parts are supermarkets, hypermarkets. They are convenience, wide selection, good service. The opening of this market to the whole event, especially if we are talking about small towns. But the Grand opening is preceded by at least a Grand building process.

Geodesy, surveying, Geology for shops

As a General rule, most supermarkets under construction located in a particular city is part of a network of stores, operating in one of  the region or across the country. If a small grocery store to build simple, hypermarkets, things are much more complicated and bigger. It requires clear, precise and reliable project. To make this, it is necessary to conduct a large-scale geological and surveying site, which will be used for construction. So without the help of surveyors and geologists customers not to do.

first need to address the issues associated with the boundaries of the territory. The removal of the borders of the land plot for the construction of the store. As  a rule for the construction of large stores are drained large areas.  most Often this part of the wasteland. It need to hold removal of boundaries of the site, to accurately identify where exactly are the boundaries of the territory for construction and where to put temporary protective structures, timely sum up all communications, be determined with future neighbors according to the documents, or on paper.

Next is the surveying, which gives the opportunity to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the territory, to learn where communication and how to better connect. Topographical plan as a result of shooting, makes it possible to correctly position the structure and design it.  Topographic survey for the lease of the store will be needed as  for its design and for the renewal of a lease of the store.

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Not less important is the geological component. Geology for construction shop typically performed at pre-design stage to select sites suitable for the construction of the store. For such large-scale objects,  which are designed for mass crowd safety plays a major role. Yes and finances invested in the construction is considerable. So without Geology correctly calculate the size and type of Foundation, and the feasibility of the installation of additional protective systems will be very difficult.

The best option is the one that accompanies the whole construction process to commissioning will be engineers-surveyors. This will allow systematic control at all stages. The company Guild Engineering can help you with the construction of commercial facilities of all sizes - from small shops to large supermarkets. Moreover, we have in this area gained a lot of experience. We participated in the construction of such famous stores as ATB in the cities of Dnipropetrovsk and Raisins, Amstor in Donetsk, Nikopol and Kremenchug, Metro, New Line and McDonald's. Trust and long term cooperation from such customers is the best indication of our work.

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