Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Raisins, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys as part of geodesy, Geology, takeaway parcel boundaries on Izum at a price of 5000 UAH. !!!

One of the model object in Izum Kharkiv region is the engineering-geological and geodesic surveys for the construction of the store ATB in Central street of Kiev. We have performed the following works:

  • drilling geotechnical drilling depth of 20 metres;
  • sampling soil samples for laboratory;
  • laboratory testing of rocks for calculation of Foundation;
  • preparation of scientific and technical report for project development;
  • topographic survey of the area and trails to points of connection with approvals in all instances, networks, communications,

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Raisins, topographic survey for designYou've inherited a plot? Or maybe you have provided or presented? But the plot might be running, and the documentation is not always in perfect order. You can immediately put up for sale, if you are not satisfied for any parameters of the small area is not a suitable location or other reasons. I can take it in turn to build a house, make it a cottage. But in any case, whatever you decide to dispose of it, you need to bring the documents in order and to perform certain procedures relating to geodetic and geological features of the territory.

If you decided to sell the land, you can not do without geodesy. Especially cadastral component. These procedures are necessary in the case when the site you went to, and the documents are not listed in order, for example, there is no cadastral number and complete technical documentation. Without her to sell the land you will not be able. In the framework of geodesy, you need to produce cadastral survey, which will record the dimensions and boundaries of the site will determine its location in space and in relation to neighbouring areas. Cadastral survey will form the basis of the cadastral plan. What precisely was done shooting, the better will be compiled plan. Also the correctness and accuracy of the plan depends on the competence of specialists carrying out this work.

For sale of land you will need this geodetic service as removal of boundaries in nature. It will help to determine certain boundaries of your territory and check - busy whether its part adjacent areas or perhaps your land has a large area at the expense of its neighbors. The whole procedure of carrying out of the boundaries and setting boundaries takes a few hours. Perhaps you think it is insignificant, but without supporting Act will be issued a single document.

if you decided to build on this site, you also can not do without surveying. But if support for the construction process, you can not order, relying on the competence of your business, a topographical survey to complete must. Because without it you cannot produce a correct and detailed topographic map. And this graphic document will form the basis for the drafting of future structures.

But in addition to surveying prior to construction, you need to spend and geological analysis. It will help you to learn all the features of the earth. The composition of the soil, depth of the groundwater table, the density of the soil, the calculation of the possible consequences of natural emergencies and other geological features, you can read through this analysis.

Our company is the Engineering Guild will help you with Geology and geodesy in any case - and in the case of preparation of documents, and in the case of the construction process. Now our services are fully able to benefit residents of the city Izum. Any operation and manipulation of the land will be for you quickly with our company. We also work in such settlements in the Field area, Borovsk district, Balakleya district, Shevchenko district, Kupyansk district.

And in villages:

geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries RaisinsKapitanovka, Dibrova, red Oskol, Adamovka, Apiary, Studenok, Techique ,Sinicina, Dulgence, Suligoi, Small Kamyshevakha, stove, yevropeyske sub, Donetsk, Stavka, Dmitrovka, Warnapala, Novaya Dmitrovka, add, Novopavlovka Gusarova, Nikopol, Fun, Barvinkove, Podravka, Grace, Ilichevo, Chervone, Semiline, Chervona Polyana, Karnaukhova, Great Kamyshevakha, Grushevka, New Nikolaevka, Old Semenovka, Michailova, Fedorovka, Ukrainian, Village Of Marjevka, Dmitrovka, Open Space ,Green Guy, Bacharova, Pavlovka Second, Ivanovka, Chervona Balka, Free, Potapova, Zavgorodniy, Peter, Plants, Pridonskoe, Chervonyi Shakhtar, Semenovka, Spasovka, Chervonyi Donets, Levkova, Ivanovka, Norcowe, Ivanchukovka, Kunje, Lipanova, Spark, Fedorovka, Babenkov, Nikolaevka, Komarovka, Bakhtin, Gorokhuvatka Peaceful, Podwysocki, Provate, Gavrilovka, Guelder rose, Yasinovate, Raskovoi, Popenoe, Chistovodovka, Bugaeva, Zhovtneve, Kosutovo, Novoselovka, Aleksandrovka, Teplianka, Slabunov, Cherry, Hooks, Orovo, Old Chiswick, Monopole, Serene, Poltava, Kravtsova, Brigadirovka, Borovka, Balakliya, Borodoyarske, olkhovatka, Surowka, Morozovka, seventy, Fun, Ivanchukovka, Novopavlovka, Chervonyi Donets, Csepel, Volobueva, Gusarova, Sheveleva, Chervona Gusarova, Aseeva ,Uspenskoe, Free, Lozovenka,  Protopopova, Zavgorodniy, Svyatoshino.

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