Geodesy, Geology Chernivtsi, removal of boundaries, topographic survey for design

we have implemented a full range of engineering and surveying and engineering-geological works in the Chernivtsi region Vignisson district, village Vashkovtsy.

Example report and topographic surveys see this page in PDF format at this facility was made on the drilling of exploration wells to rock. Information about the structure and parameters of rock was used from the data of the past years.  Area topographic survey was 12 Ha.

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Geodesy, Geology Chernivtsi, removal of boundaries, topographic survey for design

most of the land purchased for the purpose of construction. There can be large-scale construction or private houses. However, in addition to large objects, there is also small. They are garages, outbuildings and annexes. Often they are built on the same plot, where there is the house. But there are times when the garage, for example, a separate place. In any case, wherever the object, the preparation should be carried out. And do not skimp on some of the procedures, justifying the fact that it is not such a large structure, like a house. Built without complying with certain rules and regulations, it will quickly become unusable. And that's when you and feel all its importance - you have nowhere to put the car and the money for the building will be wasted.

In that case, if the construction of a small object is allocated a separate area, remote from the main, it is necessary to carry out preparatory research. In particular, you should begin with the removal of boundaries in nature. Because before  to carry out any manipulations with objects, make sure you know the boundaries of their territory. The removal of the boundaries of the site is carried out by setting boundaries. These signs are put in certain places, usually at the corners and turning points that are crucial to define the scope.

We provide geodesy section in Chernovtsy, the Geology of the area in Chernivtsi, as well as in Oak, Zavoloka, Savior, Mihalca, Stone, Godylov, Cahor, Koroviy, Melodia, pinworm, Prut, Curing, Bojana, Buda, Magaly, Redkovtsy, guy, Prepuce, Boyanovka, Rakitnoe, Ryngach, Shishkovtsy, Toporova, Sankovtsy, Kolinkovtsy, Bochkovtsy, The Village Of Klishkovtsy, Shirouzu, Sarojani, Constancy, Bishop, Sarojani, Brest, Payback, Cornesti, Gasinci, Dolinay, Rucchin, Hawtin, Babchin, Trubkin, Balamutovka, DaVinci, Zubrovka, Gorishne Chernovtsy, Ternovka, CobraNet, Vaslovivtsi, New Kiselev, Small Kochurov, Werbowy, Urkovi, Boyarchuk, Valeva, Gorishne Chernovtsy, CobraNet, Mamaeva, Chepintsi, Luzhany, Sileby, Orsetti, Pavkovi, Revenue, Glinitsa, Debouzy, Berehomet, Revcovery, Lastovka, Vitilevu, Zubrovka, Small Kochurov, Goroshovtsy, Boyarchuk, Werbowy, Sukhoverkhov, Ternovka, Dobanovci, Kitsman, Lastovka, Blushed, Grenache, Cornesti, Green Linden, Gorochov, Pogorelovka, Black Stream, Meadow, Town, Revcovery,Stronza, Martinci, Monica, Banani, Gorbov, Well, Vericocele, Hertz, Mogilevka, Hraska, Basement, Ternovka, Diakofti, Bairak, Petrasova, The Great Buda, Stanovy, Letter, Turati, Terebleche, The Lower Sinewy, Upper Sinewy, Horbowy, Stance, Cherepkivtsi, Old Volcinets, Baranovka, White Well, Wheatear, Korjevcy, Archita, Lower Parouty, Upper Parouty, Kupka, Iivcy, Krasnoselsk, CUDA, Bodenes, Ceres Storozhinets, Globacom, The Ropcha, Punk, Sloboda-Komarova, Boboci, Costanza, New Decency, Sharp, Dibrova, Grapes, Colostomate Berehomet, Brusnica, Kalenovci, Portage, Lower Stanovy, Babino, Karupsow, Makhnovcy, Brusenky, Kosovska, Komarova, Old Radova, Davydovka, Shrub-Komorowski, Protoka, Potoczek, Gorishne Zaluchia, Dolinie Zaluchia, Farm-Budilov, Knaue, Vidolov, Body, Orlec, Volchkova, Lukovtsy, Oleshki, Bulelwa, Celichow, Zibranivka, Trufanova, Krasnostav, Kulachkovtsy, Zablotow, Wines, Bermany Ostapkowicz, Small Gvozdic, Asenov Full, Magpies, Chwalibog, Chekhov, Old Gvozdic, Small Gvozdic, The chernyatin, Glushkov, Horodenka, Kotikova, Serafini, Strelcha, Probasin, Jakubkova, Discovry, Prilipko, Vymushiv, Rudka, Picorna, Kostryzhivka, Duplica, Khreshchatyk, Micoucy, Donev, Kulevi, Brodak, Kunikov, Kadyrovtsy, Tovtry, Window, Samoshin, Khudikovtsy, Perability, Green, Village, Mill Podolsky, Khudikovtsy, Onut, Mouth, Lime Green, Mikhaylovka, Banovci, Rashkov, Vorona, Stalinowcy, Nessaja, Household, Hominy, etc villages and Poleski Chernivtsi region.

sine qua non in the construction of any scale structure is the topographic survey. Even if you make more economic construction of suck next to the house, and you have the results of the previous survey, you need to update this information and to work again. This is necessary because topographic survey allow to get an objective picture of the peculiarities of the territory at the time of preparation to the construction process. Knowledge about the location of other objects on the site and trees will give the opportunity to choose the right site of the future building. It depends not only on the willingness of the owner, but also from the public. Perhaps the place that the customer wants, for whatever reasons, is not suitable for development. For example, it can be important junction communication networks.

the Geology of the site is also very important, popular, but not all companies take the job in this geologically complex and interesting region as Chernovtsy . In that case, if you did a similar analysis before building a house, and the small object will be located in the same territory, re-study of the land of the composition may be dispensed with. But if you area not investigated, then be sure to order such work.

Removal of boundaries in Chernovtsy required for the correct installation of the fence, or checking the exact land area. Also without the removal of the boundaries of the site not to do when buying a new site, especially if this is a new thread or repyovka. Topographic survey will show the differences of the marks and all buildings and communication.

If you think this is unnecessary, you are mistaken. The right Foundation, drainage and waterproofing system must be selected regardless of the size of the object.

Guild Engineering is engaged in geological and geodetic works on any object, regardless of scale and complexity in different cities of Ukraine, in particular, and Chernovtsy.

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