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Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys as part of geodesy, Geology, takeaway the boundaries of the site on the Khorol district at a price of 5000 UAH. !!!

Khorol is a small town in Poltava region. Around the city a lot of fields and shelterbelts. Residents who are owners of land and houses in the private sector and agricultural land, at some point may require any or geological surveying services. We, as a company with a wide range of activities, and increasing geography, can provide each resident of the city of Khorol and its environs various services geological and geodetic section, we performed the Geology of the site, removal of parcel boundaries from topographic surveys in the following villages near Khorol: Bolbasovo, Enki, Sandpipers, Trubaci, Garden, Aloueche, Petrovka, Girino, Vasovic, Andreevka, Kozubska, Sofina, Oak, Hilcove, Martynovka, Laski, Musienko, Skili, Homenko, Old Musienko, Recommendations, haulers, birch, Eravci, Tarasovka, Zaporozhie, Ivanka, Pokrovskaya rich brat, Nastasivka, Kovtun, Pavlovka, Padosi, Rybchenko, Evidence, Zubenko, Levchenko, Novacea, Arehousing, Ostapenko, Verguny, Ulyanovka, Flocks, Maluski, Forged, Bututsi, Grushina, Kulinichy, Novoivanovka, Orlikowski, Litovka, Demina Beam, Verbena, Red, Kostaki, Hodowca, Vernaci, New Bayrak, Stonelike, Rates, Sharkovshchina, Natalovka, Radici, Deep Valley, Pubic Beam, Hryhorivka, Tretiakova, Kolomiiceva Lake, Varvarovka, Midence, Pavlenko, Popovka, Small Popovka, Shishaki and many others. Mirgorod district, Semenov district, Oricke district, hlobynskyy district, Lubensky district, Velykobogachivskyi district, Khorolsky district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Khorol, topographic survey for design

Geology provides a study of soil and groundwater to identify their characteristics, composition. This is done in order to see favourable whether this territory in composition under construction or agricultural activities. Moreover, some areas, for example, large-scale or important production value, can not be investigated by sampling parts of the soil, and on the spot. This approach helps to analyze more carefully the territory, to use other methods of research that can only be done on the spot. All this is done in order to have a complete understanding of how earth will have to work in the future. This is important primarily for the construction process. But even if you have a plot of land that you do not plan to build, and want to grow it vegetables or planting fruit trees, geological analysis is no less important. After all, knowing the composition of the soil and chemical analysis of soil, you can choose correctly the culture that the best will survive and will give the best results and optimal processing methods and fertilizer.

If we talk about surveying, the first owners of land necessary to carry out the removal of boundaries. This is a necessary procedure that is recommended each landowner. After all documented right border of the plot give the opportunity to use it for any activity, ranging from the installation of the fence and to landscape design. And the owners of adjacent lands also become aware of your limits and are not able to show you any of the claims, as we each take away the boundaries prescribed act of removal of the boundaries of vnature, vyderjivaet scheme provisions of boundaries with reference to the hard contours and existing fence.

However, if you as the owner decided to Refine its territory and change the purpose of the plot, without surveying you just can not do. Especially without topographic survey at a scale of 1:500. It can be called principal geodesic procedure and one of the most popular services in this sphere. The thing is that with its help we can obtain the most detailed information about the object and all of its features in detail. In the topographic plan is drawn up areas with the application of all structures and other objects on it, namely, all buildings, structures, roads, elevations, horizontal terrain, ground and underground utilities and engineering network, the top of the well, mark pipes, power lines, water pipelines, gas pipelines, all guards and fences, ponds, ditches, tree. Individual service can be enjoyed measuring depths of the reservoir and topographical survey of the topography of a river or lake.

Removal of boundaries of the site and survey is not the only work geodesic sphere. Depending on the purpose of this category may include cadastral survey with the preparation of the cadastral plan of the territory, the breakdown of the pit, the axes of Foundation and structures when conducting construction Executive survey key points of the construction process and other services that allow to explore your land and take maximum adekwatne design decisions.

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