Topographic survey in huliaipole, Geology, calculation of volumes of raw materials, a copy of the plan

The action on a range of engineering surveys in huliaipole! The product of such a document as a copy of m 1:2000 for RES and Zaporozhyeoblenergo location of electrical installations and develop a location plan identifying the site location of elektricheska plants Huliaipole cost from 5000 UAH. Also the promotion is valid on the territory Novomykolaivsky district, Orekhovsky district, Rozovsky district, Kuibyshev district and Pology district.

the Options for which you become the owner of land or property. You can buy land or apartment with the desired size, you can exchange your own version more suitable. But often the plot gets inherited or donated. In this case, it is not always the new owner knows what to do with an unexpected but very pleasant surprise. First of all, you need to prepare all documents of title and land survey documents that come into its own. And then, when you will officially be the owner of this site, you can begin to study it.

here you are the boss and you decide how to dispose of your acres or square meters. You can advertise for sale, or to try to improve territory for themselves. If you chose the second option, enlist the support of reliable helpers in the form of engineers, surveyors and geologists - our employees. In this case, all surveys for you will be quickly and almost imperceptibly. You only get the relevant documents and continue to improve territory to lay out the garden and engage in landscape design or to build a house.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

first and foremost you will need a number of geodetic works. One of them is removal of boundaries of the site on the landscape in huliaipole. Without this you will not have the exact idea of what are the limits of your territory. Especially  this is useful if the area without protective structures. In this case it is necessary to impose boundary markings, which are established during this service all of the key points and the corners of the site. They, along with the official Act of the removal of borders and will be a clear confirmation of the true cross your territory. We did geodesy and Geology at: Belogorie, Lugovskoi, sports, Rich, Ivan Franko, Engineering, Ukrainian, Novoselovka, Hleborobnogo, Chapaevka, Valances, Golden meadow, Garagnani, Burlatsky, Chubarevka, Konstantinovka, Reshetylivskyh, Poltavka, Novolatile, Marpool, Stepanovka, Robin, Garagnani,  Varvarovka, Kosovzeva, Dobropillya, New Zaporozhye ,Joyful, pershotravnevyi, Sweet, Pavlovka, Uspenovka, New Novospasskoe, Novovasylivka, Yablokova, Ravnopol,  Novosoloshyne, Kirovka, Volanka, Lubecke, Forest, Vozdvizhenka, Total, Vasinova, Kirovo, Dolinka, Timoshovka, Chervony Yar, Freedom, Wide, Chervona krynytsya, Omelchuk, Novoselovka, Flowering, Upper Tersa, Komsomol, Novoselovka, Dolinka, Kopani, Omelchuk, Varvarovka, Green, Dolinka, Robin, Larocaine, Zaliznychne, Green, Calm, Chervone, Green guy, Marpool, Stepanovka, Garagnani, Peaceful, Komsomol.

Topographic survey in huliaipole, removal of boundaries, geodesy, Geology, estimation of quantities of raw materials, a copy from the planthe Following geodetic procedure, without which you just can not do, if you have decided to engage seriously with the arrangement of your site is surveying. Without it you will not be able to move on and move on to the design stage. And the project you need anyway. Even if you don't build anything, the same landscape design requires a clear project. And clear the project will be released only in the presence of informative topographic plan. It will put designations relating to topography, the location of the site on the ground the sides of the world of objects existing on the site and communications. All these characteristics will help to correctly place the plan elements - buildings, green areas, pool, or artificial pond, etc.

Not do you and without geological survey. Although they are not mandatory and never spelled out, but to fulfill them it is for your safety, the reliability of the structure or the longevity of the garden. A simple analysis of samples obtained by drilling wells that will provide you with valuable information that experts will summarize available in the reporting form.

Topographic survey in huliaipole, removal of boundaries, geodesy, Geology, estimation of quantities of raw materials, a copy from the plan

Regardless of how you became the owner of land in Gulyaypole, we will all the necessary geological and geodetic procedures.

as we often order:

  • the copy of the topographic plan to connect to electrike, Zaporozhieoblenergo;
  • site plan identifying the location electrical equipment;
  • calculation of volumes of raw materials, the calculation of the amount of excavation works;
  • topographic mapping 1:500 in huliaipole;
  • topographic mapping 1:1000 in huliaipole;
  • topographic mapping 1:2000 in huliaipole;
  • Geology for engineering foundations in huliaipole;
  • breakdown geodetic axes of buildings and foundations.

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