Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Sumy, topographic survey for design

Warning action: removal of boundaries + geodesy + engineering Geology + topographic survey in Sumy from 5000 UAH drilling and technical report - a full range of engineering surveys for proektirovaniya!

Each company began as a small firm or branches, with a small staff of 2 people who have limited budget. But over time, if the company is well manifest itself, she earns the image, strengthens the reputation and, therefore, expands client base. Such positive trends allow us to grow, to open new branches and increase the number of services and material-technical base. And that growth is one of the main indicators of its success and quality.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Sumy, topographic survey for design

Guild Engineering also were small in size, with few large cities, is rapidly expanding its borders and geography, as well as services. Today it is a well-developed company, which covers several areas, and many cities of our country. Sumy were no exception, and in this city and also successfully active representation of our company, which is active in the following towns and villages Sumy region: Krasnopolye, Michael, Preedy, Chernetchina, hmelivka, Samotoivka, Glavnoe, raznoe, Mezenovka, Brantsovka,Pacini, Lydia, Trostyanets, Stanovoy, Protein, Boromlya, Buimer, Rabosky, Martynovka, Swan, mound, Small Westrop, Great Westrop, Bicking, Swan, Prestileo, Scarlet, Mikhaylovka, Mezhirich, pershotravnevyi, Katerinovka, Grineva, Stepova, Orgosolo, Lutsikovka, Zhovtneve, Golubovka, Sula, Great Filmy, Lutsikovka, Zhovtneve, Podlesnovka, Ulyanovka Belani, Coracina, Vira, Rivers, hawk, Sinewy, Coasters, Caladine, Kapustina, Swadi, Kalinin, Lime valley, Bayrak, Berezovka, Kymlicka, Secunia, nedrigailov, Sisule, Khoruzhivka, Thorns, Bobrik, Fat, Zhovtneve, Lutsikovka, Orgosolo, Kuyanovka, bilopillia, Voronovka, Rivers, Divination, Pavlovka, hawk, rims, Upper sandy, Trams, Great Chernetchina, Hay, Turners, Alekseevka, Yunakovka, Mogritsya, Great Ribica, Small Ribica, Monopole, Bezdrik, Osowka, Preedy, Mikhailovskaya, Samotoivka, Glavnoe, Upper Back, Lower Back, Bottom, Spelunca, Kosiv, Boromlya, Zhigalovo, Pacini, Polynoe, Poroshok, Romney, Canopies, Kirikova, Katan, Rowan, Sidorova Aruga, Free, chernetchina, Olenino, Oleshnya, Martynovka, Dolgic. The Belopolsky district, Krasnopolye district, Lebedinsky district, Nedrigaylovsky district, Trostyanets district, Sumy region also belong to the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

two Basic directions in which we operate is Geology scrip and geodesy scrip. Geodesy includes many diverse and multi-scale services:

  • Cadastral survey allows you to define the boundaries of the territory in Sumy, perform  negotiation of these boundaries with adjacent areas. This survey is the basis for the cadastral plan and  installation of a fence according to the State act on land.
  • Removal of boundaries of the site in nature. Is it that the owner had an idea about the true size and location of its land territory and were able to defend their interests in court if the need arises. Even a deviation of a few tens of centimeters can sometimes play a decisive role and become the Apple of discord between the owners of adjacent lands. Sometimes neighbors have resorted to the surveyors to determine on whose territory there is a tree, or an old well.
  • surveying land for designing. From the title and the main goal of this service is a survey of the area in order on the basis of the received information to draft a future building or several buildings. Mandatory at the initial stage of shooting should be the study of all drawings, plans and documents that are associated with this area and convey key points about its features. Only then can you start shooting. Topographic survey is distinguished by its rigour, depth and detail. Removed the section itself, all communication objects and is determined by its coordinates. On the evidence of the filming process are maps to connect to the electricity, gas water supply for commissioning.
  • Removal of the axes of the building, angled down at construction sites of any purpose - as housing and industrial buildings allows to observe the smooth geometry of even the most complex project.
  • Executive survey and the full support of the construction process to control all phases of construction in accordance with engineering standards.
  • Leveling production facilities and their parts, including rails, floors, asphalt roads, crane tracks, cranes themselves.
  • Surveying work of the mining industry, the main type of work is the calculation of earthworks with making cartograms move the earth.

This diversity allows us to integrate to each object. In addition to surveying, we conduct geological investigations at the site. In the Geology of the area in Sumy includes the drilling of exploration wells required (for private homes depth exceeds 6-8 meters), the selection of analyses of soil in the laboratory, preparation of geological report with recommendations. Geodesy Sumy is the basis for geological sections and understanding marks wellheads.

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