Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kherson, topographic survey for design

We care about our customers, so we announce the beginning of the new shares on the complex geological and geodetic surveys! The cost of 5000 UAH! Only until March!

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Land issues are often complicated and difficult to resolve - sometimes it can take years. This is especially true of problems with parcel boundaries and approvals surveying in Kherson. Naturally, almost all of them are solvable and manageable only by qualified personnel. But it is necessary to spend more time and invest more funds. Issues related to land management are solved much faster when this process you attract competent assistants - in particular, members of special companies, surveying, or geological and geodetic orientation. In addition to practical activities addressing multiple geodetic and geological issues, such organizations can provide consulting support to clients, as well as mediation services for resolving issues with state agencies. However, the main activity is still practical engineering Geology and geodesy.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kherson, topographic survey for design

this line works and our company, services which are quite broad and varied. It includes a full range of geological procedures, surveying, as well as issues of land management in different regions and cities of the country, particularly in the city of Kherson and the region, as well as in villages and settlements: kuibyshevo, Kamyshanov, Lakeside, Belozerka, Spill, may day, Romashkovo, Dnieper, amber, Veletenskoe, Sorevco, Nadezhdovka, Znamenka, Kyselivka, Because, Vysoty, Chernobayevka, Miroshnikova, Steep ravine, Petrovsky, Stepanovka, Zelenovka, Antonovka, Zhovtneve, Youth, Dnieper Dnieper, Garden, Nikolskoye, Derevka, Telman, Ulyanovka, Ingulets, Fedorovka, Pescanova, Tsyurupinsk, Proletarsk, Saga, Nechaeva, Salt, Cossack Camps, Podlesny, Nechaeva, Kardashynka, Great Kardashynka, Great Kopani, Kostogryzovo, Abrikosovka, Dobromila, Pods, Small Kopani, Gladkova, Vinogradovo, Tavria, Promin, Labor, Lenin, Novoselka, Native Ukraine, Great Wedge, Mikhaylovka, Zhovtneve, Dobropillya, Kievka, Selenothrips, Dolmatova, Novofedorovka, Culakova, Bahari, Spravka, Memorable, Iron Port, Krugloozerka, Azure, Red, Skadovsk, Nikolaevka, Streptelasma, Antonovka, Seaside, Tarasovka, Novorossiysk, Limansky, Vladimirovka, Novosovievka, Kalinovka, Petrovka, Kievka, Kalanchak, Commune, Spravka, ABLOY, Alekseevka, Suvorovka, For, Krasnokamenka, Industrial, Memorable, Ochakiv, Ivanovka, Memorable, Rybalka, Culakova, Old Zurawka, New Zurawka, friendly, a New Unit, the Old Unit, the Cossack Camps, Poniatowa, Tokarevka, Derevka, Ingulets, Korunka, Dneprjany, Paradise, Chernack, Nova Kakhovka, Taurus, Fruit, Fun, Cossack, Burgunda, Old Light, Under-Kalinovka, Anniversary, Abrikosovka, Chernogolovka, Chervone skirts, Tsukuri, Sergeevka, Boxes, stove, expansive, Cherished, Free Ukraine, Arkhangelskaya Sloboda, Dibrova, Green Rubanovka, red Perekop, Loved-Pavlovka, Natalovka, Tavrichanka, Zaozernoye, Skvortsova, Marianivka, Katerinovka, Olegovna, Vladimir-Ilinka, Ptakhovka, Great Antonovka, Small Antonovka, Labor, Lenin, Novoselka, White, Great Wedge, Novofedorovka, Kapusinski, Marchenko, Morozovka, Happy, Magdalinovka, Black Valley, Curly, Kucheryavovolodimirivka, the New guy, Chervona Polyana, Natalovka, Neonatalogy, Shevchenko, Machine, Ilinka, a New Stage, Askania-Nova, Milk, Khlebodarova, Reed, Bright, Fun Second, Yasnaya Polyana, the Stroganov school of art, Ivanovka, White, Tyaginka.

Surveying represents  a collection of papers on the study of a particular area, its boundaries, topography and other characteristics. The main documents that are drawn up according to the results of such procedures are maps and topographic survey at 1:500. They convey a comprehensive picture about the state of Affairs on the site. Depending on the services, the nature of the outcome might be different. So, for example, removal of boundaries in nature in Odessa, accompanied by an official Act of removal, which confirms the procedure and where the actual boundary of the site, the exact area and imposes design contours for the state to act on existing ones.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kherson, topographic survey for design

surveying is a topographic map or a map for you in the right scale. In General, topographic survey is a large-scale and important, without which it is impossible to develop the design documentation. She performed at the beginning of any work on the site. Its aim is accurate and complete coverage of all the features of the territory, as on the earth's surface and below it. Topographic survey for design is the most important and necessary procedure.

Geology includes a series of procedures and tests to identify soil characteristics in a certain area using the method of drilling wells. The variety of installations for drilling, which we apply in our work allow to execute processes of various kinds, complexity and scale. And mobility of this equipment gives an opportunity to travel to the most remote site and perform tasks quickly, carefully and efficiently.

any surveying and geological works, as well as assistance in land management from our company gives customers the opportunity to reduce the time spent on these processes and quickly proceed for further action on its territory.

I would like to remind geodesy in Kherson significantly alleviated after starting the operation of the base station GPS. And now anywhere in the Kherson region, you can get the exact coordinates for 5-10 minutes, which gives the opportunity to reduce the cost of operation and improve the accuracy of services removal of boundaries in Kherson at 5 centimeters!

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