Topographic survey for design and Geology in Rokytne. Surveying, removal of boundariesg

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real estate are such concepts as "primary" and "secondary housing. The difference between them is that the primary is new, just built. In this house or apartment you are the owner. And the secondary is the one that you bought from the previous owner. Of course, that the secondary housing is cheaper and its more than new buildings. If we are talking about apartments, here with a new building, everything is clear. The Builder builds a house, and you get the finished quadrature. Private homes more difficult. If you want to get a new house with the desired size and layout, the only way is to build yourself. Especially, when the town assumes the existence of a private house, such as the village of Rakitnoe.

Build even a small house is a very complicated process that takes a lot of time and effort. Independently of this work is to perform. At each stage need the assistance of appropriate specialists - engineers, builders, electricians. In the initial stages, you simply can not do without consultation, and practical activities such specialists as surveyor and engineer-geologist. Geodesy Rakitnoe our main direction of our company.

people Often complain that a new home built a few years ago, is already beginning to crack, to give drawdown. So with your new home, this did not happen, before starting work on the draft order geological analysis. This will give you the opportunity to learn the peculiarities of the soil on which you are going to bet the house, find out all the pros and cons of the area.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Although 99% of the soil in this area is clean sand with groundwater at 3-4 metres, still the Geology of the site should be done to clarify the composition, particle size, sand and so on,Three stages, which will provide the most complete and accurate information. These three stages are sampled for analysis by drilling, laboratory testing data samples, and the processing of results and report writing. In addition to the report with the actual data specialists develop valuable recommendations regarding the construction process on this site, recommendations on combating the aggressiveness of groundwater to the material foundations. Topographic survey in Rokitno will show the location of wellheads on the site, their elevation, which is needed for writing engineering-geological sections.

topographic survey for design, Geology Rokytne, surveying, removal of boundariesHowever, the basis-the basics are all the same geodetic works in Rakitnoe. It geodesy can be called the Foundation of the entire construction process. Even when it does not concern the construction of the building, and only the land territory, surveying services necessary and there. For example, removal of boundaries in nature Rakitnoe is a process which is not necessary during the construction phase, and in the period of registration of documents for the site. This procedure validates the existing boundaries of the site, or if the question to restore at least one lost point. We are also working in Asnick, Lisovskaya, Osdi, Buda, Snovidovichi, Salable, Blagova, Belsk, Considerable, Great Caramel, Shrikes, Great Lakes, Periodici, Budila, Jaden, Chochin, Odrick, MILAC, meadow, Ferment, Budila, White, Wielun, Zagrobla, Brodets, Vysotsk, SMARTS, Clay, Stone, Mikhaylovka, Snovidovichi, Osdi, Musewiki, Rudnya, Jurjevich, Komsomol, Andreevka, Susani, Hmelivka, Booths, Carosino, Rudnya - Fast, Varvarovka, Booth-Snowydovytski, Grind, Aleksandrovka, Village, Karpilovka, Borovoye, Square, Line, Cabell, Yasnogorka, Selishche, Stone Sluchanko, Serovie, Oak Forests, Cudell, Simovici, Klesov, Timeshared, Olevsk, Bialowieza, Mikhaylovka, Lopatica, Kisin, Lepenica, Achinsk, RADOMIL, Zhubrovichi, Bronica, Onions, Ackovic, Hawtin, Prisluch, Well Drugov, Woodlands, Adamovka, Great Settlements, Mouth, Lucica, Gorodnitsa, Small Anastasescu, Hoduski, Makeevka, Morozovka, Vesnyanka, Haralur, Zeleznica, Sericin, Nevernov, Zhernovka, Woodlands, Drugov, Maletin, Borovoye, Yasnogorka, Chebel, Balashovka, Bogush, Timica, Corot, Angles, Stepan', Rudnya, Small Verbon, Great Verbon, Romani, Rudnya, Cecils, Kucevo, Sarny, Orlovka, The Police Band, Oaks, Berenica, City, Vladimir, Dolgova, Lubaki, Suhovolja, Rafalivka, Lipno, Krasnosel, Zelenitsya, Kroupova, Crevice, Lipica, Lipno, Beslac, Great Telkovichi, Luco, Stargorod, Dabrowski, Saracevic, Partisan, LUDING, Zabolotie, Poznan, Birch, Grabone, Glynn, Dubno, OBSEC, Stone, Recreational, Belsk, Karpilovka, Rudnya-Karpilovsky, Square, Line, Zhovtneve, Parayno, Small Glance, Malopolska, Medvedevo, Latino, Dam, Bolyarka, Clearing, Poroseva, Secretly, Great Twila, Adam, Kurcinka Guta, Ilyashenko, New Serbs, Malaki, Farm Malaki, Lenin, Great Villages, Great Lyubasha, Mama, Kostopil,Meadows, Vitkovice, Antonovka, Zorny, Karasin, Pugach, Fedorovka, Granite, Alekseyevka.

And when it comes to construction, it is not possible to start without surveying to connect to networks or design. It is necessary for the proper location of future construction. Covering a wide range of information on the site, this procedure can get the most information about it and the complexity of the topography, and subsurface sensing, communications, and positioning each of the objects, if they are already on the site. The scale is chosen depending on the goals that are put before the contractor, in 90% of cases is 1 to 500, but 9% is 1:2000 for the REFs, but we can produce topographic survey of all sizes and areas.

to carry out all these and other works efficiently, you need a reliable team of professionals who will be able to come to your site tomorrow. Only such solid work on the object will give you the expected result. By choosing our company, you can't go wrong and will get a new and durable house.

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