Nikolaev Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic survey for design

Promotion!!! The complex geological and geodetic services at a cost of 5000 USD only until July! "Guild Engineering" provides services such as the removal of boundaries, topographical survey in Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area with the drilling and technical report for the calculation of Foundation - a full range of engineering surveys for proektirovaniya, also spend geodesy in the Zhovtnevy area, the new Odessa region, Ochakov area, the Berezansky area, the Snigirevsky area, the Bashtansky area, the Nikolaev area!

the Earth does not happen much. So if anyone has the opportunity to spend the adjoining territories, he gladly does. Sometimes a small area of the site does not allow to implement their plans for a large garden or construction of a country house. Union territories involves the alteration of land use planning documents, and some surveying, which will help to streamline the documentation and prepare the site for construction or reconstruction process. In particular, it is necessary to alter the cadastral documentation. This is necessary because the merger are expanding the boundaries and, of course, vary and coordinates.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy Nikolaev, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic survey for designOn the new extended area should be marked and the new boundaries. This can be accomplished by using the following surveying services as removal of boundaries of the site on the landscape in Nikolaev. It is conducted by fixing the turning points of the plot. The new boundaries should be marked boundary-marks, while the area will not be fenced. Boundary markings are special posts which carries a sequence of individual character number. These numbers together with the coordinates of the boundaries are in the Act of removal of demarcation that are specialists on the results of work performed. We geodesy and Geology in: Nicholas, Shevchenkove, Green guy, Kalinovka, towns Novonikolaevsk, Polygon, Meshkovo-Pogorelovo, resurrection, Kalinovka, Pereladova, Barmashovo, Sacele, Kyselivka, Maksimovka, Znamenka, Bogorodskoe, Posad-Pokrovskoe, one amazing Villa, Pribugskaya, Luparia, Parutyne, Radcad, Kirovo, Zhovtneve, Curve Beam, Dnieper, Dmitrovka, Ivanovka, Kutsurub, Ochakov, Chernomorka, Kirovo, Andreevo-Torino, Tuzla, Sychevka, Koblevo, Novofedorovka, Red, Krasnopolye, Berezanka, Chapaevka, Kirovka, Nachane, Chervonoarmeyskoe, Komsomol, Chervonoarmiiska, Fedorovka, Red, Vasilevka, Mikhaylovka Matesova, Novoselovka, Estuaries, Chernomorka, Viktorovka, Rybalova, Meadow, Sea , Koshary, Chervonoarmiiska, Anelka, Island, Gracious, Smooth, Anatolica, Andreevka, Berezanka, Kutarka, Malakhova, Chapaevka, Dmitrovka, Lublin, Kutarka, Zhuravka, Annovka, Nooodle, Kirovka, Elizaveta, Tronc, The Komissarovka River, Nooodle, Gamova, Zelienople, Novopodolskoe, Kuraki, Ivanovka, Ulyanovka, Radgona, Shirokolanovka, Stepanovka, Corcino, Clear Dawn, Shestakova, Novohurivka, Olshansky, Novopetrovsk, Sebino, Temovate, Olshansky, Sapena, Treaty, Sands, Konstantinovka, Krynychky, Stone Wash, Petrovo - Salonica, Green Yar Kiryakova, Petrovka, Selvino, Nadmorska, Balanoe, Komarovka, Memory Communards, Resurrection, Gorohova, Vodnik, Pereladova, Michael Larino, Marika, New Life, Grahovo, Thieves, Barmashovo, Chervone, Pervomaysk, Novoaleksandrovka, Partisan, Komsomol, Kyselivka, Quiteve, Cornflowers, Baranovka, Kuibyshevo, Novopetrovka, Lubina, Novyella , Gorokhovsky, Galvanoscope, The Garden, Velikopole, Vavilova, Britovka, Bright House, Walk The Town, Znamenka, Smidova, Bogorodskoe, Zagoryanska, Petrovka, Eastern, Solar, Limance, Kirovo, Inglove, Chaikino, One Amazing Villa, Dashing, Chervonyi Podil, Soldatskoye, Nadezhdovka, Sorevco, New Dawn, Lightning, Pribugskaya, Galicinao, Estuaries, Luparia, Aleksandrovka, Wide Beam, Stanislav, Tomina Beam Spill, May Day, Kismis, Veletenskoe, Amber, Kiev, Moscow, Petrovsky, Belozerka, Lakeside, Kamyshanov, Petrovsky, Nadezhdovka, Sorevco, Kyselivka, Steep Ravine, Because, Miroshnikova, Soldier, Periwinkle, Peaceful, Posad Pokrovskoe, New Russian, Red Flag, Kotlyarova, Vavilova, Central.

Geodesy Nikolaev, Geology, removal of boundaries

Before you decide to spend any changes on your land (rebuild, reconstruct), you need to spend another mandatory geodetic procedure - a topographical survey. Even if you already have a detailed plan of your initial site, you still need a new topoplan scale 1:500 advanced options area (topographic survey). After all, that part of the earth you're joining, can also be its own characteristics - some buildings, trees, as well as an important interchange and communication nodes. Therefore, in order to develop a new project, need to conduct a topographical survey and compile a topographic map. The field phase of the shooting takes only a few hours. But in General, the duration of services - about four to five days. This term is due to the careful processing of the received information and preparing graphics and text documents, bring the whole shooting to state topographic conditional signs.

Another important service is the geological research that is the Geology of the area in Nikolaev. They should be conducted regardless of whether United have a plot or original size. If you have not carried out such a procedure, it's time to do it. Especially if you want to perform some action on it in the form of construction or reconstruction. Geological study involves three stages. On the first get familiar with the area and the fence needed samples. This process takes place by means of drilling rigs, which are made well. The second phase - laboratory analyses of samples. On the third data is processed, and prepared the final report. So you have a complete picture of the health of the soil on your site.

Our company in the city of Nikolaev will help you in any activity with your land - division, merging, when planning construction or other activities. Regardless of your purposes we guarantee a quality result.

I will Answer the frequently asked question: “how to order parisotto?”.

Just call on the phone 097-57-246-57, and we have wax on the site on the next day, make measurements, and after 3 days you will be ready topographic survey in Nikolaev, so if you have the inventory number on your site then at the same time we will make you the removal of the boundaries on the cadastral number in the coordinates!

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