the Removal of boundaries in Priluki, geodesy, Geology, topographic survey

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set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

reconstruction is a very complicated process. Sometimes it is much harder, longer and costly than building from scratch. It is necessary to perform re-planning of the finished design. The client's imagination can paint a bright picture of the finished building. But to put these ideas is sometimes very difficult. Need to break down and build anew, in order to achieve the desired result. During renovation work can not do without qualified engineers, surveyors, geologists may also need. So, if your plans include reconstruction of any immovable object in Priluki, please contact the Engineering Guild, we also performed the surveying of land, engineering geologiska surveys surveys: deduce, Egorova, Minasova, Borsa, Rolls, Gustine, High, Saudovskoi, Marievka, Smosh, Commune, Perevolochna, Krassny, Flats, Ribsy, The Incense, Padise, Varva, Zhuravka, Blacksmiths, Odicy, Makhnovka, Malaki, Lutici, Linovitsa, Stasova, Glendine, Onishenko, Malkova, Morkovka, Ivkovi, Oak Grove, Yablonovka, Boboshin, Beloshapka, Gruberova, Davydovka, New Martinovici, Antonovka, Dashenka, Bogdan, Svetlichnyi, Yashchenko, Astapovo, Gnedina, Golubovka, Krassny, Borsa, Milky, Perevolochna, Kinky, Prucha, High, Smosh, Raski, Anikeeva, Chaff, Olsan, Strelnieki, Woodland Sorochintsy, Tolkacheva, Kolomiiceva, Tiskovna, Avgustovka, Gorodnya, Surowka, Elms, Obychev, Annovka, Galitsa, Tallow, Maple, Tereshkova Stepovaya, annovka, Makeyevka, Struggle, Baranovka, Bellecita, Nikolaevka, thieves, Zhovtneve, Tolkacheva, Check-in, a New Way, Peter, the Strokes, the Proletarian, Poddubiuk, Netrino, turowka, Suboleski, Berezovaya Rudka, Smotrite, Linovitsa, Varva, Onishenko, Glendine, Sharovka, Malkova, Stasova, Lutici, Polanki, zhuravka, Kolesniki and other village, Chernihiv region. Our many years of activity we have worked at facilities subject to reconstruction, and know all the features of such processes. Therefore, we can consider all the key moments and details and correct accents in the course of carrying out a particular work, pay attention to the details and nuances.

the Removal of boundaries Priluki, geodesy, Geology, topographic surveyit is possible that during the renovation, you'll want to expand their knowledge at the expense of neighboring territories. In this case, you will definitely need the service of a removal of boundaries in nature and surveying the Priluki. Now the boundaries of your territory do not coincide with those recorded in the previous Act. But even if the borders remain in place, then spend utochnennye work. It never hurts to make sure that your fence is in the right place and neither you nor your neighbors are not occupied part of the land to each other. The more that work this fast and not financially costly. One hour after the arrival of our specialists, you will have a new Act with the approved or re-set borders.

Also during redevelopment, you can not do without a new topographic survey. Because the design is undergoing changes. Something is taken away, something being completed. Naturally, you need a new topographic plan, because will also be a new project. Need:

  • consider the old communication lines to outline, which will be laid;
  • fix all the objects on the site so you know where to put  new buildings or additions;
  • to take into account all green areas, trees. It is necessary for the location of new facilities, and for the possible development of the green zone.

Also clarifies and other parameters, topography, size and other. Only in the case careful topographic fixation and qualified data can be really correct reconstruction project.

Now for Geology. You can say that once the building is, therefore, geological analysis is not necessary. Partly you are right, but not quite. Easy geological analysis in some cases have to perform. Because the old building may be not too robust and have damage just from the fact that during the construction no studies have been conducted soil. So still learning the features of the earth, and it is necessary to take several samples. This will help to strengthen the structure and to consider this information when the erection of additional buildings or outbuildings.

the Removal of boundaries Priluki, geodesy, Geology, topographic survey

Our company will help you not only in reconstruction and any other related land use and construction.

Working with us is profitable to order a full range of engineering studies in composition:

  • surveying the Priluki;
  • removal of boundaries in Priluki;
  • the Geology of the area with the drilling and technical report on the composition and parameters of soil, rocks, soil;
  • geodesy in Priluka;
  • Geology of Priluki.

Only then will you get the maximum value and benefit from cooperation with us in the early stages of Your construction and renovation.

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