Geodesy, Geology, cadastre, removal of boundaries Konotop, topographic survey for design, cadastral number and the privatization of

Action from our offices in Konotop! The complex of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological services from 5000 UAH only until the end of March. High efficiency - all work is done within 3-4 days.

Cadastral number and privatization of land on Konotop from 3000 UAH. for the full range of land management activities under the key.

What are the criteria when choosing a company to provide certain services you put on the first place? Someone selects a value. Of course nobody wants to pay the extra, even those who can afford to pay more. So  looking for all the organization that will meet their financial. Someone in prioritizing the quality of services and availability of highly skilled professionals, and the price it does not matter. The main thing is that the tasks were performed. Some prefer efficiency is an urgent need to prepare a document, a drawing. Unfortunately, often the speed negatively affects the quality. Well, there is such a group of people who choose a company for service - the availability of the site, help lines and other "facilities".

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, cadastre, removal of boundaries Konotop, topographic survey for design, cadastral number and privatization

Our company Guild Engineering combines all of the above criteria. We put on our services affordable and reasonable rates under the cost of similar services. However, the quality remains at the highest level thanks to the skills and excellent material-technical base of the company. With all the quality, the skill of our employees and the introduction of new techniques allows you to work quickly, in a short time. And service work with clients we have well-established. Combining all possible requests of different customers, we can reach a wider customer audience. Wide coverage helps  and functioning in different cities, and not just major regional centers. So, our activity is carried out and in Konotop.

Land, surveying and privatization cadastral numbers  key areas of our work, we successfully practiced for many years. However, Geology is also included in our competence and success is practiced and implemented.

surveyingperformed by the specialists of our company have helped many a land owner to develop their territories and to design reliable and durable structures. Some of them, which was developed by us at the very beginning of our journey, still standing, though just rebuilt and happy owners. All because we always strive to achieve the most accurate results, and for this constantly buying new geodetic equipment. Update material resources, as well as the introduction of new developments, methods and computer programs immediately felt in the work. The results become more accurate, are excluded even the margin of error. Topographic survey made such precise instruments, provides the best result.

Quality equipment helps to determine the exact boundaries of the area with high accuracy up to  sm On the basis of these definitions is the procedure of removal of demarcation with the help of boundary signs and prepared technical reports on geodesy for compiling the technical documentation of land management to obtain cadastral numbers. To put such boundary marks our company has full right, because there is officially in the legal and legislative fields on a contract basis. Therefore, we set the boundary markings with individual numbers and display the corresponding the Act of making borders. This and other services are good geodetic basis for carrying out any work on the site.

In such difficult times as our very topical issue of privatization of garages, Konotop. The cost of our services will not exceed 1000 UAH. along with surveying, technical zemleustroitelnoj documentation!

the Company “GeoTop” deals surveying, and Geology in Konotop, as well as in the neighbouring towns and villages such as: Sarashina, Factory, Vorovka, Crayfish, Kuzky, Guta, Kiev, Novgorod Seversky, deaf, Krolevets, carp, Popovka, Red, Mitchenko, Baturin, Matiegka, Ammachi, ASIC, Sinica, Borzna, Putivl, Yampil, Boring, Lokhvitsa, Station, Genuine, Komsomolskaya Commune, Shapovalova, Sosnovka, Shevchenkivskiy, Molusca, Khalimonovo, Bakhmach, Hotel, Fingers, Great Daughter, Small Sambor, Koshary, Yurovka, Bakers, Spotovi, Kurbatova, Zhovtneve, Dubovyazovka, Semenovka, Saltykova, Ternovka, Black Sloboda, Voznesenka, Justynka, Talalaevka, Romney, Nedrygailov, Bilopillia, Gruzskoe, Dugout, Sawada, Clealy, Malyi Sambir Great Sambor, Chumakova. Burinskii district, Nedrigaylovsky district. Konotop district Krolevets district, Romski district, Putivl area also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

Price privatization of private land will be only 2600 UAH, all work is carried out under the contract, in accordance with the current legislation!

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