Surveying,geology,removal of boundaries in Melitopol, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys as part of geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries in Melitopol and Veselovsky district, Azov district, Yakimovo district, Tokmak district, Chernihiv region, Melitopol district. for the price of 5000 UAH. !!!

Our company has carried out a topographical survey of filling stations WOG at Zaporizhzhya track was also performed control calculation of earthworks in Melitopol, were also carried out geotechnical work for the Foundation design.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

what do you think unites these concepts - surveying, inventory, Geology, cartography? With all these terms, one related General science - engineering geodesy. To go into detail, what is geodesy, probably not worth it. This science is inextricably linked to the activities of our company. Especially when it comes to this branch of engineering geodesy in combination with engineering Geology. It is designed to perform various engineering tasks, and we are the performers of these tasks. Our company, called the Engineering Guild, many years actively working in the market of such services. We are a popular company in the major cities, it is advantageous standing out among competitors. In addition, we are very popular in small towns, where not every company is ready to perform its activities. One of the cities where we work, is Melitopol and the surrounding areas and villages, such as Konstantinovka, Voznesenka, Semenovka, New, Good, Dolinsky, Chamomile, Fruit, Brick, village of marjevka, Golden Valley, Polenovo, the village of marjevka, Prairie, Cerulean, annovka, Shevchenko, black, Akimovka, Danilo-Ivanovka, Timothy, Garden,  Mordvinova, Nadezhdina, Rodionovka, Konstantinovka, Novoivanovka, sports, Azov, Tavria, Glowka, Devninskoe, Belorechnskoe, Wave, HIRSOVA, Georgievka, Dunaeva, Novokonstantinovka, Primorskiy Posad, Aleksandrovka, Dunaeva, Viktorovka, Stepanovka First place, Botevo, Bogdanovka, Kirillovka, Inzuka, Stroganov, Okhrimovka, Salugi, Davydovka, Novogrigorovka, new World, New labour&, Perekop, a New beginning, Bee, Ozeryany, Atmani, Limansky, Oblique, Dagmarovka, Military, Guerrillas, Smooth, Sergeevka ,Vladimirovka, Way of Nesamoney, Awakening, Sivash, Otradovka, Novotroitskoye, Combat, Moravka, Plavsko, Geodesy, geology,  removal of boundaries Melitopol, topographic survey for designNovosaratovka, Olenevka, Petrovka, Pavlovka, Expanse Green, Beautiful, Poplak, Timothy, Fescue, resurrection, Hearth, Markeev, Double ,place, Metropol, Novoznamenka, Gornostaevka, Timothy, Wondrous, Kashkarova, Fedorovka, Novopetrovka Second, fertile, Katerinovka, Satovcha, Balashova, Frunze, Vesnyanka, Ukrainian, Pheremone, Drugbuy, black, Petrovka, Wide Beam, steppe, Novgorodova, Successful, towns Novonikolaevsk, lighthouse, East, Rich, Taurus, Distant, Smooth, Peaceful, Tambovka,  Small Outlog,  Sosnovka, Novoprybuli, Patience, Meadow, Fedorovka, Pershotravnevyi, Eastern, Towns Novonikolaevsk, Tikhonovka, Olenivka, Borisovka, Astrakhanka, Zhovtneve, Rozovka, Kalinovka, Novovasylivka, Pivdennogo, Cherry, Vladimirovka, Bogdanovka, Stepanovka Second Novoaleksandrovka.

We will not describe in detail all surveying services rendered. Will focus only on some key ones.

Start with topographic survey at 1:500. It is a fundamental geodetic procedure. The second her name - through tacheometric and traverse. It is derived from the device that performed the procedure. Now this equipment has a digital or electronic nature. So the whole process is much faster and more accurately. Modern professional total stations and GPS systems provide the ability to quickly remove and immediately transmit the information to the Central processing office. And information using topographic you can get there are many options, and sizes of territory, the advantages and disadvantages of topography and location, the indication of the position of objects in the survey area and other features.

Geodesy, geology,  removal of boundaries Melitopol

Another service on which you want to stop removal of boundaries of the site on the landscape. Why is this attention? Because this description minor procedure is able to arrange everything in its place, with respect to the boundaries of the territory. This question is always relevant and often leads owners of neighboring properties in the courtroom. With the Act of removal of demarcation drawn up after the procedure, is the best proof of the true boundaries and the correctness of their position on the ground. Moreover, the process of its implementation involves coordination with neighbors of the results.

you Can call many geodetic not less important services. Other types of shooting, registration of cadastral documentation, surveying work on the construction site in the form of breaking axles building in Melitopol and others.

Another activity, which is actively developing our company is Geology, and more specifically, engineering Geology. Geology involves the analysis of the soil to identify its components and characteristics. It's quite different  the science that studies the earth and its composition. However, it is also connected with geodesy - the combination of these two Sciences and two studies and provide the best quality result, which in turn we can guarantee you that as performers.

Only as a result of drilling on your land, you will be 100% confident in the soil structure, its physical and mechanical properties, the depth of the groundwater, their aggressiveness to the foundations, etc. On the basis of our technical report your designers will take the correct and cost-effective design solutions. As well as removal of boundaries in Melitopol will help you put the fence strictly on geodetic coordinates with the preservation of legal areas. Topographic survey  will help and ergonomic place is a construction site with the correct marks and parallelism.

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