Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries of Nikopol, topographic survey for design

Production has always been and remains one of the most powerful construction areas. After all, during the construction of production facilities involved various services is reinforced control, carefully checked projects. All because any production facility is, first of all, risk, and safety of the people who will work there and, of course, the efficiency of the production process.

As with any other object, such sites should be geological and surveying to improve the quality of the finished buildings, to protect him. However, unlike, for example, civil construction, it has its own peculiarities that go from the destination object. And each held or geological surveying procedure is subject to these features.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

In this region, we performed the following works:

  • measurement of the roll pipe at the plant Niketu;

  • topographic survey of the road long 2 km for the design and reconstruction in smaximok on street Forest;

  • the removal of borders in more than 35 areas and shooting for  the RECs and electricity connection.

  • the receipt of the cadastral numbers 27 plots;

  • Geology and geodesy plot for commissioning filling BRSM in Nikopol.

  • topographic survey for the compilation of project store Amstor in Nikopol on Pervomayskaya street, followed the removal of the boundaries of the site on the Nikopol Manganese, Ordzhonikidze.

  • Geology drilling 3 wells and topographic survey with approvals for reconstruction of TP  Stricke.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Nikopol, Manganese, Ordzhonikidze, topographic survey for design

We can produce work in the following towns and villages Dnipropetrovsk region, Apostolovo district, Sofia district and  Klinicheskogo areas namely:

Lenin, Novoselovka, Pershe Travnya, New whip, Current, Apostolova, Zaporizhzhya, red Current, Tokovskoie,  red Zaporozhets, Sholokhovo, Ordzhonikidze, Granite, Mikhaylo-Factory, Wheatear, Yellow, Mikhaylovka, Fun Chumakov, field Labor, the Memory of Lenin, Free, Novooleksiyivka, Chervona Colon, Taraso-Grigorievka, Miner, Katerinovka, Pokrovskoe, Kabulova, Alekseevka, Kamenskoe ,Pivdennogo, Chervonopraporna, Chkalov, Zakhidnoe, pershotravnevyi, Dmitrovka, Chervonogrigorovka, Manganese, Ilinka, Good Nidia, dawn, Dmitrovka, Borisovka, Novoivanovka, Fun Fedorovka, World, Stoked,  Katemine, Tomakivka, Free, Sergeevka, High, Novoselovka Novoivanovka, Zakhidnoe, Kalacheva, Preobrazhenka, Smagina, Lukavica, Green Wedge, Kitaigorodsky, Lebedinskii, Dnipropetrovsk, Fun, Kirovo, Putilova, Novosovievka, Marinepool, Alexandropol, Steep Coast, Shishkina, Caniculata, Ukrainka, Palopoli, Star ,Sorochino, Shelter, Garden ,Suvorovka, Novozhitomir, Dniprovska, Red, Wide, Novoyulevka, Novopetrovka, Stove, Novopodolskiy, Nowowiejska, Novovasylivka, Yellow, Petrovo, New Kovna, Otruba, Tarnawatka, Tarasovka, Nazarovka, Nikolaevka, Neperemozhne, Vladimirovka, Berezino, Sofiyivka, Maninka, Vilna Life, Gulyaypole, Lyubimovka, October, Lenin, Grace, Meadow, Vladimirovka, Chernigovka, Granite, Nasarudin, Osipenko, Small Kalinovka, Higino, Natalovka , Promin, Dalnee, Tilled, Voykova, Sports Kotlyarova, Raspberry, Pusmecio, Bezborodova , Stardniprovski, Steep, Raznoe, Elizarova, Orlovo, Akimovka, Shmakovo, Grushevka, Konstantinovka, Novoternuvatka, Vladimirovka, Red Promin, Olenivka, Surskoe, Nikolaevka, Paschen Beam, Shevchenko, 'ko-Lithuanian Towns Novonikolaevsk, Zhdanova, Apollonovich, Novosaratovka, Chervonyi Mayak, Chuvilin, Goncharka, Salty, Stardniprovski, Ramenskoe, Bezborodova.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Nikopol, Manganese, Ordzhonikidze

So, Geology before the construction of the production facility is much more thorough than before the construction of a private house. This does not mean that the company conducting such studies, are negligent of small orders. Just talking about the scale of the works. After all, if the construction of the cottage enough to make several wells, to take samples and take them to the laboratory, industrial construction is performed a number of additional works. For example, the number of wells increases several times depending on the size of the plot. In addition, sample analysis must be performed and additional research is right on the construction site, which will help more to understand the soil characteristics in the area and to determine the degree of hazard in the event of unforeseen and dangerous situations of natural character. After all, you need to know how to behave in the soil, how it is sustainable. You may need some additional strengthening or special building materials.

Surveying also has its own specific features for industrial construction. So, topographic survey, which necessarily will be conducted for development of the project should be as detailed as possible. With surface topography, in General, you must also thoroughly and properly remove all underground communication lines. Close attention should be paid to the objects, situated on the territory and its borders. Often this is a very large area, so topographic survey of industrial facilities may require more knowledge and experience in such matters from the surveyors conducting it.

in Addition to surveying there are a number of geodetic processes that must be carried out, if you want your object has been really reliable and safe. Better that the construction was accompanied by the engineer, who will be able to monitor the performance of all tasks. Nor do here without leveling, especially when it will go about installing in the shops equipment in the form of cranes and other similar devices.

Guild Engineering is engaged in manufacturing and private facilities in cities such as Nikopol, Manganese, Ordzhonikidze, and others. We Geology, surveyors and surveying with high qualification and excellent equipment, capable of any production facility to make a reliable and safe for the environment.

Surveying the area and Nikopol Manganese in the composition of the removal of the boundaries of nature on the ground is our specialty!

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