The removal of boundaries in the village. Salt,geodesy, Geology for Foundation design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys such as surveying,  geodesy, Geology as well as the removal of boundaries of the site on Salanoa and Solomyanska the district of Dnepropetrovsk region at a price of 6000 UAH. Hurry up before the end of December !!!

Solonyanskiy the district of Dnepropetrovsk region is a very interesting region from the point of view of gardening, especially the well manifest themselves in these lands and soils berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc, but is it worth to begin construction at their summer cottage, will tell you the company is the Engineering Guild.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

the Removal of boundaries in the village. Salt and Solonyansky district, Dnipropetrovsk region, geodesy, surveying, Geology for the Foundation design

Spending the Geology of the site should pay attention to the following things:

  • exploratory drilling in the spot future development should take place not less than 6 metres, in other words, the Geology of the site;
  • sampling soil and rock must be done by a special core sampler, so as not to disrupt the structure of the sample;
  • samples should be placed in special containers for further laboratory testing of soil;
  • all parameters of the obtained input laboratory research processes certifiably engineer-geologist (need it sertificirovannye, otherwise such report shall be void);
  • all data about the mouths of wells, number of wells plotted on the actual topographical survey for construction of geological sections to understand slope as elevation and angles of groundwater;
  • the result of all this work, a report on engineering-geological researches in this area, which is relevant 5 years and contains all the necessary data, the parameters of the soil and the site and recommendations for the Foundation design and mining and geological conditions for the building and its reconstruction.

we have been approached many customers Salty with different engineering issues, most competent we are in the following:

  • removal of the boundaries of vnature on Salt and Solomyanska area;
  • removal of the unit on the ground for agriculture;
  • bounds checking land use the land for various purposes;
  • topographic survey for design of industrial facilities and private buildings, that is, geodesy section Salt;
  • topographic and copies of topographic geodezicheskikh plans, scale 1:2000 for electrical connection;
  • topographic mapping 1:500 for conducting gas in the village. Salt;
  • the surveying of land for privatization;
  • technical report on surveying for the project of land plot into ownership;
  • privatization of plots Solomyanska area;
  • assignment of cadastral numbers in Salt;
  • engineering Geology of the site with soil sampling for project development Foundation

as nasami specialists have been carried out in the following settlements Solonenko district and Dnipropetrovsk region: Appolonov, Zhdanovka, free, trudolyubovka Chervonokamenka, Vasilevka, Zvonetsky farm, Stone, glass Slipper, Kalinovka, Sergeevka, Ramenskoe , Tritone, Stardniprovski, Sirakorola, Novoannovka, Bezborodova, Steep, Novoternuvatka, Pusmecio, Sectioli, Adamovka, Morozovka, Pershe Travnya, Kalinovka, Yasinovate, nut, Nikolskoe on the Dnieper river, Mallorca, Volos'ka, Vasilevka, Kamenka, Fraternal, Novoaleksandrovka, 'ko-Lithuanian, 'ko-Mikhaylovka, Paschen Beam, Zhdanova, Lenin, Nikolaevka, Surskoe, Red Promin, Egorova, Vladimirovka, Mamamialove, Bereznuvativka, Grushevka, Shmakovo, Konstantinovka, Orlovo, Elizarova, Far, Resnova, Stardniprovski, Bezborodova, Tritone, Raspberry, Kotlyarova, Pistachio, Druzhelyubovka, Wide, Novopokrovka, Friendly Labour, Linep, Water, Tractor, Nicholas Field, Augustinova, Svitanok, Friendly, Novosemide, Novopetrovka, Dolinovka, Dniprovska, Perun, Orel, Mineral Association, Petro-Svistunova, Shevchenko, Velykodubove, Zhovtneve, Ternovka, Zaporizhzhya, Raven, Alexandropol, Akimovka, Ulyanovka, Grushevka, Steep, Military, Mar'evskiy, Research, Evony Sadok, Honey. We also cater Dnipropetrovsk region, Sinelnikovo district, manganese mining district, Nikopol district, Sofia district,Krinichanskii district, Solonyanskiy area.

One of the most interesting objects was an order for the removal of boundaries in C. Raven on the banks of the Dnieper river. Our specialists have established the precise boundaries of the unit, it turned out that the fence stood incorrect, and if it is put on the coordinates in the design position, you can still be planted 1 row of raspberries, which is 500 meters will produce a crop in excess of 600 kg  during the year, the price for geodesy will pay for itself in less than six months.

During the surveying of the site was identified the need for topographic surveys for a more ergonomic placement of various crops in the fields, while surveying 5 land  units of 5 Hectares each with a total area of 25 Hectares, at a cost of at cost to the customer in 8500 UAH, this shows that the price per hectare topographic not built-up area is 340 UAH.

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