Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries in Poltava, topographic survey for design

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Security is the main criterion, the cornerstone of which is the basis of every construction project. And that security comes from other criteria, such as reliability, durability, wear resistance and quality. Therefore, safety should be the first place in each of the specialist who will perform any work on the objects.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Poltava, topographic survey for design

Criteria security acts and the work of specialists such as engineers. This is exactly the quality of their work and determine how accurately will be performed all further processes. And engineering Geology, and engineering geodesy are the beginning of any construction works. If you have purchased or want to purchase a land plot for construction, primarily spend most necessary geodetic and geological surveys. Residents of Poltava can order them in our company.

Geology should be mandatory. You can even perform this procedure before you buy land. Of course, you may find that there is no need to spend money on a procedure on an object, which you don't already own. However, this is not a simple waste of money and a very good decision. 've already bought the land and then ordering geological analysis, or even without, you are very at risk of getting poor results. The plot may be simply unsuitable for development. Or if you're already lined up without prior geodetic and geological surveys, you can very soon be left without quality housing at all. The Foundation can sink, leaking, and the house completely apart. Geology of the area in Poltava and geodetic survey will help to prevent these destructive processes. Very simple procedure sampling of soil and water and their laboratory study will help to develop the best project for construction.

Not less important to safety are engineering-geodesic surveys. If the removal of the boundaries of the site will only allow you to differentiate your site, to determine the actual size of the land, surveying and other surveying services enable you to gather all the necessary information in order to know all the parameters of the site, its features, distance to engineering networks and communications, to determine the point of connection. These data will help to make the correct project, taking into account all communication lines, relief advantages and disadvantages. For example, topographic survey so full that it can help to remove every, even the small object up to the trees located on the site.  

But after compiling the project and all permits do not forget surveying. Very efficient service is the support of the whole construction process. For the engineer who originally worked with this object, it will not be easy. He would simply be to monitor the execution of each stage from the Foundation and up to commissioning. This opportunity provides our company. With a large list of geological and geodetic services, we can ensure your safety in your new home. And to start the long-awaited construction correctly.

I would also like to note that we do surveying, Geology and removal of boundaries of the site topographic survey in the following villages and settlements in the vicinity of Poltava Putevka, Krotenko, Petrovka, Garonzi, stove, Stasi, Prony, Dikanka, the Night Budisa, oposhnya, Derevko, Mikhaylovka First, Kolontai, Lubawka, Krasnokutsk, Kachalova, Slobodka, Rabochego, Konstantinovka, Clickincome, Pokrovka, Belousova, Shelestov, Pokrovka, Alekseevka, Water, Kolomak, Rezunenkove, Chernyakova, Kochubeev, Chudovo, artemovka rivers, Kachanovka, Stepanovka, Nikanorova, Ryabkova, Filenkov, Skibska, Pervozvanny, New Kochubeevka, Chapaevo, Zhovtneve, the Libertines, Florova, Watchdog, Novofedorovka, Voinova, Zelenkova, Vasilevka, Cherkasova, Dudnikova, Kulikovo, Zaliznychne, shops, Varholy, Bocanova, Novoselovka, Terentieva, Machovka, Saturino, Chervone, Vladimirovka, call that will be much cooperation. Dikansky district, Catovsky district, kotelevsky district, shishatskiy district, Mashevsky district, Karlovo region, Sanzhary district, Zenkovsky district, Poltava region also belong to the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

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