Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Gadyach, topographic survey for design

Hurry up to early March. The action on the whole complex of geological and geodetic surveys! The cost of 5000 UAH!

Any construction - very responsible and quite a lengthy process. It requires large investments, not to a lower cost of labor. And how much you want to solve the "paper" issues and to visit various instances! However, the desire to have their own housing, or open a business in a new building, or start a new production line in the new shop - all these desires are above all the hassle. As a rule, are only those people who really appreciate their strength and financial position. However, many people try to save, solving all the problems by themselves or refusing certain treatments in General. All this has a negative effect on the construction process. Because individual issues inevitably leads to delays. And waiver procedures may result in errors in the construction or unreliability of the design in the future. So, if you are going to be built no matter what and where, let it be Gadyach or any other city, please contact our company. We will help you with the paperwork, and engineering issues, run the service topographic survey in Gadyach.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Gadyach, topographic survey for design

We will defining borders and will take them into nature with the help of boundary signs. And just a few hours you have on hand will be the official Act of the work done that you will be able to continue to make all land documents, without which I cannot get a building permit.

We have geodetic and geological work in addition to Gadyach in the following settlements: Stepanka, Verbovka, Chervony Kut, Small Budisa, Sarah, Kiev, Dontsivschyna, Organovo, Rudakov, Kturniping, Ostroverkhova, Picaridin, Petrocelli, Cieszkowski, Borovichskoe, Kruglik, Pens, Markovci, Sosnovka, Lutenica, Mlyny, Litovka, Small Obuhovo, Great Obuhovo, Rasika, Litovka, the New Settlement, Soldatova, Round Lake, Deep, Suevci, Cherevko, Bakanova, Rutchenkovo, Novoselytsya, Prokopovich, Skydance, SAICA, Kamyshny, Shulga, Great Gremyacha, Hometec, Small Village, Dovgalevka, The Decembrists, Zecevo, Shishaki, Great Transportation, Kill, Samara, Swadron, Kaverina Beam, Pelageia, Pershotravnevyi, Thick, Carols, Kiselica, Hristeva, Georgievka, Monachinovka, Harenchi, Noses, Romance, Verticle, Voskoboinik, Sulima, Paskaleva, Lagoda, Vasile - Ustinovka, Damascus, Arsenova, Shevchenko, Nikolaevka, Shevchenko, Nikolaevka, Volochkova, Chelno - Fedorovka, Popovka, Sicence, Batko, Laski, Oposhnya, Miski Mlyny, Olhovoe, Vaska, Small Ruble, The Great Ruble, Kovalevo, Thorns, Nikolka, Kovriga, Miloradov, Matveevka, Romney, Chernetchina, Budny, Newly Built, Graystoke, Malaya Ivanovka, Komarovka, Mashenka, Shapovalova, Bandura, Iwaki, Hnilica, Dashing, Zhovtneve, Prestileo, Green Guy, Cherneski, Stone, Plešivec Mountain, Hill, Scarlet, Novoselovka, Pear, Cizova, Shevchenkove, Kurgan, Photopia, Podoski, Clusi, Grun, Alekseevka, Katerinovka, Peaceful, Pomerki, Vasilevka, Grishka, Cacci, SAI, Bevo, Desnogorsk. Reva, Kushnir, Kamyshenka, Zelenovka, Filonova, Chervona Sloboda, Maleckova, Pushkarini, Vegova, Cold Ravine, Nemuri, Horikawa, Luke, Nedrygailov, Secunia, Great Dibrova, Kymlicka, Yalova trench, Stolyarova, Panasivka, Kalinin, Lime Valley, Sarode, birch, Korovina, Prouduce, Serene, well, Pustovoitovka, Plavanie, Gerasimovka, Lewandowki, Long Bow, Beavo, Small, Kalinkovo, Skrobot, Sheep, Plane, Chervonogvardeiskoye, jakovenkovo, Skripal, Shilovsky, Kalinkovo, Grabino, Volkovtsy, Sinova, Precor, Gleevec, Fun, Borodanova, Sinova, Perekrestok, Malorossia, Lewandowki, Winking, Bobrik, Novokalinovy, Fun Steppe, Burbine, Clean, Lorencova, Nowitzke, Zirka, Chervona Beam, Fun, Proletarian, Sands, Pesotsky, Airport, Turners, The Lower Butakovka, Fugli, Sencha, Kruglik, Markovci, Borovichskoe, Kiev, Luke Birch, Tourismin, High, Warm, Mogilev, Veprik, Great, Hares, Lokhvitsa, Riga, Hristinovka, Saracino, Hrule, Beshta, Fugli, Senesce, Panchenko, Onatsko, Khopoli, Krasnokamenka, Petrovka-Romenskaya, Onagi, Vicenzino, Lobodin, Buhalova, Versaline, Piratininga, Small Polianka, Rozbishevka, Kamardine, Podoski, Dolgic, Timothy, Bucuti, Plesivec, Federici, Moskovskiy Bobrik, Vlaski, Pushkino, Birch Yar Brown-Rubanovka, Olenino, Chupakhovka, Sorochintsy, Lutinski Budisa, Gorobei, Sokolovskiy, Romanovka, and many others. We will fulfill you and topographical survey of the site, which will be required for project development. Using electronic equipment will remove the entire plot, all underground communication networks and systems, as well as objects that already exist on the site (farm buildings, vegetation, roads, pits, manholes, poles). We have developed topographic plan of scale 1:500 will give you the opportunity to more carefully and carefully approach the draft with all the information about the features of the site. Zankovetskiy region, Mirgorod district, lokhvitski district, Kotelevski district, shishatskiy district, Nizhyn district Hadiach area also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

Geological analysis of soils and site should not be ignored. Its results will not be superfluous, but on the contrary will only help in the preparation of the project. Because they will contain detailed information about the state of the soil, the activity of groundwater, all physico-mechanical properties of rocks and other earth features of this site. With this information at hand, you can precisely determine what course of construction, and building materials that need to purchase. Technical report geotechnical surveys will be relevant 5 years from the date of drilling and sampling samples. Geology of the area in Gadyach is a full range of primary this for any project, reconstruction and construction.

during the construction process geodesy is no less important than at the beginning. Need on the basis of the plan to bear axial breakdown of the Foundation and the structure itself,  to measure the amount of excavation work at the stage of development of the pit. Also a good idea to order a full supervision, when our staff monitor the process, periodically removing the indicators and comparing them with the project. And in the end, making the final Executive survey, you can bring up and prepare the necessary documents for bodies that will enter the building in operation.

after having spent on these procedures, you insure yourself against many negative factors and errors, will save a lot of time, money and get confidence in their actions.

Our company is the Engineering Guild has permission to geodesy in particular removal of the boundaries of vnature in Gadyach. Work accurately, quickly, according to the technical instructions. When posting boundary signs achieve the same accuracy in the 1 see the area of  your land  the site will remain up to 1 cm2. All licenses and certificates of specialists and equipment available!

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