Surveying,geology,removal of boundaries of the site Boundary, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys such as surveying,  geodesy, Geology and the removal of the boundaries of the site on Majewska district district at a price of 5000 UAH. Hurry up before the end of June!!! Also work on the Pokrovsky Raina, Vasylkivska the district, Paul the district, SMT. Mezhova.

Settlement. Landmark is a small townships.  Its population is about 8 thousand people. As you know the town or village are private homes and large plots. Accordingly, the buildings here are individuals, not counting infrastructure or industrial projects. In such settlements become especially popular geodetic and geological services. There are two reasons. The first is the aforementioned large amount of land, and the second is related, rather, from an organizational point. Not every company operates in the communities located away from major cities.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology, geodesy, removal of boundaries of the site Boundary, topographic survey for designthis is the indicator used our company Guild Engineering stands out among the other firms that provide services of the same nature. We aim to expand the scope of its activities in two ways - by increasing the number of diverse services, and it is expanding the geographical scope. Surveying is not the only village in which we work geological and geodetic orientation. We did cones and parcel of nature on the ground in the villages Zaporizhzhya, Novolozuvativka, Lenin, Raipole, Novopidhorodne, Chuguev, Aleksandrovka, Fun, towns Novonikolaevsk, Fedorov, Tarasovka, Fun, Bogdanovka, Moravka, Ivanovka, Troitsk, Petrovka, estuary, Braginovka,  Slavyanka, Antonovka, Ukrainian, Lenin, Pershotravensk, Rosicky, Lozovo, Strife, Kirikova, lighthouse, Krivobokova, Kopani, Novoandreevka, Taranova, Millet, Chutoro - Chaplino,  Vasilevka, Vladimirovka, Bogdanovka, Salt, Chaus, Demarino, Huili, Krotenko, Tarasovka, Preobrazhenka, Aleksandrovka, Fedorov, Fun, Novopavlovka,  gavrilovka, Pidhavrylivka, Ivanovka, sparkle, Green Kut, Novoukrainka, Suburban, Alekseevka, Chervona Zirka, Thick,  Nadezhdina, Sribne, Zaporozhye, Trinity, Ivanovka, Novosergeevka, Kotlyarova, Novoaleksandrovka, Guleva, Novahistine, Dobropillya, Krasnopolye, Vodansky.

Task geological survey is in order to study in detail the type of soil, prevailing in a given territory, its composition and other characteristics, especially when it comes to construction. With this information, you can choose the most suitable option for Foundation - pile, belt, screw piles, pile caps or other type.  Procedure geological analysis takes place in three successive stages. The first step is drilling for 6-8 metres of small-sized drilling rig for fence material, which will further analyzed. One laboratory study of the material obtained. The third stage - processing of results and deliverables. The data obtained is set forth in the form of an analytical report of a recommendatory nature, provide full information of the customer to make competent design decisions.

Geology, geodesy, removal of boundaries of the site Boundary

Geodesy in the village. Mezhova equally as well as the Geology is relevant for small settlements with a predominance of private houses. Among the many services can be divided into two. The first is the removal of boundaries in nature in Surveying. It requires at the stage of registration of land documents. Boundary markings used to mark boundaries, are placed in all the key points and turning corners. Documentary evidence of the procedure is the Act of removal of boundaries in nature. We use the latest GPS receivers operate from the nearest base station which is in Vasilkovka and gives precision when setting boundaries to 1-5 centimeters. At this time in order to score the peg on the site does not exceed 1 hour!

the Second important service - topographic mapping 1:500 for proektirovaniya. With its help you can get maximum information about the land. The topographic survey is performed at different scales. It can be 1:500. In those cases, if you need detailed and poderina survey, scale 1:100 - 1:200, 1:1000, you will usually need to proektirovaniya cables and communication lines. More rare scale - 1:2000, mainly needed for electrical connection, a copy of the topographic plan 1:2000 requires EGA, as well as the required site plan scale 1:500. The procedure is carried out a survey using modern digital equipment.

if you need any assistance geological or geodetic character, use the services of our company.

In any case, if you bought a plot of land and want to put a new fence, you need geodesy plot plan removal of the boundary in Boundary, as well as topographic mapping 1:500 for further design stroitelstva.

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