Topographic survey for design of Nezhin, Geology, surveying, removal of boundaries

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Our company is a developing and progressive. We try to learn all new activities, to expand the geography of its services. Even among those studies which we have long and successfully executed, we are improving. Our specialists are constantly added to base their practical knowledge, update software and equipment. Expand your contact base and partner. We are committed to each of our current and potential customer received from us all that is necessary regardless of which region or area it is located. For example, we have been successfully developing its activities in the city flats and a number of villages and settlements in the vicinity of Nezhin such as: Lipov horn, Chernigovka, Kunashovka, glade, Steep, Palivoda, PEREVODOV, Pachecano, Paszkowka, Kurylivka, Talalaevka, Bezuglovka, Khvylivka, Sulak, Cobalamine, Zingaresca. Valentien, Chervonyi Partisans, Danino, Shatura. Lastovka, Cellar, Gamasina, Osinovka, Bogdanovka, Peremoga, Kalinovka, Homolka, Leonidovka, Galitsa, Rochak-Stepanovka, Garden, Welcome, Tertychnyi, Green, Shmakovka, Annovka, The Struggle, Baranovka, Bellecita, Pustorino, Zhovtneve, Little Girl, A Great Girl, Kirovka, Katerinovka, Lull, Melnicki, Kobyshcha, Svydovets, Vareniki, Veprik, Peremoga, Chervonyi Caladesi, Kalinovka, Komarovka, Makeevka, Andreevka, Priputni, Siloviki, Shrub, Kuksin, Bakhmach, Bobrik, Vertijivka, Bottoms, Kolesniki, Kuksin, Lipov Horn, Pereyaslavka, Baklanova, Woodland. Senki, Youth, Radgona, Kuksin, Parhomovka, Smolyanka, Orlovka. Drozdovka, Red, Progress, Drutsk, Groin, CEMER. Hayova Chulaki, Tarasov, Pouty, Adamovka, Bluse, Staviskoe, Vetmedica, Bluse, The Village Of Budische There, Kyselivka, Kosary. Andreyevka, Dobrevo, Erjavec, Flat, free, Chulaki, Humpbacks, a New Way, CEMER, Hayova Likhachev, Mnsr,New Bulls,  Zhovten, Voykova, Lucasi, Astrologie, Selishche, Senkovka. Dudakov, Old Orica, Morozovka, Kirovo, Cossack, Veprik, Vareniki,  Aleksandrovka, Kolomiitsivka, Karabanova, Naumovka, Branica, Kobyshcha, Padhainy, Lukashevka, Way of Illich, Galkin, Kuksin, Perehodovka, Zhukovka, Kulikovka, Versaci, Fun, Demanovka, The Village Of Budische There, Titovka, Vertijivka, Forest, Fingers, Trostyanka, Mitchenko, Karpenkov, Pyrohivka, Malyi Sambir, Holenka, The Eighth Beresna, Deptula, Red Koledin, Ponary, Grezowka, New Plane, Nettle, Jackdaw, Widmere, Arefieva, Ivanjica, Miranka, Ichnya, Borovinka, Rupicola, Cherry Liqueur, Sarycheva, Pliska, Factulty, Zarukavne, Kuren, Great Zagorulko, Small Zagorulko, The Libertines, Sivalai, Steppe, Krasilovka,  Petrovsky, Kalinovka, Burimka, Saudita, zaymishche, and many others. Our geological and geodetic services are there demand. Kulikovsky district, Pryluky district, village, district, Ichnya district, ( district, Nizhyn district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Topographic survey for design Nizhyn, Geology, surveying, removal of boundaries

Geology has always been important, but many did not give and does not give it value. However, no geological studies it is impossible to build a safe house or other structure. Buildings constructed without geological analysis, even the most simple, very soon make themselves felt - effect ignoring important process. The wrong choice of construction method, especially foundations and Foundation waterproofing can adversely affect the durability and structural strength. Subsidence, cracks, damage, flooding and other negative factors can occur at any time. And timely and, most importantly, the quality of the geological survey will provide an opportunity to save finances, saving on unnecessary expenses and ensure the safety of buildings from destruction. According to the results engineering-geological investigations in Nezhin, we offer help on soil structure and all parameters of rocks for calculation of Foundation for soil sampling we use manual drilling of up to 10 meters.

Geodetic services of our company are separate activity and include many different procedures and processes. Especially if you need engineering pre-construction. However, when you use only the bare land, it does not mean that it needs not only  in geological research. The first thing you need to delimit their boundaries, the boundaries of its territory, to secure their documents. So you get rid of unnecessary disputes and litigation, because your boundaries are fixed signs, and will act with all coordinates. In this case we produce service removal of boundaries in Nezhin area.

And if you've already decided that you want to see on the site is a beautiful garden with walkways and flower beds or comfortable house, before you embark on your dream, you need to order topographical survey, scale 1:500. It is necessary for the design of future construction or landscape. With its help it is possible to define all the characteristics and features of the site, its topography, advantages and disadvantages. Shooting lets you capture even the smallest details, which will then be reflected on the topographic plan. On a topographical survey applied to all underground and surface utility network communication, the point of connection to gas, water, Sewerage, electricity. For connection to the mains supply power companies usually order a topographical survey, scale 1:2000 to the nearest transformer and a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection, as well as situational site plan scale 1:500. The information it contains, will form the basis of your project will count all the materials and quantities. And so this procedure must be performed with special care. An error here will cause errors in future construction, the change in the cost and disruption of term. We guarantee high quality results and detailed and accurate surveying  the survey. Any other our service is a guarantee of reliability. Start to build properly with the removal of boundaries of the site, Geology, geodesy and surveying.

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