Geodesy, Geology Kiev, the removal of boundaries, topographic survey, scale 1:500

Attention! We offer the best prices on a full range of engineering surveys in the capital such as the engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological, on the part of the Geology, removal of boundaries in Kiev and the region, topographical surveying in the capital, geodesy, at the price of 5000 UAH., also the promotion is valid in Svyatoshinsky, Pechersk, Kiev, Desnyanskiy, Obolon, Podolsk, Dnieper Kiev, Shevchenko, Goloseevskiy areas!!!

Honesty and dedication - that's what the customer wants from the contractor. No matter what services in direction, scope and nature. This may be surveying or Geology, geodetic monitoring or removal of boundaries in Kiev. If the contractor is honest, then his work will be performed in good faith. Unfortunately, many of those who are positioning themselves to be reliable, actually are not. They may not comply with the turnaround time and frustrate the plans of the customer, unfair approach to their actions. And some, on the contrary, add unwanted processes to get from the client more money and extend the process and the visibility of the work, not the result. Among so many unscrupulous companies and individuals, it is very difficult to find a really honest and skilled craftsmen. But such is. If in the field of Geology, geodesy and land management in Kiev you can't find the right professionals, then you have not contacted us. People who order our service surveying or Geology, will be pleasantly surprised customer-oriented approach, quality and low price geodesy in Kiev from 1000 UAH.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

the Company "Guild Engineering" works in most of the districts of Kiev and suburbs. And over the years of its operation were able to make a positive image of a reliable team. Everything connected with the study of the land, we will perform efficiently, honestly and promptly. Our job is only on a contractual basis, so you will be able to make the necessary points and their pre-negotiate, we can make concessions in the form of deferred payment, non-cash transactions calculations.

Geodesy, Geology Kiev, removal of boundaries, topographic mapping 1:500

We operate in the field of geodesy and performed there any possible processes and actions. This different types of shooting, full support of the construction process and individual services in the course of the meeting. This land use operation, as well as work on production facilities. One of the fastest, but important services, is the removal of boundaries in nature in Kiev. With its help not only set the boundaries of the territory, but also determined by its geometric and geographic indicators, such as position, size and specific distance from one corner to another, the exact size, square footage of land use, provided the enforcement of the scheme with the borders of the land plot cadastre number.

Topographic survey in Kyiv - this is the process, without which no cost, no building or other land. On its results the topographic plan of scale 1:500, which is the basis for the development of project construction or landscaping. The scale is defined individually in each case depending on the characteristics of the investigated area. With the help of topographic survey can capture the size, the terrain, any objects - buildings, green spaces, the lines of communication.

We conduct geological investigations of any nature. An investigation of groundwater and soil is an important condition to secure your building. We don't force you, but would highly recommend it be before the development of the project. We process obtained from the laboratory information on the composition of the soil and develop detailed advice as you carry out the construction - what a way of laying the Foundation to choose and what materials to purchase, determine the physical and mechanical composition of the soil, his aggressiveness to the Foundation. On a result will issue a certificate on soil structure and detailed scientific and technical report by engineering-geological surveys on Your site.

All our actions are aimed at the benefit of the client, and integrity and honesty are some of the main tenets in the work.

Popular services:

  • geodesy in Kiev at the price of 1100 UAH;

  • the Geology of the site Kiev at the price of 4000 UAH;

  • topographic mapping 1:500 Kiev at the price of 1500 USD;

  • removal of boundaries of vnature in Kiev at the price of 1300 USD per lot, price includes ordering the coordinates of the turning points in Kiisel, in the form of exchange in4 file or xml.

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