Geodesy, Geology for public services and social facilities

Cooperation with public services was launched with the signing of a contract with a gas service in the city. Under the terms of this agreement, the company Guild Engineering took on the responsibility to perform all surveying for new connections to the pipeline with the necessary approvals from the authorities for architecture, manufacturing Executive surveys of new accessions to the gas Geology of oil and gas. This close work continues for more than 5 years, which indicates the high quality and integrity to our organization. Geodesy for the mountains of the gas provided by us is a guarantee of correct gasification project area. Topographic survey for connection of the gas is performed at least 1 week.

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Without utilities and social facilities it is impossible to imagine the functioning of a single locality. Hospitals and kindergartens, schools and police departments - all these and other institutions form the basis of a city or village. And functioning of organizations and institutions and communal orientation ensure normal functioning of the village. This Vodokanal (surveying to connect plumbing), electrical, and other utilities.

Surveying Geology for public services and social facilities

For the data objects, as for any other, it is necessary to create favorable engineering conditions so that their function was held without interruptions and problems. And the safety and reliability - these are the most important factors. As a rule, any social object is a large concentration of people. And therefore, when the construction of new kindergartens, polyclinics or houses of culture it is necessary to clearly follow all the norms and requirements, as well as to enlist the support of a skilled engineering team. In this important affair you can help we have a Guild Engineering.

It is from engineers, surveyors and geologists depends on how durable and reliable will be the structure. In addition, our interaction with such objects can be carried out not only in the plane of support of the construction process, but also in cooperation with utility companies for proper installation of communication lines and systems. Thus, we cover the whole of the social field is immediately on these two areas. Over the years we have accumulated a large customer base of such customers. And it is our pride. After all, order topographic survey for kindergarten - this means confidence in us as professionals. Because topographic survey is the basis of the project. Accurate shooting is the right project. And the correct project is a secure building for children.

Адрес детсада
Площадь замеров
Вакуленчука 2г
4423 кв.м
Героев Сталинграда 4а
8218 кв.м
Героев Сталинграда 16б
8371 кв.м
Героев Сталинграда 20Г
10080.73 кв.м
К.Маркса, 105
3492.87 кв.м
К.Маркса, 80
3274.38 кв.м
7548 кв.м
пр. Кирова, 42
8698.54 кв.м
ул.Минина, 13а
13657 кв.м
наб. Ленина, 14
2897 кв. м
ул.Привокзальная, 6
3893 кв.м
пр. Пушкина, 55
3014 кв.м
ул.Херсонская, 50
2275.76 кв.м

In the direction of the social objects of our clients are such objects in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev Philharmonic, the hospital for street Space, 13 kindergartens, the Prosecutor's office, city children's library. And in cooperation with utility companies our customers were Gorvodokanal , Hot gas. With our help, these organizations successfully conducted a new connection to the gas mains and water lines, in the scope of works included topographic survey for the connection of water.

the Basic procedure, which is used when working with such objects is a topographic survey for design. In some cases, our company was accompanied by the construction process. While the emphasis was not only on the surveying, and geological analysis, which helps to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the site allocated for development, and adjustment. And it is important, when talking about social objects.

Working with us, your company, or the object can count on accurate and qualitative analysis and the same result from our side. We understand the degree of responsibility  and are ready to make every effort to apply their knowledge in order to guarantee reliability and safety.

Geology for pipeline includes: drilling test wells on the site of the future construction of the pipeline gas pipeline, fence prod rock samples undisturbed patterns to determine the definition of the subsidence of the soil, the issuance of the report on geotechnical investigations, determination of chemical composition of ground waters in terms of their aggressiveness to the metal, providing recommendations on the choice of type of Foundation, strengthening of pipes, their depth of burial.

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