Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Lozovaya, topographic survey for design

Guild Engineering announces the launch of a new promotion that will last until the end of June! Hurry up to order a set of geological and geodetic surveys at a cost of 5000 UAH! We offer high quality of geological and geodetic works at an affordable price!

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Lozovaya, topographic survey for design

I Want to draw attention to the fact that our company conducts surveying, Geology, topographic shooting and removal of parcel boundaries Sahnovschinsky area, Field area, Bliznyukovsky area, Balakleya district, the first district, as well as in the villages damaja, Dmitrovka, Nesteliivka, New Ivanov, Caredarovka, Panutino, Katerinovka, Svitlovschyna, Cheerful, Debt, Mikhaylovka, Akimovka, Vorovskogo, Peter, Shevchenkove first,  Mal, Alekseevka, Nastasivka, Nadezhdina, Novantesimo, Marachino, Debt, Smirnovka, Satovcha, Aleksandrovka, Gorodnia, Novotroitskoye, Bogdanovka, Equestrian, Lyman, New Michailova, Alisova, Bacalava, Great Andreevka, Ivanovka, Zhovtneve, Chervona Polyana, Grushevka, Great Kamyshevakha, Small Kamyshevakha, Yevropeyske Sub, Stove, Suligoi, Krasnopolye, Valley, Adamovka, Novaya Dmitrovka, Laces, Add, Novopavlovka, Gusarova, Nikopol, Fun, Vasilevka Second, Barvenkovo, Fedorovka, Nadezhdovka, Youngsters, Novobohdanivka, Gavrilovka, Petrovka, Hryhorivka, Chervona Zorya, Aleksandrovka, Grace, Podravka, Akulova, Annovka, Dobropolye, Pavlovka, Top Samara, Fun ,Varvarovka, Novoukrainka, Berestov, Radgona, Preobrajenska Far, Nikolaevka Second, Krystofova, Dmitrovka, Andreevka, Nikolskoye, Hryhorivka, Alekseevka, Vasyukova, Katerinovka, Volodarskii, Towns Novonikolaevsk, Novoukrainka, Stepovaya, Lukashevka, Green ,Verhnovodjane, Samoylovka, Nanoplate, Novoaleksandrovka, Uplate, Rozdolevka, Sofiyivka First, Novoselovka, Annot-Radaeva, Novoselovka, Mirolyubovka, Shevchenkove First, Mal'cev, Alekseevka, New Ivanovka, Passionate, Ramenskoe, Kopani, Petrapole, Saharovskoe, Komsomol, Apple, Anelka, Ignatovka, Andreevka, Berestov, Katerinovka, Red Hill, Peter, Staroverova, Artisanal, Chervonyi Shakhtar Donetsk, Poltava, Revodarivka, Oak Ridge, Chernavin, Zhovten, Kachanovka, Kuzminova, New Beam, Petrovka, Novoaleksandrovka, Nadezhdina, Ligovka, Tarasovka, Kozyrev, Myronivka, the lower Krasnopavlovka,  Stepanovka, Krasnopavlovka, Brailove, Yakovlevka, Otlihnoe, Peremoga, Rizdvyanka, Garden, BRITA, Ivanovka, Chervony Kut, Strife, Conn, Gersevanov, Chernihiv, Debt, Gorodnia, Morosino, estuary, Ryzhova, Semenovka, Serafimova, Dunino, Ostrowia, Barbalato, Free First Nikolaevka First.

Any serious work associated with some tools and equipment. Thanks to them is quality of performance of assigned tasks. This applies to any industry, any business. Geology and surveying based on the use of high-precision equipment. Without him in these areas can not do. Only verified, certified tools help the engineer to carry out any of geological and geodetic works efficiently and accurately.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Lozovaya, topographic survey for design

Each piece of equipment involved in this or that procedure, you must have the appropriate permission. Otherwise, it simply cannot be used at the facility. Especially when it comes to work in industrial areas and areas of high risk.

Guild Engineering in their work uses only professional equipment, thanks to which we achieved the most accurate results. With accurate data, obtained by means of the devices, can be extremely objective and high-quality cartographic materials. Our activities are focused on Geologyand surveying. We work in many cities, both large and remote from the regional centers. For example, now our work extends to Lozova. And every object, in every city of our experts accompanies professional equipment.

Surveying uses a lot of instruments and equipment. Each procedure is a specific tool. For example, if you activate the service leveling, for its implementation, we used a special tool level, is able to verify the degree of excess of one point over another.

removal of boundaries of the site, as well as to Refine them used total stations and GPS systems base station, Pervomayskaya gives the opportunity to achieve an accuracy of 2-3 cm when installing the fence when setting out the boundaries of the site, nature on the ground it is willow and the first district. With their help, our experts can easily measure all the parameters and the distance of the site. Now, basically, are electronic devices with high accuracy, so the boundaries are determined with absolute precision, and your area will coincide with those documents that you have on hand in the form of a State Act for the land plot with cadastral number.

Electronic tachometers, as well as theodolites and  GPS receivers is the equipment, without which it is impossible to imagine topographic and other surveys. Total stations, as we have said, is needed to properly secure all turns, corners, the key point of the plot. To correctly measure the angles help and theodolite. It is used primarily for determining geometric parameters of the analyzed site or object, or check the verticality or determination of the target lines, or lay angle of 90 degrees or at any specified angle.

Not less, and sometimes more important to have a GPS receiver, able in some cases to replace other tools. It is especially important when installing the coordinates of the plot, the determination of the coordinates, as well as when holding privatization plot in open areas without any hard edges.

Geology is also not possible without the equipment, both in the field and in the laboratory. In the field - is drilling rigs, capacity of which depends on the degree and depth of drilling. And laboratory tests cannot be imagined without special equipment and devices. And, of course, no work will not be considered completed without reports and graphic materials, compose which is only possible with the appropriate software.

the Leading position of our company is largely dependent on the high quality of the equipment that we use.

Contact us you will get shooting quickly and accurately and the most useful in your case, and when you order services removal of boundaries of the site on the ground, You can set up a fence on its border, with confidence that he is in his place in accordance with the relevant documents.

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