Geodesy, Geology Genichesk, removal of boundaries, topographic survey

The action started! The whole complex geodetic and geological services at special price from 5000 UAH. According to the results of the work we provide technical report, compiled in accordance with all requirements. Promotion is valid until the end of June. Can also carry out Geology and geodesy in the Ivanovo region, Novotroitsk district, Kakhovka district, Genichesk district!

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy Genichesk, as well as the removal of boundaries in Genichesk

In each locality there are the so-called prestigious areas and streets. In them the value of land and buildings is higher than in others. This separation is due to a number of factors - the proximity to the center, the presence of favorable living conditions, infrastructure and other characteristics. In such areas, each hundred square meters of land, each square meter costs a lot of money. Therefore, the reliability of here is in the first place, when it comes to any research work. Because of the accuracy and reliability of information depends on the material side of the question. For those who want to sell, buy or just to carry out construction work on these areas, you need to carefully approach the selection of the service provider. If you want a really honest and qualitative analysis of the territory and perform all necessary work, please contact our company. Living in Genichesk, you can count on our help - we are complete and work in your city adjacent villages: Henichesk Hill, Lakeside, Schastlivtsev, Small, Roadside, Frunze, Novooleksiyivka, Moravka, the Military, the Guerrillas, the komissarovka river, Perekop, a New beginning, Stolpan, Bee, Ozeryany, Dragomanova, New labour & the Anthill, Hayova Way of Nesamoney,  Smooth, New World, Green guy, Novogrigorovka, Moskalenko, Chervonopraporna, Samehada, Yasnaya Polyana, Salkova, Lublanka, Nikolaevka, New Labour, Roadside, jarošík, Moravka, Bogoslovka, Vladimirovka, Sergeevka, Sivash, Otradnoe, Grape Wedge, Novosaratovka, New Light, Makeevka, Free, Plavsko, Expansive, Gostevoy, Ramenskoe, Olenevka, Pavlovka, Petrovka, Green, Peremoga, Metropol, Dmitrovka, Voskresenka, Balashova, Quickvue, novovasylivka, Satovcha, Frunzovka, Cherished ,Zakharovka, Novopetrovka First, Wide Beam, Veselovka, Trofimova, Far, Novarip.avi, Novoukrainka, Slisenko, Sokirko, Ostapenko, Green Plane, Sokirko, Dibrova, Zirka, Druzhelyubovka, Vasilevka, Kashkarova, Novopetrovka  Second, grace,  Wonderful, Fedorovka, resurrection, Timothy, Poplak, Novoznamenka, Lyubimovka, Marevka, Chervonyi Prapor, Chkalov, Feather,  Double Hromovka, Voskresenka, Sports Towns Novonikolaevsk.

Geodesy, Geology Genichesk, removal of boundaries, topographic surveythe First thing that is very important for any site, especially in an expensive area - the correct definition of the boundaries of the area on the ground. After all, if each weaving or every square meter is the N-th high enough amount, then the error in the measurements are completely unacceptable. In such cases, the desired quality removal of boundaries in nature in Genichesk. During this procedure becomes known exact total area of the site, its location and boundaries, distances, angles and turning points. Knowing this information and having an official Act of the removal of boundaries in nature, you can be sure that your territory and its borders is officially fixed and immovable.

Other geodetic procedure that will provide an opportunity to examine all other parameters of the site is topographic survey in Genichesk. It gives the opportunity to collect the most complete information about the site. Topographic survey performed with the use of professional digital and electronic equipment and computer programs, today is a comprehensive, accurate and rapid procedure. The most complete data are available about the condition of the area - climate, relief. Also measured and quantitative indicators, such as square. Commit subject and all immovable objects, even the most small commercial buildings, as well as green areas. Not in all cases, but if necessary, can be removed and communication systems - water, gas, Sewerage, telecommunications, electricity.

Geology Genichesk

Geodesy, Geology Genichesk

If you care about reliability buildings on the property, then spend and geotechnical analysis. He will say, how best to build the mechanism of action during the construction of the building, in order to obtain a durable and reliable result. The analysis is carried out by laboratory analysis of soil samples, and processing of these tests with the help of special computer programs.

We fully explore your land, regardless of its value and  area  location. Will Sabourin exploration geotechnical boreholes with a depth of 6 to 8 meters in any amount and even the most cramped conditions. Take samples of soil undisturbed structure for comprehensive laboratory tests, correctly describe all the technical report on geotechnical investigations conducted at your site.

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