Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kropiwnicki, topographic survey for design

Special price for the whole complex of geodetic and geological surveys from 5000 UAH in Kirovograd and in such areas: Znamensky, Maloviskovskiy, Novgorodkovsky, Companiesbuy, Alexander, Novomirgorod, Novoukrainka, Alexandria!!!

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kirovograd, topographic survey for design

We carried out the following work on surveying, Geology and surveying, surveying calculations of volumes on careers in Kirovograd and the nearest areas:

  • marksheiderskoe support count-volume Skrypnyk and  mining operations, and the establishment of geodetic control framework for the work quarry for the extraction of titanium

  • topographic mapping 1:2000 and geological survey in the village. Youth Kalush district, for the design of solar cells and counting the volume of earthworks to align the lagoon.

  • Kirovohrad region sabatti, Znamenskoye pit, check balances dropout in warehouses, customer uz, in the scope of works included topographic survey, scale 1:500 area of 30 Ha.

What is the prescription from the obligation? The prescription can be interpreted as the Council. If us something prescribed, we can listen and perform, and can be ignored. Nothing scary or out of the ordinary will happen. But commitment is what is said in the Laws of the state. Such rules are binding. Each of them results in a document, without which it is simply not possible further actions.

Similar division exists in the engineering industry. Here, under the warrant and obligation were two important industry - geodesy and Geology. One of them is based on the desire of the customer, and the other on the legislation. If Geology you can neglect, and will just look like a fool, geodesy has such a range of services, without them you not to start work on the site, nor any of their finish.

As already mentioned, if we are talking about  the regulation, the Council, many simply ignore them, wanting to save their money in order. But more and more experts recommend to make it a rule to combine and geological and geodetic work and make them all required. Otherwise, you aren't looking for the best prospects.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kirovograd, topographic survey for design

that is why our company is called the Engineering Guild, focused on these two sectors at the same time - and surveyingand Geology in any city in the country, including Kirovograd, as well as in adjacent areas such as Znamensky district, Maloviskovskiy district, Novgorodkovsky district, Kompaneevsky district, Alexandrovsky district, Novomirgorod district, Novoukrainka district, Aleksandriiski district. Each of these areas is important, nothing is superfluous. Everything that we offer to the clients is of great importance and could be a turning point, a key point in the following cities Kirovograd region New, Katerinovka, Oboznenko, Gruzskoe, Free, Malivnicha, Great Severinka, Rostovka, High Bairak, Androsova, Sazonova, Veselovka, Green guy, Berezanka, Makova, Gaika, Pokrovskoe, Demakova, open space, Neopalimovsky, Pervozvanny Stepovaya, Kalinovka, Popovka, Kozyreva, Klintsy, Berezanka, Novoandreevka, Novgorodka, Spilne, Rybkina, Fun, Olegovna, Angulo-stove, Novosavitskoe, Ruchika, white-grained, Kosovka, Space, Cetnicke, Verbluzka, Novogrigorovka, Ajami, Novofedorovka, Chervony Yar, dashing, Hryhorivka, Pavlo-Nikolaevka, Neoromanesque, Subbota, Konstantinovka, called Sablino, Vladimirovka, Motorino, Shevchenkove, Troanca, Veselka, Novoaleksandrovka, Petrovo, Znamenka, Kachanovka, Znamyanka Echoing, Novogodnee, Nuotrauka, Dolina-Kamyanka, Kasarna, Trapovka, Deep Beam, Cretaceous Beam, Kopani, Stoked,  Kucerova, bahdanava, Pleshka, Elizavetgrad, Gribanovka, Tsibulevo, Mikhaylovka, bilyaivka, Forest Sod Soils, Mellgard, Baltiska, Razumova, Nikolaevka Krasnosel, Gornicka, Ivangorod, Stromovka Lowest Veresai, Color, Borki, Aleksandrovka, Kytaygorod, Nesvadba, Hayova Field, Golikova, Krynki, Bandurovo, Yasinovatki, Krasnoselka, Piles, Hajnowka, Dibrovka, Vasilevka, Green, Protection, Osinaike, Pisarevka, Smooth, Camerawatch, Kapitanovka, Tiskovna, Osipovka, Turia, Listopadova, Andreevka, Novomyrhorod, Martonosi, Fishing Bridge, Korobkina, Birulevo, Ivanovka, Purpurowy, Kotovo, Marianopoli, The Village Of Marjevka, Polievka, Small Temple, Birulevo, Krasnopolye, Kirovka, Morgunova, May Day, Ukrainian, Shestakova, Ivano-Grace, Ovsyannikova, Leninsky District, Polovka, Vys, Matusova, Arsenica, Lutkovska, Alekseevka, Manuilova, Mohutnie, Malivnicha, Soldier, Kvitka, Ivankovo, October, Stepovaya, Long, Krupskoi, Derevka, Anninsky, Vishnyakova, Konstantinovka, Zakharovka, Nerubaivka, Seminate, Hermanovce, Cervenohorske, Trudolyubovka Caniculata, Shelter, Kulikova Beam, Winding, Chamomile, Gromyko, Vinogradovka, Golubiewski, Meadow, Expanse, Bratersky, Kompaneevka, Ivanovka, Traniee, Sofiyivka, Water, Yuryevka, Karakasevic, Shishkina, Island, Dolinovka, Poltavka, Verbova, Polomano, Frunze, Korgevee, Kuibyshevo, Osykuvate, Bobrynets, Slyhovoe, Mutovka, Sugokleevka, Formidable, Novokyivka, Tarasovka, Hemp, Peace, Pheremone, Sednica, Concino, Fadeeva, Vityazevo, Fedorovka, Novostar, Nikolo-Babanka, Mariupol, Romanovka, Annopol, Makowiecka, May, Kostomarova, Kutarka, Chigirinsky, Towns Novonikolaevsk, Ketrisanovka, Novohopersk, Bear Gully, Ingul, Pheremone, Trudolyubovka Annot-Leontovicha, Leninka, Ustinovka, Solntsevo, Berezovka, Dokuchaeva, Krinichnaya, Marfouk, Fraternal Posad, Zgoda, Cherry, Nice,Malevolence, Bogdanovka, Bolshevik, Novomikhaylovka, Grace,Lush, Chervone, Bazarova, Lugano, Carbonconstrained, Iskreva, Alessandro-Village Of Marjevka, Artemovka Rivers, Lenino-Second, Happy, Dobronadiivka, Sandy Ford, Royal, Izmailovo, New Starodub, Holovkivka, Olimpiadovka, Malakhovka, Korbomykolaivka, Belopol, Petrocarbon, Checheliivka, Alexandria, Martiyanovka, The Comintern, Voitovca, Plutovka, Olieve, Surhan, Sonino, Zaporozhye, Malaya Berezovka, Trudove, Petrosucre, Elenovka, Sokolovka, Taraso-Shevchenkove, Lenino Petrovo, Proletarian, Pipelinethe, Hromovka, Paharenko, Fun Skirt, Green.

So, Geology, which is optional, prescribed, is such only in the mind of misconceptions about its uselessness and due to the lack of records of its compulsory implementation in legislation. But this does not detract from its value. So people, having before my eyes the sad experience of the past years, increasingly bought geological survey of various degree  complexity. We conduct both laboratory and field tests, which allows us to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency. On the spot because you can study not just a little piece, and the area in General. And off-site phase or stage of processing information will provide you with a full and detailed report about the condition of the soil and your further actions and measures for prevention of possible negative and disastrous effects of natural disasters.

But surveying - this is the same commitment. It services are required for the construction, execution of documents and other actions related to land. For example, cadastral survey will be required when collecting documents to obtain the corresponding number. And without breaking axles impossible to imagine any construction project.

it is Mandatory and removal of boundaries of the site, because without him and without the respective Act, you will not be in the hands of the official confirmation of  the boundaries of your territory, it is particularly useful when installing a fence, or during operations the sale of the site.

the mandatory surveying even once more not worth mentioning. Without it you simply won't are full-scale project for the construction and construction simply will not start. And the quality of each of our services will help you to avoid the hassle and problems.

Topographic survey for connection to an electrical outlet in Kirovograd one of the most popular types of geodesy at the moment.

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