Geodesy,Geology,removal of boundaries luck,topographic survey for design

Super offer in luck from our company! Topographical survey of plot of luck + removal of boundaries in nature + engineering Geology section + geodesy.

Competitiveness is one of the main indicators of the success of any company in the market of providing those services. Especially in modern society, oriented to receive maximum profit and a large number of clients. This applies to all activities and any company. If the firm wants to reach the appropriate level, you need to provide services that meet certain requirements.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries of the site Lutsk, topographic survey for design

In business there is a concept of "leadership". This means being at the forefront in its field of activity. To take a leading position means that to be competitive and to provide services of the highest quality.

Among the companies that specialize in geodetic works, as well as on geological studies, there are several major that can withstand competition. Our company is a leader in the provision of geological and geodetic services. A worthy place in the market allow us to take such factors as a professional staff with years of experience in their field, the latest equipment with all permits documents, as well as the integrity and democratic price policy.

Surveyingthat we do, have more than ten items:

  • Support for construction process from design to commissioning;
  • Executive survey interim and final columns, anchor bolts and foundations;
  • Cadastral survey, the preparation of the cadastral plan and the execution of all related documents;
  • Breakdown axes buildings, structures and foundations;
  • Leveling work and other processes associated with industrial facilities, including leveling the rails, floors, faucets;
  • Development of cartographic materials;
  • Making boundaries in nature  and installation of boundary markers;
  • surveying and the compilation of topographic plan and site plan.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries of the site Lutskthe Last two services are the most popular among the population of any city in particular and luck and nearby villages, namely Stromovka, Lipiny, Responsibility, Garazdzha, Borochov, vyshnyov, Sapogova, Prilutsky, Suburban, Zabka, Lake, Zhidychin, Kulchin, Lipljane, Steinetz, Milesi, Lighthouses, cheesecakes, Tarasovo, Bogolyubovo, Ozdener, Zabolotny, Shepel, Aleksandrovka, Antonovka, Usaci, Zaborol, Polonca, Lavrov, Salatini, Stychin, Lucica, Yaroslav, Natcity, Salable, Astrojet, Ramenskoe, Novoukrainka, Moscovia, Settlement, Baev, Bitter Polonka, Golyshev, Novasta, Baratin, Cereals, pidhaitsi, Lime, Path, Korchev, Oderda, Promin, Verbai, Korchev, Apolicy, Great Gorodnitsa, Maliovanaya, Brysi, Small Dragostei, Nowina-Dobrotinska, Radlive, Targowica, Red, Stavrov, Podlozny, Topole, Ulyanovka, Vladislavovka, Kosareva, ivankivtsi, Lukarivka, Tushebyn, Dajkovic, Posnikiv, Teresov, Uezdy, Dalhousie, my Recise, Olyka, Bobrin, Uezdy, Pavia, stavishche, Malin, Zabolotny, zabolotie,  Novoselki, Salable, Natcity, Ramenskoe, Bakarin, Chalupy, Pokasov, Oderda, Goranova, Verkhovka, Vorotnev, Fluted, Cockerels, Great Gorodnitsa, Sod, Police, Novels, Cats, Mosaica, Putilova, Kivertsi, Moravia, Waders, Colniza, Swasy, Konopelko, Elizavetin, Organovo, Dubose, Rudnya, Raise, Kopachevka, Rudka-Kozynska, Mikhailin, Zalesny, Bertoluci, Cot, Yablonovka, Novels, Gordini, Vicini, Barack, Horohorin, Jubilee Tops, Mikhaylovka, Sarnicki, Holopic, Can One Launch, Asutifi, Strongholds, Cumin, Gubin, Berezovitsa, Khvorostov, Beget, Mikulici, Babici, Chobotov, Cophylinae, Vladimirovka, Panichev, Island, Leticia, Vladimir-Volyn, District, Ludmilali, Zhovtneve, Vidnoe, Willow, Ognevka, Belin, Dawn, Zabolotie, Turowka, The Village Of Mosyr, Lading, Samlane, Stone, Vyshnyov, /, Rimachi, Lyuboml, Lisnyky, Zapolje, Borovoye, The Falcon, Palapa, Horny Smolyary, Smolice, Thorny, Stolin Smolyary, Birch, Zhuravuchy, Lipno, Chernyi, Mines, Kalinovka, Goraymovka, Holonevichi, Lipno, Snigirevka, Birch, Maidan Lipinski, Clubsin, Domašov, Strong, Cats, Putilova, Sod, Gromakov, Pokasov, Dedici, Chalupy, Oderda, Goranova, Police, Dawn, Novasta, Klevan, Dikov, Belev, Alyssa, Selvatici Popchev, Suck, Island, Bows, Kryivka, Godemiche, Caverta Sitnica, Krinichnaya, Godemiche,Nosachevychi, Cherished, Swasy, Konopelko, colniza, Kobe, Organovo, Bogachev, Klepachi,  Topolino, Dubose, Waders, Racine, Kulchin, Beeches, Morosini, Kiai, Surin, his love, Tristen, Quiteve, Voronin, Barack, Tikotin, Vitonis, Yasinovka, Solotvyno, Ukraine, Dibrova, Partisan, Gonczi Ford, Preseka, Belashov, Crow, Sadyba,Gerusha, selec, Wolica, turiysk,  Ruzhin, Klickovic, torhovysche, Viduta, somyne, Novoselki, Akunin, Mosquitoes, Khvorostov, Malev, Skyba, Lyuboml, Kushima, Borki, Head, Gumentsi, Slizzy, Impoverished, Manaev, Circles, Verhoog, Opaki, Ore-Koltovskij, Hop, Obertson, Csepeli, Svijany, Batkov, Maigari..

Topographic survey for designhe borders of the plot area - a necessary procedure, as when making land use planning documents, and to provide as proof of the entry of litigation between the owners of adjacent lands and adjacent areas, as well as in the process section in any percentage.

surveying must be performed for each of the land plot regardless of purpose. In the process of shooting, you can get all the features of this site: terrain parameters, quantitative indicators, the location of each object, as well as green sediment. Of particular importance for this service for those areas where planned construction, reconstruction, major repairs. Topographic survey 1:500 is the basis for the drafting of future construction.

in Addition to the geodetic services, we have been geological survey.

This procedure will allow you to learn all the features of your land, soil, groundwater levels, quality and chemical composition. We produce manual well drilling, soil samples taken at the laboratory, in the end, engineering-geological surveys you will receive a full technical report with help on soil structure to obtain a building permit and settlement of building foundations

Turning to our company, you turn to the market leaders geological and geodetic services.

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