Surveying for landscape design

When the building process is nearing its final stage, supplied the question about the formation or adjustment of future external types, structures, and surrounding areas. Of course, the development of relief (future landscape) was carried out at the design stage, based on the actual, at that time, a detailed geodetic survey. However, a well-known fact that no matter how thoroughly has not been addressed in the project, with all sorts of 3D effects and such, no construction was not without adjustments or even major changes in the project, especially when it comes to small object, such as a cottage or a bath complex.

In this regard, there is a need for an updated survey of the terrain. Undoubtedly, on-site landscape designer required, however, for a more careful study of the PORES (the project of organizing a relief) he badly needs an updated survey, because the task this specialist not only to develop a unique and satisfy all kinds of preferences, the whims of the customer, the project, but to do it with the expectation of raising the minimum labor and material costs, and this is only possible considering all the features already existing situation of the terrain.

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When the final version of the draft landscape design is ready and it's time to realize our plans on paper into reality, to achieve this goal without involving professionals (engineer surveyors) with the necessary measuring equipment for precise orienteering, almost impossible, as the future landscape often has different geometry, curves, variable biases and other curved line relief. Exactly geodetic service is able to exactly give the markup, and later, and make a detailed enforcement scheme, pointing out all flaws, defects, suggesting various ways to eliminate these defects.

Thus, the need for a complete geodetic support of the entire construction process, from the initial stages and before delivery of object in operation is obvious and essential. Our organization has all the necessary resources (new high-tech hardware, software and highly qualified specialists) to perform various surveying tasks of any complexity.

it is Worth noting that landscaping does not necessarily have to occur after the completion of the construction process of the real object on the plot. It can act as a separate procedure. Perhaps you have a plot that already has a building or a number of structures, and they are quite satisfied. But the appearance of the area around is not what you need. In such cases, should also be used topographic survey, but specifically targeting the objectives of the landscape design. The first is a larger scale (1:200), as well as such additional element as poderina shooting green spaces. According to the results of surveying the surveyors plan will be developed. And on the basis of the plan you can make a diagram of the area with your requirements as the customer.

Topographic survey is a time-consuming process that requires attention and specific knowledge and skills. For landscaping it is conducted on a large scale. which allows more detail to show the smallest of details, which sometimes play a very important role for the designer in the design process. Topographic plan of a major scale contains information about the placement of every tree and shrub in the study area. Topographical survey for landscape design does not have any specific standards and requirements. The customer has the discretion to determine the extent to which its conduct and the exact location of his possessions. This is different from other surveys.

joint discussions we will be able to make such a plan-a project that will have everything you want to see in your garden, but considering engineering standards and features of your site. Depending on the size of the territory and its geometric shape we can offer standard and customized solutions to create original and beautiful landscaping.

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