Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries of White Church, topographic survey for design

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Geological works are part of a complex engineering survey of geodesy White Church, the removal of boundary and topographic survey at 1:500. With their help it is possible to consider the conditions of the geological character of the complex. This approach allows us to determine the type of Foundation of the future building, by way of waterproofing and drainage systems, and all other design decisions for the future of the object.

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Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries White Church, topographic survey for design

the Main goal of the geological survey is to obtain the most complete and comprehensive picture regarding soil layer, soil. With these characteristics it is possible to calculate the amount of construction materials that will be spent on construction of the Foundation. Saving on the Geology of the White Church, you are able to overpay at the laying of the Foundation or to perform it correctly. This means that it is not just about cost overruns, but also a threat to the safety and reliability of the whole structure.

Frequently geological works are held in conjunction with engineering-geodetic researches and removal of boundaries in the White Church. If we talk about the action sequences, the Geology is secondary. First and foremost are surveying procedures, topographic mapping in the White Church, the removal of borders. And once the building will be designated on the site, you can begin to geological research in the White Church.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries White Church

There are several varieties, which are applied in geological work. They can be complex, and it is possible to use only some of them. It all depends on the size of the construction and purpose of the design. For example, for a small one-story house enough to drill three to four wells in different places, to take from wells samples of soil and water and take them to the laboratory. But this approach is totally unacceptable for sites designated for the construction of large residential areas, industrial plants, shopping centers. Here, in addition to the laboratory studies may be conducted analyses on the spot that will provide greater efficiency. In General, the number of geological works consists of the following types: direct drilling, digging pits, calculation of density of soil, determination of possible floods, counting soil stability, detection of geopathic zones, sensing, and various analyses to determine the physical and chemical properties, negative and harmful substances.

As you can see, the list of geological works fairly large and diverse. This set of methods gives the possibility to analyze fully and comprehensively. However, the most popular among them still remains that the drilling. It can be done one of several ways - manually, using Motomura, as well as using a special rig. All depends on the scale of drilling and their depth. Each method differs in certain time and effort, as well as its own characteristics. Therefore, using one of them, in any case, you can drill even in the most problematic areas. If you need Geology of the area (White Church) OOO GeoTop happy to spend its highest quality.

List of settlements, which has the ability to produce full engineering geological and geodetic survey: Combs, fast, Skvira, Popelnyu, Volodarka, stavishche, Zhashkov, Tarashcha, Rakitnoe, usin, Kagarlyk, Trosky, Sandy, Skibiski, Gluski, Velikopolovetskoye, Thrushes, Sandy, Schreberi, Repaci, Sokolovka, Locatin, Sliwoski, Ustinovka, shops, Palavicini, Pilipovi, Bortniki, Royal, Tiles, leather Jacket, stavishche, Pachucki, Savery, Pustovalova, Vesuri. Vasylkiv district, Fastiv district, Obukhov district, Kagarlyksky area, Rakitnyansky district, Tarashchansky district, Volodarsky district, Stavische district, skvirsky district, bila Tserkva district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

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