Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Sarny, topographic survey for design

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Sarny, topographic survey for designthe Engineering Guild did geodetic support construction of works on installation of power lines  go along the road Kyiv - Kovel. Our surveyors for 20 hours a day marked out pegs for installation of foundations, was Executive produced the shot of the finished structures. A distinctive feature of this object was the efficiency of the survey, because after excavation of the trench and before the flooding water was held for 10 minutes, and during that time it was necessary to produce a complete geodesic breakdown, and then the Executive survey of foundations with anchor bolts.

Basis engineering cartographic materials. They are the final stage of almost every process. In addition they can be compiled and text documents - acts, records. However, it is cartography is the main activity of the engineer, who is busy processing the information obtained during the field research.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Almost all surveying in the end end with the development of graphical elements. It can be all kinds of maps, graphs, diagrams, plans. These documents are essential in further activities. A well-prepared geodetic map or plan become the basis for the design before beginning construction process. Also such materials in conjunction with other documents are required for registration of land documents.

In the field of geodesy, mapping, materials associated with the following services. In the first place are various kinds of surveying - the Executive, cadastral, topographic.

In the course Executive surveys, especially the end, the cards serve as confirmation of the correctness of the construction process when commissioning structures. The result of cadastral survey is a cadastral plan. On it are applied such indicators as the border area of the neighbouring areas.

surveying - this is the basis of topographic maps. It most fully conveys all the characteristics of the land. It refers to the terrain, objects that are on this site, underground communication lines and systems, the location of green space. This card is a prerequisite for the draft, because it is the most accurate and detailed passes each element of the territory.

Other geodetic services are also related to cartography. For example, in calculating the amount of excavation work developing the scheme area. This scheme is applied flags associated with this process. And the service of the removal of boundaries in nature accompanied not only graphic documentation, but also the text part and an official document - the Act of carrying out of the boundaries of the site on the landscape.

Engineering Geology in its activity is guided more tables or text documents. The results of geological research, obtained by analysis of samples of soil and groundwater from the site, are presented in the form of a text report with graphic patches. It shall contain all results and forecasts and expert advice. However, the graphics here have a slightly different meaning. Especially, if the Geology is carried out before the construction and running along with the topographical survey. In this case absolutely it is useful to be familiar with graphic materials before drilling.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Sarny, topographic survey for designWe operate in dozens of cities across the country. Sarnia and Sarny district included in their number, and the nearest villages are: Barmaki, Gornegrat First, Creeping, Molodova Second, Pidhirtsi, Bogren, Dorogobuzh, the Town, Great Aleksin, Fords, Small Zhitin, Obariv, Molotov, Alekseevka, Lukarivka, Zarechnoye, Alyssa, Parusovoe, Sergeevka, Dorogobuzh, Alteration, Basina, Basalt, Molodova First, the Great Shpakov, the undergrowth, the Town, And, Duliby, cronyn, Settlement, Koblin, Sergeevka, Saints, Shawty, Kvasilov, Mar'yanivka, Youth, Zalenka, Novoselki, Cadnica, Pyatigora, Great Zhitin, Green, Bila Krynytsya, Alexandria,Luzinov, Maps Of Zoziv, Cages, Armorer, Ravens, Rechitsa, Resnici, Bartica, Maccarty, Maletin, Tasov, Peremilovo, Gorbachov, Goat, Novostav, Kudryavskaya, Bochanitsa, Resnici, Maps Of Zoziv, Jasenice, Settlement. Illini, Glinka, Alymov, Novostav Far, Penebel Round Coralie, Robin, Martynovka, Matiegka, Frankovka, Of Great Omeljan, Simonov, Pidhirtsi, Chudy, Pukhov, Round, Chereshnevy, Carevici, Skorov, An Array Of Western-2, Risanka, Miletin, Shestakov, Cherries, Zastav'ya, Voloskovtsy, Great Aleksin, Taikuri, Zalenka, Dmitrovka, Small Aleksin, Mosaica, Mysin. Dmitrovka, Derazhnya, New Ukrainka, Bubnivka, Gorbachov, Babin, Rechuck, Ucin, Pustomyty, Childbirth, Belev, Kolodenka, Mounds, Zareck, Wilgor, Taikuri, Krivichi,
Chernyahov, Clear, Zabral, Armorer, Globacom, Dalhousie, Wheelys, Mosconi, Sermon, Barmaki, Frankovka, Oaks, Iavrov, Cockerels, Verhovsek, Mogilany, Novostav Long, Round, Subkow, Brody, Undergrowth, Cats, Arestov, Cats, Gornegrat Second, Nowostawski, Sataev, Kostopil, Thrushes, Fucking, Matkov, Rechuck, Gornov, Raduhovce, Hodosy, Zabral, Kolodenka, Risanka, Pisagua, Subkow, Matin, Courage, Rogachev, Zalenka, Small Aleksin, Uezdy, Goscha, Seedlings, New Ukrainka, Street, Mesa, Iavrov, Coralie, Tuchebi, Malaya Lyubasha, Revancha, Mikulin, Smorgas, Goat, Dajkovic, Zlatna, Korchin, Sataev, Jail, Krusevica Second, Washcloths, Duxin, Small Identical, Resopal, Pokupki, Ore Red, Nevernov, Seedlings, Edges, Berestovets, Zvizdovica, Valbona, Annovka, Podzorov, Gilia, Gremyacha, Brewskie Farm, Goscha, Rozvazh, Tomahaw, Gornegrat First, Miletin, Starodubov, Ponds, Choirs, Krylov, Stadnicki, Simonov, Wilgor, Spanov, Rates, Bukharov, Michalkova, Bochanitsa, Zarechnoye, Ilyin, Gornegrat First, Tuchin, Travel, Radislava, Humps, The Town, Kochetov, Obariv, Rates, Spanov, An Array Of Western, Remer, Jasenice, Goose, Iskra And Zarya, Shestakov, Ivankovi, Krusevica First, Novostav Far, Golyshev, Dikov, Raduhovce, Eglise, Gilia, Postojna, Michel, Sericin, Kurotani, Pashuki, Gremyacha, Flat, Seedlings, Tsurkov, Molodova Third . In these villages, we are manufacturer of surveying the area, the Geology of the site, as well as the removal of boundaries of the site, with topographic survey. Our specialists have extensive experience in the development of cartographic documents of different nature and orientation. And before that we will carry out all surveying and geological work.

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