Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Swept away, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys such as surveying,  geodesy, Geology and the removal of boundaries in Smela Kamensky district, Cherkasy region, Shpola area, Chigirinsky area, Gorodishche district at a price of 5000 UAH.

the Inhabitants of small settlements often skeptical of large companies that try to offer them assistance in providing those services. All because people are afraid to be deceived. Therefore, they are entrusted with the important issues of local small businesses or individuals that are "closer to the people". And, as a rule, these are "their" unsuspecting residents and are deceived.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

You can be assured of our honesty and integrity. Although this phrase may seem unfounded, but every word is confirmed by the fact, and not even one.

  • Us know on the whole territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.
  • we cooperate With not only individuals, but entire businesses - large and serious.
  • During its existence, we have completed many projects both large and small.
  • We undertake each case, regardless of the amount of profit it will bring us. Never, promising the customer to do something, we will not deny him because of larger order.
  • Our staff - it is many specialists in various fields - engineers, and surveyors, and geologists, and technicians and lawyers. Each of them specializes in a specific area and knows all the nuances of.
  • Our surveying equipment and supplies for the Geology of the site is a modern geological and geodetic apparatus, instruments and computer programs developed by us. This geological drilling rigs and laboratory equipment.
  • our services is a separate issue. What is geodesy with a number of works of any complexity and orientation. We provide services in the field of construction of residential buildings, and industrial facilities. Our surveying is so good that we work with such dangerous objects, such as mining, such as Khlystunovka crushed stone quarry in Hlystunovka Gorodishche district (customer Ukrzaliznytsya).

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Swept away, topographic survey for designthe Imposition of boundaries in nature - very easy, inexpensive and quick procedure. It will not require much time, but the result is a formal Act, which is the main document confirming your boundaries. But even such a small procedure should be done responsibly and with full dedication, and having a high level of knowledge and experience. Because of the proper execution of the removal of boundaries depends the fate of the site and its owner - that these boundaries will be recorded in an official document, based on the current coordinates, obtained according to the official request for the land resources.

Topographic mapping in bold is one of the first services that we started to provide. Because it is Central to the beginning of the construction process. Without documentation for construction will not be decorated. Topographic plan, drawn up on the basis of this survey,  is the basis of future project design. On its basis it is possible to make calculation of earthwork, spent materials.

We offer residents Bold to take advantage of our surveying services, as well as geological, who are also on a high level. With us you will understand what is real and high-quality work of certified engineers, surveyors and engineers, geologists and what is a fair execution of tasks.

Main list of services on, Bold:

  • removal of boundaries on the ground;
  • topographic survey for design
  • the surveying of land for construction;
  • engineering Geology of the site;
  • analysis of soil for calculation of Foundation and many others.

Also can produce geodetic and geological work in the settlements:

Drawings An D, Zaleski. Flat, Booths, Konstantinovka, Balakliya, Nikolaevka, Holodnenskoe, Kowaliga, Small Solanka, Great Yablonovka, Ternovka, Kowaliga, Volkovka. Rotmistrovsky, Popovka, Birch, Tashlyk, Serdyukova, Luzanovka, Rigord. Lebedevka, Spring, Placowka. Mikhaylovka, Lebedinovka. Recruitment, Telepono, Katerinovka, Kosovka, Samgori, Makeyevka, Bogunova, Buda-Makiivka, Pastoral, Radovanovi, Alanine, Timoshovka, Balandin, Nesvetova, Uchiha, Bandurovo, Mowers, Zhuravka, Swan, Shpola, Matusov, Sigaeva. The Marianivka, Stanislawczyk, Flowering, Lenin, Xaverov, Hlystunovka, Dardin, Decline, Pure, Erding, Starosele, Russkaya Polyana, Dubienka, Belozero, Hacki, Stepanka, Hamlets, Bozukov, Small Bozukov, Verguny, Hamlets, Chervona Sloboda, Leski, Hudaki, Sagonaska, Topilovka, Borovitsa, Chernyavka, Domancy, Dubovka, Golovatenko, Gelegrodan, Kulikovka, Lubertsy, Dementi, Zabotin, Zametica, Medvedevka, Mills, Ivkovi, Holovkivka, Chmyreva, Ruble, Scarinci, Vdovichenko, Ivanovka, Saturday, Rossoshentsy, Krasnosel The Victims, Trushevsky, Polcanova, Stove, Erding, Shpola.

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