Topographic survey in Energodar, removal of boundaries, geodesy, Geology, estimation of volumes

The action on geodetic services in Energodar!!! A full range of geodetic and geological surveys at the price of 5000 UAH. The offer is valid also in the Velykobilozerska, Vasilievsky, St Michael, Veselovska and Tokmak areas of Zaporozhye region!

Industrial, industrial objects there are in many cities. Suppose we are not talking about large metallurgical and machine-building plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, but food companies or enterprises of light industry in all regions of Ukraine. These objects, equally, as a civilian for the responsible approach in terms of construction and reconstruction. Because of the accuracy and reliability of buildings and structures depends not only efficiency, but also the safety of all our employees. That is why our company works not only on the objects of civil or commercial construction, but also on the production including (TPP, TPP, NPP). Moreover, we have the experience of those or other works, as in small businesses and large industrial plants-giants, such as Zaporizhzhya thermal power plant.

We are trying in their activities  cover all the cities in which there are industrial enterprises. Is no exception and Energodar Zaporozhye region, as well as: Sample, Ivanovka, Novoukrainka, Ivanovka, Novogodnee, Blagoveshenka, Novodneprovka, Dniprovska, Shlyakh Il'icha, Beams, Dniprorudne, Gurtovaya, Flowering, Cherished, Water, Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, Great Znamenka, Cherished, Mikhaylovka, Berezanka, Oselka, Babino, Lower Rohachyk Pervomayivka, Proletarian, Zlatopol, Vidnoye Orlyanskaya, Volkovka, Poplar, Ulyanovka, Novoselska, Mala Bilozerka, Big Bilozerka, Timoshovka, Mikhaylovka, Kill, Novofedorovka, Peccorino, Kalinovka, Novoaleksandrovka, Manicure, The Place, Korneeva ,Volunteer, Kalinovka, Novoukrainka, Lisich, Top Rogachik, Anatolica, Pavlovka, Green, Nikolaevka Cherry, Lenino, Gunica, Rubanovka, Demidovka, Novopetrovka, Anatolica, Dagmarovka, Novopetrovka, Kosakowo, Red, Medium, Katerinovka, Konstantinovka, Prince-Hryhorivka, Velyka Lepetykha, Sablikova, Zavodovka, Meat, Small Lepetykha, Proletarian, Pervomayivka, Dmitrovka, Kozhemyaka, Chistopol, Novoznamenka, Skalka, Berezanka, Approximate, Novoukrainka, Nice, New Oleshki, New Blagoveshenka, Dubovka, Novoelizavetovka, Bratoljubovka, Antonovka, Zirka, Starobukharovo. It can rightly be called the industrial city. But even if we are not talking about production facilities, and you don't have anything to do with them, you still can not do without our help, if you have a small plot of land and you are planning any work on it.

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Geology Energodar.

So, before the construction of any object, you just need to run geological survey aimed at the analysis of the soil on-site construction. Only this procedure will give the opportunity to secure the future design from harmful environmental factors. And the results of such negative effects, as a rule, are of flooding, subsidence, cracks and other negative consequences. And considering that this object may be a production in which concentrated power  and equipment, such studies should be treated very seriously and responsibly. The scale of geological analysis depend on the scale of the building. If it is a private or small commercial facility, then only two or three boreholes and laboratory tests, but for large industrial enterprises better expand your Arsenal and to conduct field research.

Geodesy Energodar.

Topographic survey in Energodar, removal of boundaries, geodesy, Geology, estimation of volumes

Our company holds all kinds of surveying. For example, for any location, whether it will be used, it is necessary to make the removal of boundaries in nature in order to define the boundaries of the territory and to secure this special signs and documented in the form of the Act on the restoration of the borders of the plot area.

Also no one can do without surveying in Energodar, which is the basis for the design of structures of different purpose. Learn the topography, the location and availability of the different objects and elements on the site and will help this service, the results of which is composed of topoplan in the required scale. Based on the topographic survey calculated the amount of excavation work as actually executed, so  project.

Our company undertakes any object, even the most sophisticated industrial. We understand the degree of responsibility, so we employ the most experienced professionals and use only professional equipment.

On Enerhodar Zaporozhskaya TPP our company has performed a full range of surveying for cleaning of cooling reservoirs. The scope of works included:

  • updating of topographic plans of the plant;
  • topographic survey of the plant and the coastal ponds;
  • measuring depths and the drawing card of the bottom of the clarifiers;
  • drafting the cleaning of the reservoir;
  • cleaning directly dredge;
  • phased measurements of the dredging process with the calculation of volumes of sand and silt;
  • calculation of volumes of raw materials in warehouses at the end of the reporting period;
  • check the pipe rolls, the verticality of the buildings;
  • geodetic monitoring of displacements and deformations of buildings and structures of industrial site;
  • shooting rail, cranes, steel structures;
  • splitting axes for the installation of equipment;
  • removal of boundaries of the site of new construction sites;
  • copy  of topographic plan of scale in m  1:2000 determination of the placement of electrical equipment, land or predicted attachment point.

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