Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries in Berdichev, topographic survey for design

The action on the whole complex of engineering-geological and engineering-geodesic services from the company "Guild Engineering"! Price range of works from 5000 UAH. We care about our customers, so we prolong the action until the end of March!

You dream of your own housing? Private house with a large shaded patio, gazebo in the evening you can enjoy a Cup of tea, a small kitchen garden, where you can sow a few rows of cucumbers, or to plant fruit trees... If this is your dream, and you are slowly but surely going to implement it, then we can help. The base map called topographic survey of the site in Berdichev you can make  the project you are interested.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Berdichev, topographic survey for designYou just can't ignore our help for two reasons. First of all, some of the services that we provide, are essential, and without them you simply will not be able to start the construction process. The second reason is that if you don't want your dream quickly collapsed, and not realizovavshaja to the end, you need a qualified assistants, which you will find in the face of our company. Regardless of the location of your dreams - may it be in Kiev or in the city, we will provide quality care. We had carried out in the following villages and settlements: Podgornoye, Ramenskoe, Berezovka, Skraglevka, Kustin, Gardarika. Ozadovka, Great Pyatigorka, Martynovka, Bystryk. Tree-Tops, Obuhovo, Chain, Semenovka. Ivankivtsi, Great Negorci, Sigaeva Cages, New Aleksandrovka, Skakovci, Helise. Hop, Polovets, Osikovo, Raika, Sorbency, Agatova, Katerinovka, Samaki, Shvaykovka, Malocello, Crustaceans, Old Solotvyno, Ray, Gvozdeva, Ruski, Azarenka, Guy, Sosnovka, Pilipovi, Rudnya-Gorodishche, Globacom, Stawecki, Palace, Wereceive, Ivankivtsi, Heel, Ryzhov, Citi, Settlement, Great Korovina, Mikhailenko, Sogacheva, Ducky, Grandmothers, Tyutyunnikov, Turchynivka, Coracini, Vakulenchuka, Galieva, Beizymovka, Olszanka, Pins, Small Wolica, Buraki, Ivanopulo, Dibrovka, Troma, Karpouzi Suslova. Ignatovka, Lesogorka, Great Wolica, Bicheva, Yablonovka, Rybchinsky, Ulanov,  Kachanivka, Zhdanovka, Kykyshivka, Terekhova, Policity, Andriashevka, Zegelev, cudgel, Brodecki, Volcinets, Yurovka, Listopadova, Kletecka, Chervona Steppe,  Podorozhny, Buraki, Stepok, Field Slobodka, Dibrovka, Medvedikha, Chasnouka, Lopatin, Morozovka, Salnitsa, Ignatovka, Kryzhanivka, cherry, Great Ostrozac, Csepeli,  Joyful, Tarski, Agency, Ulanov, Chernatony, Loozen, Babchintsy, Pustovoit.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Berdichev

first of all, with our help, you will be able to apply all the necessary documents for the land plot is and privatization, and   cadastral documentation. But the main volume falls on field studies of geological or geodetic character. The only way to assess the real situation on site to fix all its features, which then will be put on paper in the form of reports graphic drawings and topographical survey, scale 1:500.

Geodetic site survey should begin with a definition of the boundaries of the site and their removal to the countryside with the help of boundary signs. This procedure helps to establish reliable boundaries of the territory and to confirm their official document. Only an hour of our specialists in your site will stand boundary markings that define the boundaries, and there will be a corresponding Act. We do not just give the Act, we perform a survey of your property, plots of all the neighbors, check their actual area, compare the size and configuration of parcels with land documents, and can only draw conclusions about someone who got and how much. This is the complete geodesy section in Berdichev. This is what I call a full service removal of boundaries in Berdichev.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Berdichev, topographic survey for design

in Order to realize the project of your dreams and create the layout of the house, what you want, you need to get maximum  information about the plot. This can be done using topographic surveys. This procedure is based on fixation of all components of the site and all its distinctive features. With its help you can find the relief of the terrain, the location of hidden communication systems under the earth. For the proper development of the project it is necessary to have information about all terrestrial objects - buildings and plantations (poderina shooting), or photography for landscape design in Berdichev.

That your dream had a strong Foundation, and for many years served without repairs and unpleasant situations, we recommend you to spend at least the minimum geologic analysis of the site. Samples with drilled  wells with samples of soil and groundwater, are investigated in laboratory conditions. And based on these information are recommendations for builders - what materials to use, what kind of waterproofing apply. This information helps to avoid such negative phenomena as flooding, subsidence, cracks. How deep to lay the Foundation and its type. Geology of the area in Berdichev - this is the main direction of our activity, which enjoys the highest demand.

Thanks to the work carried out by our experts, your dream will become much closer. We are to help you realize your dreams and your most ambitious plans.

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