Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kovel Volyn oblast

Action, only until the end of March! A full range of engineering surveys for construction as part of the removal of the boundaries of vnature, topographic surveys for design, surveying, and Geology of the area with the drilling of 8 metres in Kovel from 5000 UAH in just 3 days.

the paperwork is always a hassle. And the paperwork for the construction of the house - chores doubly, as well as nerves and time consuming. Minor bugs cause you alter each document several times, re-ordering certain services and pereoformlyat documentation. Consequently, you spend extra time and extra money. To several times not to modify the documents, you need to find such specialists who will do everything efficiently the first time. Such specialists are difficult to find, especially in small towns. However, our company has a large staff that allows each city to work equally well. Is no exception and Pro and the surrounding areas.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kovel Volyn region, topographic survey for designAll documents produced and developed according to the results geological and surveying, have a maximum truthfulness and high quality. In many cities know about us and about our work in land surveying and architectural departments and institutions, namely Colonize, Verbka, Belin, Woloska, Well, Lubimov, Will Lubichowska, Green, Crow, Belashov, Sadyba, Gerusha, Wolica, Selec, Cluck, Tourist, Costachi, Solovici, Mirovice, Kulchin, Ages, Been, Duliby, Costachi, Allocin, Hunters, Aleck, Rates, Glinianka, Shevchenko, Radekhiv, Stone, Malev, Vyshnyov, Lyuboml, Rimachi, Vyshnyov, Starovoitova, Krasnova, Lisnyky, Zapolje, Borki, Smooth, Milovani, Borovoye, Cherry Liqueur, Thick, Pidlissia, Gorohovye, Tabagie, Lokodi, Recruitment, Horny Smolyary, Stolin Smolyary, Budniki, Gopali, Hamici, Smolice, Haladin, Svityaz, Amelino, Palmanova, Shack, Millers, Myzovo, New Wyrwa, Wolica, Pripyat, Guta, Revise, Zabolotie, Salesy, Tour, Girici, Gornicki, The Village, Valley, Domanovo, Goding, Mlinovi, Cortellesi, Zapokivne, Vitani, Vysocina, Birch, Plaits, Birch, Magicno, Terebovychi, Borovuha, Azouni, Holomisa, Samara, Zanevska, Cosulate, Samara Nut, Berezniki ,Salonica, Bragadino, Magicite, Sicinska Will, White Willows, Myosin, Slide, Lyubotin, Been, Grecia, Konishi, The Millers-Rechitsa, Sand-Rechitsa, Derogar, Siting, Podporozhye, The Church, Holesov, Olsany Osovcy, Kotus, Undermountain, Brody, Konishi, Postupal, Waders, Kind, Dubrovytsia, Mostysche, CaliVita, Vidarte, Varakala, Mala Hlusha, Great Glusha, Pohulanka, Dibrova, Salazie, Vidarte, Breast, Kamen-Kashirskiy, Voevoda, Bronica, Krymne, Sakuni, Buzin, Serikovich, His Love, Tonut, Nightingales, Will, GISIN, Schulin, Pneumo, Ferenci, Podrinje, Crayfish Forest, Alaback, Klemick, Zalesie, Guta-Borovinskaya, Rudka-Chervinsky, Tobaly, New Cervesa, Selise, Dorothie, Karasin, Stoykova, Sebiha, Berenica, Great Obser, Small Obser, New Ore, Gradisca, Lesnica, Prilesnoe, Town, Manevychi, Cherevach Okonski, Vignana, Bows, Borki, Old Folds, Valine, Noino, Stone-Kashirsky, Sandy, Prilesnoe, Galizia, Manevychi, Poborsk, The Great Apple Lomachenko, Krizevici, Schulin, Sychevka, Chersk, Mirin, Krillin, Rudka Marinska, Ragosin, Podroze, Kasika, Velick, Nagel, Webchick, Goleby, Puhovichi, Will Lubichowska, The Old Village Of Mosyr, Drozdy, Gonczi Ford, Rudka Marinska, Hamlet, Smudge, Kujari, Popovichi, Swidnica, Small Porske, Ivanovka, Lithopoma, Duhon, Milk, Arsenovic, Falcon, Bows, Kryivka, Chetvernia, Godemiche, Granatin, Krinichnaya, Belashov, Gerusha, Sadyba, Perkovichi, Magacin, Cluck, Turiysk, Kulchin, Rates, Ages, Been, Passes, Hunters, Sorely, Glinianka, Aleck, Lading, Pustyni, Samlane, Vysotsk, Terachi, Prerace, /, Rimachi, Starovoitova, Smooth, Milovani, Thick, Cherry Liqueur, Kopachev, Niri, New Yard, Meadow, Solotvyno, Quiteve, Surin, Tristen, Swearin, Chernihiv, Berbice, Preseka, Sukibabe, Magacin, Lubimov, Crane, Strabychovo, Stems, Haveck, Banovci, Biting, Will Lubichowska, Lubimov, Magacin, Srebrenica, Molodova, Bally, Toropin, Biogenic, Berries, Nuts, Ore, Samoty, Fishing Line, Ognevka, Willow, Polomano, Workin, Scenarii, Parhomenko, Nikitich, Parhomenko, Zaluzje, Dawn, Ustilug, Petigny, Notacow, Izov, Swearin, Wasp, Escrow, Revusky, Lime, Smilovici, Daiwa, Valovcin, Quiteve, Tristen, Daiwa, Kisielin, Strongholds, Asutifi, Swiches, Barack, Jubilee, Holopic, Morosini, His Love, Kopachev, Bally, Vitonis, New Yard, Nyry, Litan, A New Village Of Mosyr, The Old Village Of Mosyr, Small Porske, Telesca, Zabara, Pazarci, Lubki, Kozin, Sinyavka. Moreover, we have with these organizations maintain close contact and relationship that allows faster and more efficiently solve problems of our clients. We are still working and doing geodesy and Geology of the site  in Turiysk district, Manieczki area, Stone-Kashirsky district, Starovyzhevsky area,  Rogosinski region, Ukraine region, Kovel district.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Kovel Volyn region

But not only high-quality documentation is the hallmark of our company. It is not enough to properly execute documents. Need to have an accurate source of information, and to interpret them correctly. This we can do only good work. Our sphere of activity is very wide. The main directions are geological and geodetic engineering surveys. Within these areas we provide many services of different orientation and scale, one of the popular services is the removal of boundaries in Kovel.

Engineering Geology from us is a complete and thorough analysis of soil, rocks and identifying geological features of the area is positive or negative. This analysis is conducted in two ways. The first allows you to get the fastest results, but it is designed on a small scale. Basic research is conducted in laboratory conditions. The second option is much harder and bigger. Here the main work takes place directly in the field - on the site. And documentation will contain detailed guidance on the conduct of the construction process, taking into account all geological factors.

Surveying have more than a dozen different services, both in manufacturing and civilian facilities. Each of these services requires the compilation of official documents, which will be followed by one of the state organizations depending on the purpose.

Topographic survey in Kovel, which is necessarily prior to the construction and becomes the basis for the drafting should be done carefully. Because her performance will be considered by the relevant authorities as sources of the project.

Shooting the bottom of the reservoir by measuring the depths of the lake is one of the most unique of our service requiring special surveying equipment, such as sonar, boat, total stations and GPS. Similar research is needed for calculations of quantities for cleaning of rivers and lakes dredging work.

Removal of boundaries in nature by Kovel accompanied by a statement of the work done, and draw a schematic of boundary signs attaching them to the hard contours. He is also an official document that can be served even in court. Therefore, the definition and imposition of borders must be done very carefully and accurately.

many other surveying carried out by our company and cadastral survey, construction support, and axial breakdown, as well as the calculation of earthworks and geodetic support of construction. Each of these services and each document made by us on the conscience.

Call will be glad to cooperate.

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