Topographic survey in the future, geodesy, Geology, estimation of quantities of raw materials, surveying the bottom of the pond

All living areas can be divided into private houses and apartments in high-rise buildings. Someone who likes private, spacious house with its patio, and some choose the apartment in which improvement works less. However, the construction of the house, and repairs in the apartment – a very complex process. Naturally, unlike his house, for the erection of which you are responsible as owner, build an apartment you don't have to – you only put money into it or buy ready-made housing. For those who still decided to build a house, you need to be friends with qualified engineers, surveyors and geologists, who will assist you at all stages of your hard and long construction process. A good helper for you to be our company, which operates in various regions of Ukraine, including in Tsyurupinsk of Kherson region, the same work in: Saga, Pescanova, Nechaeva, , Velikiye Kopani, Semenovka, Salt licks, Kardashine, Proletarka, Rudensk, Kostogryzovo, the Great Kardashine, Small Kardashine, Velikiye Kopani, Pods, maps of kokhany, Naked Pier, New Spravka Old Spravka, Ribelle, Tavria, Memorable, Culakova, Small Kopan, Gladkova, Dobromila, Zelenivka, Tarasivka, Abrikosovka, Brilevka, Privetnoye, Friendly, Jubilee, Novofedorovka, Beacon, Under-Kalinovka, New Beacon, Kievka, Old Beacon, Happy, Novocaine, Baltazarivka, Cossack Camps, Kucheryavovolodimirivka, Krynki, New Camps, Scissors, Scraps, Chernyanka, Privolnoye, Marchenko, Chervone Podillya, Bogdanovka, Curly, Sabrina, Industrial, Cherry, Ivanovka, Ochakov, Limanovka, Suvorovka, Alekseyevka, Obloyev, Commune, Spravka, Novochornomor, Bahari, Slipchenko, Dolmatova, Coastal, Brilevka, Black Spring, Vil'na Ukraina, Krasnoznam'yanka, Andreevka, Free Militia, Selenothrips, Zhovtnevy, Petrovka, Novoselovka, Kalinovka, Vladimirovka, Novorossiysk, Limansky, Red, Streptelasma, Andreevka, Prahovo, Grushevka, Radgona, Maps Of Darivka, Nikolaevka, Kommunarka, Tavria, Maloaleksandrovka, Privetnoye, Novokyivka, Vinogradovo, Dobromila.

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Engineering geodesy can without exaggeration be called the main construction phase. Because it starts with it the hard way for the erection of a building, and it can help to avoid mistakes in the process and make it faster. For example, supervision of construction allows you to control each step and time to appear correct deficiencies. But first, to give the start of any work or planning, it is necessary to conduct a number of land management procedures, and first of all removal of boundaries of the site. This will allow you to learn some quantitative information on your site - the total area and the distance of the turning points and angles, coordinates and boundaries. Plus, the plot is set boundary markings, and according to the customer instead of them can be directly installed protecting structure.

Topographic survey in tsiurupynsk, removal of boundaries, geodesy, Geology, estimation of quantities of raw materials, surveying the bottom of the reservoirWhen all the land allocation procedure is completed, you can begin the preparatory stage. And in this period you will need surveying on a scale of 1:500 and 1:2000. Without topoplan, which will be made on its basis, it is impossible to begin the design. Topographic survey captures all indicators relating to land. With its help you will be able to know exactly the location of your site concerning parts of the world, to explore the terrain. In addition, in order to plan correctly the position of the main construction site and related facilities, need to know, as are already available in the design phase, where there are green areas and hidden communication lines, as the copy of the topographic plan need to connect to Khersonoblenergo and RES rajanala.

But in order to increase reliability and to give your structure longevity, you need to pay attention to and Geology of the site in Tsyurupynsk. Its results will serve as a good tool for proper planning and selection of the type of construction, particularly of the Foundation. Knowledge of the geological structure of the soil is of great importance for any work on any land.

Topographic survey in tsiurupynsk

Make your building stood for many years, not collapsed and did not give you problems and troubles, you need to count on geological and geodesic analysis. These works performed by specialists of our company will provide really high quality results. In addition to surveying and Geology, more order:

  • removal of boundaries in Tsyurupynsk;
  • topographic survey of the site in Tsyurupynsk;
  • calculation of volumes of raw materials in warehouses, when excavation works;
  • splitting axes buildings;
  • shot of the bottom of the reservoir, rivers, lakes with a measurement of the actual depth fish finder;
  • project clean lake;
  • create projects improvement of the beach;
  • directly cleaning the bottom of rivers, lakes, reservoirs as dredge and grab.

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