Pyriatyn Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic survey

Announcing the promotion starts!!! The cost of the whole complex of engineering-geological and engineering-geodesic services from 5000 UAH!!! We provide services Pyriatyn and Grebenkovsky area, Provided the area Lowincome area, Auricoma district, Lubensky district, Pyryatyn district at a special price!!!

Craftsmanship is evident in the details, in the service of geodesy and Geology sections of those parts very much. The details are often crucial to a particular matter and it is this that draws the attention when studying documents. Sum of the parts is obtained whole picture, the impression about the person or about the company. Attention to detail - that's the factor that lies at the forefront of fair performers or those other services.

It is the aim of the company is the Engineering Guild, which works in the field of engineering-geodetic and geological surveys. We try as detailed and to delve deeply into the situation or issue associated with the object, running, and analyze every detail. The only way to achieve really high quality and accurate results. Our activities extend to many cities of Ukraine, including Piryatin. We pay attention to detail regardless of what we spend.

geological survey drill important in view of the fact that only a detailed soil analysis will help to assess the degree of risk in the construction of the Foundation of the future design. This risk can be reduced by research results that in the reporting form will contain information about all the characteristics and composition of the soil and the degree of influence of groundwater on various metals and construction materials. Laboratory and field work, during which we discover all the details are carried out by our experts on professional equipment. Field work in Geology can be not only at the stage of sampling, but in the course of  the analysis itself. Of course, more likely to have it laboratory studies. But in some cases, when the scale of future construction projects are too large or the area is problematic areas, mobile laboratories go directly to the object, work with a large number of material and conduct additional tests. We can go on geodetic measurements and plot to carry out a topographical survey - surveying of the site, removal of boundaries of the site, geotechnical surveys.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

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Details in geodetic research is no less important. This is especially noticeable when holding topographical survey, scale 1:500. Without focusing on the details when it is executed will not be compiled detailed survey plan. It applied all the characteristics of the territory, not only the basic but also the most detailed and seemingly insignificant. But every detail is important. The omission of even one can lead to inaccuracy of the project. You need to pay attention not only on the location of the site, its topography and size, but also  features such as the position of real objects, green areas and trees, and communication systems.

Geodesy Piryatin, Geology, removal of boundaries

Removal of boundaries in nature in Pyriatyn - geodetic service, which is also built from parts. The attention of the specialist chained to each of the corners and points of the field and its boundaries. Here close to attention to quantitative indicators and figures. Error of the contractor can be costly to the customer not only materially but also morally.

Our company always focuses on the details. This helps to avoid confusion in the work.

also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the service and quality of service!

Removal of boundaries in Pyriatyn will give full confidence in the correct installation of the fence and the fence.

Engineering Geology section in Pyriatyn will indicate the soil, and our engineers geologists will give recommendations for foundations, basements, floors of the building.

Topographic survey in Pyriatyn will do for electical and connect to the RES and Poltavaoblenergo, so you can use it to make a copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000, placement of electrical installations, electrical control, power lines, poles, towers of transmission lines, as well as the 2nd document situational plan of the land.

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