the Geology of the site New bug, surveying, topographic survey, scale 1:500, 1:2000

Landscape design is very progressive and today a very common direction of arrangement of the land plot or its part. When landscaping in this way combines bold design ideas and professional engineering skills. The main objective of landscape design is to provide aesthetic pleasure, to give positive emotions. Besides, this way you can easily divert attention or completely hide the disadvantages of topography or buildings. Do not think that the landscape design is simple, and everyone will be able to handle it yourself. If you want a really beautiful and unusual garden, you need to thoroughly carry out preparatory work of the geological and geodetic character. This need stems from the fact that before you begin planting and other practical points should be made clear plan project. The project is made with different characteristics, to obtain information about which can be through various surveying procedures and geological analysis. When surveying the area for landscaping is the role of every inch, but the scale of the topographic survey can reach 1:100. The standard scale of 1:200. For the Foundation design is considered sufficient scale of 1:500.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

And only electricians to connect to the RES outlet require a copy of the topographic plan 1:2000, and site plan 1:500 all buildings and placement of electrical installations, but since 99% of cases there is no topographic plans not, for connection to an electrical outlet in a New bug and Novorusskom the area need to perform topographic and geodetic survey, scale 1:2000 determined the location of electrical installations, i.e. we measured the whole plot, and the route to the point of connection, also shooting is subject to a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to outlet, pole, transformer, electrical panel.

the Geology of the site New bug, surveying, removal of boundaries, topographic mapping 1:500, 1:2000We did surveying  and Geology sites  in Zhovtneve, Osenovo, Vladimir-Pavlovka, Ulyanovka, Sofiyivka, Fun Skirt, Pavlovka, goodwill, Maksimovka, Hryhorivka, Novomikhaylovka, Novochudneve, Panasivka, Belotserkovsky, Troitsko-Safonovo, Nikolaevka, Suhodol, Novokonstantinovka, Semenovka, Free Zaporozhye, Efremovka, ostentatious, Chernigovka, Will, Novopoltavka, Shevchenkove, Poltavka, Trojans, red Becoming Saratovka, Maiorova, Antonovka, Novopetrovka, Ermolova, Small annovka, annovka, Novoaleksandrovka, Freestyle glade, Novoukrainka, Vonsiatsky, Water-Lorino, towns Novonikolaevsk, Water, Novoaleksandrovka, Veselovka, Bereznegovatsky, Expanse, Mirolyubovka, Novogrigorovka, Stone, Ingul, Stepanka, Bereslavka, Bear Gully, Solntsevo, Malczewski, Honey, Dokuchaeva, Lyubomirova, Romanovka, Ustinovka, Novohopersk, Bereslavka Novopskov district Nikolaevskoe until absolutely everything customers are satisfied with our work.

in order to know the area, you can spend removal of boundaries in nature. This procedure will help you not only to know the size of the territory, which will be carried out, but also to define its limits. The definition of boundaries is a key point in all services. But it helps to know not only the position but also the size, and the sizes of angles. After the removal of borders, you are officially confirm their right to the territory and can prove their right to any doubters by providing an official Act of the removal of demarcation.

But the most important geodetic service of process of landscape design is surveying. It helps to know the features of the site, its settings. This knowledge gives the possibility to properly design the project. Knowing the relief pros and cons, the location of any additional items, you can easily plan the location of the plants, stones and other objects. And the information about the location of water lines and other utilities gives you the opportunity to decorate the garden elements such as fountains, mini-lakes and lighting to them.

Geological features of the territory not less important. Such knowledge facilitate the correct choice of plants for planting. Because it will be a pity if such beloved and beautiful bushes or trees will not survive, and your artificial pond will be destroyed aggressive groundwater.

Guild engineering specializes in geological and surveying procedures. Residents New bug can also assess responsibility, integrity and qualifications of our employees. Each of the elements of landscape design and the entire project will look great and long to please the eye, if the preliminary analysis will be performed by our company.

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