the Removal of boundaries Sribne, Geology, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price, full range of engineering surveys on the site such as surveying, Geology, as well as the removal of boundaries in Sribne district at a price of 5900!

Geology and geodesy - the science related. In the field of land management and construction they are inextricably linked with each other. That is why our company specializes in providing both geodetic and geological services in the village. Sribne Chernihiv region.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

the Removal of the boundaries of the site Sribne, geodesy, Geology, topographic survey for design

it is Natural that the research subjects in these two areas is slightly different. If Geology is studying soil composition and soil characteristics, the surveying aimed at the study area, elevation, coordinates, and other engineering features. But they are United by the object on which work is any land, any land, regardless of size, purpose, location. Yes and purpose of these two directions - one is the reliability and the accuracy and relevance of results. And our task is to provide such results to the customer. Also distinguishes between them is that the geodetic procedures are required to perform, without them you will not be issued any documents and, in principle, will not be built the house. And Geology - this is a matter for the conscience of each owner. Wants - orders, but he doesn't want - no one will make. However, only a comprehensive approach of these two components will give a really great result.

What are the Geology and surveying under the engineering research in a particular area?

Geology does not undertake, and it is recommended to perform. And not because we want to get more clients, and because such precautions in the initial stages will help you in the future and will save not only from unnecessary wastage, but also from the possible risks to life and health. Geological survey, running together with topographical survey, which will be described below, will allow you to develop the best quality and the best project. Often we are approached with a request to provide information on the composition of the soil without going to the site and drilling. In this proposal we certainly do not agree and once again focus our attention on the importance of engineering and geological surveys, exploration drilling engineering-geological wells, sampling of undisturbed soil samples, patterns, laboratory testing, construction of geological sections.

Prior to the development of the project land shall be subjected to mandatory surveying the scale of 1:500. It just surveying procedure. It is very important to the construction process. Because, with the involvement of high-precision electronic total station is fixed the entire surface of the site, its topography, and even the depths of the bottom of reservoirs, rivers, lakes. This is done so that after processing the data to make a topographic plan of the site. Under this plan, and you will be able to develop the project. However, this work will be much more effective if the development process will be available not only geodetic information, and geological. The only way to choose the most appropriate option of construction, arrangement of objects, the type of Foundation and other features.

in Addition to surveying, geodesy still has a large list of services that are required at various stages of the refining segment. For example, at the stage of purchase is the removal of demarcation,  before and after construction is Executive survey, and in the documentation - cadastral survey. This list of examples can continue for a long time. Remember one thing, even optional to perform the procedure will never be unnecessary and will only help you in the work on the improvement of your land.

Removal of the boundaries of naturo is required when installing a fence and boundary disputes, we perform the discharge boundaries solely on current geodetic coordinates, which we take from the land registry upon request.

in Addition to Srabnogo, we produce work in Chernihiv region: Hem, Pobochiivka, Demanovska, Jackdaw, Trostyanets, Ignatovka, Gurunsi, Poetin, Kuta, Haritonova, Griorievka, Alexina, Lozovo, Vasyukov, bitter, Peaceful, Berezovka, Nikonova, district, Sokirintsy, Seventy, Vorobievy, Turned, Spivakova, Makarenkova,Shevchenko, Kharkiv, Loknya, Stepovaya, Cudgel, Artiukhovka, Base, Small Diamonds, Sologubovka, Moscovia, Semenovshhina, Blasi, Kropivnitsky. Yarmolintsy, Cakes, Gerasimovka, Plavanie, Semenkova, Volodya, Bessarabka, Basovka, Vasilica, Rakova Sich, Cormany, Koseki, Taklimat, Poncino, The Birch, Sisule , Beloved, Moskaleva, Shumsky, Karpilovka, Lebedinsky, Salatiga, Kukalova, Aniki, Sokirichi, Mehedovka, Berenice, Snag, Lake, Bogdanovka, Chervona Slobodka, Halowwen, , Chaplinka, Belisheva, Yazykovo, Red, Aleksandrovka, New Dibrova, Belisheva, Minasova, Marievka, Peter, Little Girl, A Great Girl, Raski, Society, Trostyanets, Novoselovka, Vasyukov, Peaceful, Makarenkova, Chernecki, Spivakova, Base, Nicholas, Pazmany, Small Diamonds, Laskowska, Voloshnovka, New Rowing, Salatiga, Lebedinsky, Ivankivtsi, Blacksmiths, Perevolochna, Ignatovka, Krassny, Kinky, Romania, Gold, New, Marinovka, Ozeryany, Barbarity, Stawki, Aniki, Friendship, Elms, Tiskovna, Voronovka, Miranka, Judaica, Obychev, Kolesniki, Hence, Monastyrysche, Svitanok, Annovka, Komarovka, Kalinovka, Homolka, Makeevka, Andreevka, Tomasica, Priputni, Siloviki, Burimka, Bezuglovka, Zingaresca, Borovinka, Valentien, Kurylivka, Paszkowka, Palivoda, Pachecano, Talalaevka, PEREVODOV, Khvylivka, Grigore-Ivanovka, Kunashovka, Glade, Baklanova, Steep Glade, Lipov Horn, Nizhyn, Berezanka, Chernigovka. Borkovka, Radgona, Heels, Bottoms, Vertijivka, Titovka, Zan'ki, Smolej, Great Koshelevka, The Village Of Budische There, Kamilavka, Versaci, Fun, Youth, Woodland, Zaporozhye, Prahari, Krasnosel'skii, Komarovka, Shevchenko, Sivalai, Good Lake, Furnace, Commemorative, Red Oster. The Chervona Ukraina, Ambush, Sivalai, Small Zagovorukha, the Libertines, Olenivka, Borzna, Krasilovka, Shapovalova, Ivanovka, Nikolaevka, Strelníky, Ukrainian, Ichnya, Bolshevik, Shapovalova, Bakhmach,  Sands, Kuren, Peremoga, Chumakov, Hotel Deep, Baturin, Mitchenko,Red, Tashev, Karpenkov, Pyrohivka, Khalimonovo, Molusca, Shevchenko, Sosnovka, Virovskaya, Konotop, Plant, Nursery, Sarashina, Novoselovka, Pontipee, Kachanovka. Semenovka, Dubovyazovka, Hamalievka, Poplar, Belousovka. Saltykovo, Dugout, Club, Elm, Sopinka, Targowica, Red, Nehawka, Spotovi, Fasolka, Vishnevoe, Romanchukove, Chernecha Sloboda, Forty, Sorochinskaya, Kharchenko, Buriki, Krupskoi, Hrostenka, Spring, Donovaly, Sulima, Snowballs, Tarutino, Vladimirovka, Zerkalo, Tomashovka, Khmelev. Taklimat, Chervone, Maritime, Semenkova, Corn, Cellars, Gunnoe, Sologubovka, Levchenko, Small Diamonds, Lavrenova, Pazmany, Malahova, Regency,Popovici, novopetrovsk, Cook, Slim, birch, Varva, Kalinovich, Gnedina, Svetlichnyi, Dashenka., This region has its own geodetic and geological features that we consider each and every site that has a positive impact on the experience and quality of results and materials. Talalayevsky district, Pryluky district, Ichnya district, Warminski district, Bakhmach district, Serebransky district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

to Order topographical survey in Sebnem, call directly to the surveyor-geologist Alexander on the phone 097-57-246-57, we promptly execute geodesy and Geology, will issue a conclusion.

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