Mirgorod Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographical survey of scale 1: 500

Warning action: topographic survey + engineering Geology + geodesy + removal of boundaries + in Mirgorod from 6000 UAH drilling and technical report-you will receive a full range of topographic, engineering-geological, engineering-geodezicheskikh  surveys for proektirovaniya, stroitelsva and reconstruction in Mirgorod  such areas shishatskiy district, Lubensky district, lokhvitski district, district Hadiach, Zenkovsky district, Velykobagachanskiy district, Khorolsky region, Mirgorod district!

We did Mirgorod as an engineering-geological surveys for the design of mineral water plant in the composition of geological exploration drilling of 15 wells to a depth of 16 m and the sampling of soil and rocks, conducting laboratory studies and the subsequent compilation of the technical report)and the renovation of the Elevator and geodetic observations of existing buildings Elevator in the composition of topographic surveying of the land plot with a total area of 6.7 hectares in the scale of 1:500 and the inception of geodetic basis and report on the observation of the movements and deformations of the Elevator - full geodesy in Mirgorod.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

we do not have a uniform climate and monotonous terrain throughout. Yes and mineral composition of one or another area can vary greatly. Even two adjacent plot can have a variety of these or other properties and characteristics. It is the study of the smallest features of the land before them other works and engineers-surveyors and geologists. One of the companies specializing in these areas of activity is the Engineering Guild. This is because, in each locality, its climate, topography and soil composition, as well as because there are no identical sections, we try to work in as many cities in different regions. Thus, our work extends to the city region, so everyone landowner there could evaluate the quality of our services. Geodesy Mirgorod, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic survey at a scale of 1 to 500has been able to assess the adjacent village: Belike, The zubovka, Small village, Ore, Zecevo, the Decembrists, Hometec, Dovgalevka, Bakanova, Popovka, Sorochintsy, Olefirenko, seventy, Panasivka, Semerenko, Cherevko, Deep, Dovgalevka, Hometec, Knysna, Litovka, Rasika, Mlyny, Small Obuhovo, Meleski, Lubovina ,Derkach, Tradelab, Shakhvorostov, Kibincy, Robin, Geodesy  Dibrovka, Cutlery, Spackova, Fun, Verkhovyna, Stabeno, Pochasovoe, Konysheva, Cetnicke, Orekhovka, Studna, Ballindine, Leucine, Ostapenko, Osovaya, Emtsy, Maltsev, Fairs, Khorol, Vernaci, Petrakieva, Pavlovka, Stonelike, Rates, Hodowca, Kostaki, Demina Beam, Verbena, Novoivanovka, Replance, Litovka, Orlikowski, Barrowden, Chervone, Aloueche, Brigadirovka, Pushkareva, rich brat First, Broad, Stepanovka, Stefanovska, Zubovskiy, Krasnogorovka, Pilipenko, meadow, Morozovska, Shapely, Zubovskiy, Belotserkovsky, Linnet, Geology Hem, Geodesy  Ogonowka, rayouka, Belushi, ssuli, Sagaidak, Dmitrovka, Lyman Second, Remigi, Miroshniki, Sagaidak, Chernobai, Kirpotovka, Potters, Lesani, a Grassroots Alvendia, Lucy, Great Buzovka, Bohuny, Sosnovka, Halki, the Lower Areski, Baluchi, Butova Valley, The Great Rich Woman, Verbena, Novoivanovka, Barrowden, Litovka, Replance, Semenovka, Pushkareva, rich brat First, Wide, Litovka, Kulinichy, Grushina, Krotoshina, Baluchi, Novoivanovka, Creek, Small Reshetylivka, Bayrak, Behtarin, Buberwa, Wide Valley, Bonanca, Mikhaylovka, Lexence, Kupovina, Marchenko, Evidence, Radchenko, Bessarabia, Salt, Marenyches, Brovarky, Nitin, Geology Slides, Chernigovka, Lomaki, Sheki ,Khoroshki, Trench, Chitty, Onions, Segreti, Komsomol, Beshta, Petrovka,  Ceremony, Pisarevka, Makeevka, Shulga Slides , Andreevka, Beretta, Tees, Luke, Wisacky, Kalaydina.

Working in the field geodesy, we covered the maximum number of processes that may be required when land use issues, or before the construction process on site. We can issue you a cadastral documentation "turnkey" - you will only have to come and get a cadastral number. And if you want to do this process by yourself, perform only the required procedures for registration of technical materials - cadastral survey and other processes.

Geodesy Mirgorod, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic survey at a scale of 1 to 500

We will removal of boundaries in nature to ensure that the technical documentation contains information about this process in the form of a certificate of removal of boundaries of the site on the landscape. In addition to the need to make it to the technical passport of the site, removal of borders can be conducted at any time at the request of the customer in order to clarify the parameters of its territory, or to confirm the correctness of their borders with their neighbours.

One of the main services among all surveying is topographic survey of the land plot. It involves a survey of the land plot with the help of electronic digital total stations and data for processing. In the process of shooting are also special GPS receivers operating from two independent suppliers of services of coordinates of base stations in real time. Shooting subject to various parameters of the site - its size, dimensions, topography and location, presence of other buildings on the site and green space, engineering networks and communications. Any items that are on the site and under it should be recorded and taken into account. Such detail is necessary because topographic survey be carried out to the correct development of the project documents and the project structure. Of course, knowledge about all the elements will properly accommodate future building and to bring to him the communication.

Guild Engineering does not stop only on geodesy. Geological survey are not less successful. Analysis of the soil - Geology, and subsequent recommendation report allows you to build really durable structure. And qualification of employees and their wealth of experience to deliver high efficiency and promptness.

Removal of boundaries in Mirgorod will show you right where to put the fence. Topographic survey in Mirgorod will give an understanding of the difference of elevations and the availability of space for new buildings and real estate objects.

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