Geodesy in Dnepropetrovsk

Geodesy in Dnepropetrovsk, as in many other regional centres is performed by qualified surveyors from the company "Guild Engineering". Our staff specialize in the implementation of the various survey work, and conducting all types of geological engineering survey and observations. These works are often performed together, especially in the case of designing the new building. What is the reason? Engineering geodesy provides the ability to get information about all engineering objects, natural objects and the characteristics of the territory. Geology helps to determine the composition and physico-mechanical properties of the different rocks that were uncovered in the process of drilling.

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Geodesy Dnipropetrovsk

Dnepropetrovsk Geodesy can be successfully used to resolve many different issues. This can be explained by the fact that a geodesic need not only to create a project and build some kind of building or object. They are also needed for successful thermal insulation of buildings, their repair, restoration of objects that have historical value, the leveling of crane tracks, determine the type of bottom topography of water body and much more. We consider in detail the issues that can be solved with the help of geodetic works, and what  this survey may be useful in each case.

first worth mentioning, of course, the issues with documentation on the plot of land. These documents are very necessary for all and most of the process of obtaining them in our organizations is quite long. This is completely inconvenient, particularly if You intend to carry out on its territory any specific work requiring coordination with state organizations. Unfortunately, referring to civil servants, You have no doubt only that the necessary surveys would be completed, very soon. Our staff will help You in the implementation of the topographic survey of the site, as well as in the implementation of the removal of boundaries of the land. the removal of the borders is executed in the case if You are not able to determine where the boundary marks and wish to determine the location of the landmark. Topographic survey right then, if You want to connect house to water supply or gas supply. It is also needed to create a successful project of a new building. However, for these purposes, you can make a copy from topoplan scale.

secondly, the construction of the new facility. First the plot is a breakdown of the geodetic local network, and then topographical survey in scale of 1:500. We will draw up a General plan and cost estimate. After approval of the documentation, you start doing the breakdown of axes of buildings. It is also necessary to carry out the calculation of volumes of earthworks. After the start of construction comes the turn control and Executive shooting.

third, in the restoration and repair of structures, it is necessary to have enough strong reasons. That is, you need to have a precise work plan, to determine the amount of material that will be spent, etc. more Often is applied to high-rise survey and the Executive. Thus, it is possible to fix all the irregularities of the building and properly perform all the calculations.

in addition, there are specific types of surveys as poderina shooting, shooting of communications networks, receiving information to replenish the inventory, leveling of crane tracks, hydrographic surveying of the bottom of the reservoir and its shores, etc. specialists of the company company "Guild Engineering" will perform all these geodetic engineering. All surveys are conducted correctly and in a short time.

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