Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Ovruch, topographic survey for design

Attention! A full range of engineering surveys for proektirovaniya at the price of 5000 USD!

Often you may encounter situations when people are in pursuit of savings jeopardize their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Perhaps some of you will say that this is somewhat exaggerated and does not have anything to do with Geology, no surveying. About exaggeration, perhaps. However, even if lives will be all right, these "economists" can easily become heroes Proverbs about the miser who pays twice. Moreover, it directly relates to Geology, and geodesy. Indeed, many believe that the payment of utility companies is money.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Ovruch, topographic survey for design

Geology results savings can occur after a few years on a new, recently built house. It appears many cracks as small, and large enough. The Foundation can give a Deposit, accordingly, the whole house sags, depending on the Geology of the site. In the most severe and disastrous cases may be partial or complete destruction. And restore this structure is no longer possible and needed. It is in the soil, which will behave aggressively and in relation to the new building, if it will be delivered without regard to geological features.

Only full, deep and meaningful analysis can provide the most objective results, which should be a help in solving such complex problems as the construction of the object. This particularly applies to the start of construction, when it comes to Foundation. The base should be not only strong, but also the right - to match the soil characteristics, which were obtained in the result of analyses. Knowing all the nuances, you can even save money. Perhaps your site is just the perfect place for building and you don't need too deep Foundation. And if the area with geological problems, it is better, in addition to the laboratory to do research field of nature, right on the spot.

Surveying is also intended to save your finances. This saving is manifested depending on what kind of service you order. If engineers are fully accompany and supervise the construction process, it means that you can avoid mistakes, errors and deviations from the project. Therefore, you do not need to return to the stage, where he was admitted the error and redo it.

If you make surveys the scale of 1:500 or 1:2000 for electricians, RES, which, incidentally, is compulsory, and will order it from a reliable company, you will receive the most detailed plan that you can easily make a project that meets all state standards.

We can to perform geodetic works, and the Geology of the site defining moment area.

removal of land boundaries in nature will save not only your money, but the nerves, relieving from protracted litigation over these boundaries with neighbors.

Residents defining moment and  Korosten district, Olevsk district, Malyn district,Lugynsky district, Narodytsky district, Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Volyn region,Emilchinsky area, do not skimp on their lives, on the lives of their loved ones and their homes! Order in our company are skilled both single  and comprehensive services surveying, and geological areas. We already ordered in the following settlements:

Stachki, Kerdany, the Pushers, Redcity, Podruga, Gladkevich, District, Island, Korenica, Saski, Cherepynky, Baskets, Koncovka, Oak grove,, Maculine, Meccanica, woodlands, Haevichi, Logachev, Srebenica, Nagarani, pershotravnevyi, Kamenica, Palkovicka the heater, Gusarova, Brankovi, Old Dorogin, New Dorogin, Sanitise, Cuts, Yazhberen, Slovenscina, Notarise, Hristinovka, Narodichi, Lately, Sloboda-Novoseletsky, Scraps, Mamac, Small Chernigovka, Bogdanovka, Weasels, Gunichi, Novoselki, Rakovina, Great Midges, Small Fosna, Laplandia, Supple For Nevgody, Veselovka, Great Fosna, Kolosovka, Ackovic, Solomko, Sloboda-Slomkowska, Resin, Goshev, Bondareva, Belokamenka, Bazarova, Paperna, Coopers, Podsledniki, Norilsk, Shepherd, Krasilovka, Profit, Old Velenice, Cherepynky, Clinic, Myškoviči, Pavlovich, Woodlands ,Coptisine, Sarcosine, Stugavin, Cloplay, Sorokin ,Small Kobylin, Old Velenice, Profit, Cherevko, Protein, Listvin Levkovsky Mlynek, Ostrovy, Talovka, Devolin, Lichman, Beregost, Priluki, Magden, Stop New Stop, Prewar, Gresle, Davidki, Lupovici, Rakovka, Marianivka, Mlachivka, Green Meadow, Fedorovka, Radinka, Buda-Radenska.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Ovruch

the Only way you can really build a strong, secure home for centuries. And through many years your descendants will have their family nest, which even the passage of time will not lose their beauty and strength.

Particularly relevant last year of service, engineering Geology for the calculation of the base by drilling test wells for 6-8 meters and sampling of soils for laboratory studies, the result of engineering research issued a technical report, which is relevant for the construction, reconstruction within 5 years, which goes along with the removal of the boundaries of the site and relevant topographical survey for proektirovaniya.

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