Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries of Uman

Guild Engineering expands the horizons. Now the services of this leading company  is available not only in the capital and major regional centres, but also in other cities of Ukraine. So, now residents Uman can use the services of the Guild of Engineering in those cases, if they need carrying out planning, surveying, and geological works.

Surveying, Geology of the site, removal of boundaries of the site, surveying (Uman) can be carried out by our company. In addition to these there is a wide range of works, which everyone can use. Any construction - residential, industrial, social, require complex engineering and surveying, and geological works.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Uman, topographic survey for design in Uman

List of settlements, which has the ability to produce full engineering geological and geodetic survey: Rodnikova, Dmitrovsky, Pugachova, Old Babani, Dashing, Horns, Kosinova, Tang, Dobrovody, Legedzino, Talne, Talence, Mankovka, The Archangel, Maidenesque, Golovanevsk, Ulyanovka, Haivoron, Bershad, Trostyanets, Ladyzhyn, Geisen, Khrestinovka, Monastyrysche, Buzovka, Astrogeny, Black, Akhmatov, Bohacova, Bernacca, Glowacka, Panikovo, Berestovets, Moth, Sosnovka, Jadranovo, Teplik. Talne district, Mankovsky district, khristinovsky district, Monastyryshensky region, Uman district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

Geodesy section helps to gather together all information relating to the study area-the size, dimensions, topography, boundaries of land use. Based on these information are developed surveying documents and materials. For such work should be taken only companies and professionals with its holding of licences and certificates. The Guild of the Engineering export is a certified surveying company, successfully confirming this status. All our equipment also works on the basis of permits because of its accuracy and soundness depends lion's share of correct performance of the task. In complex engineering surveys for construction includes topographic survey, and the removal of boundaries and geodesy. Besides running the cadastre, the Executive and the actual geodesic filming, axial breakdown of foundations, leveling.

We will not only conduct engineering-geodesic surveys for Uman, but based on them make the necessary land works. Develop technical documentation for registration in the State land cadastre, the privatization of land. We also prepare cartographic materials for any purpose the complexity and volume.

Not less important and Geology, which is a must for everyone who is going to be built, to become a mandatory element in the preparation to the process of erecting buildings. We all know that in Ukraine almost every region of the different climate and a different type of soil. Even within one area, the nature and composition of the soil can vary significantly. The same applies to each individual site. And even if you know in General terms what kind of soil is predominant in the area where you are going to be built, this is absolutely not enough for the full picture. Only a detailed analysis of soil and groundwater on your site will give you the opportunity to properly carry out all design work related to the Foundation and the cost of construction materials for him. surveying you need first and foremost for the application of wellheads, their marks and competent construction engineering-geological sections. From high-quality, reliable and, most importantly, the correct basis and depends on the durability of the entire building, its strength and security.

We pay geodesy and Geology of the site attention. This is confirmed by the fact that our company has its own laboratory, which has everything you need for a full analysis. And if necessary, we can conduct the necessary research directly on the site that will accelerate and enhance the geological studies of the soil.

All the work of the company Guild Engineering in Uman is performed solely under the Ukrainian legislation, and in accordance with the documents and instructions governing engineering and geodetic activities. Our specialists in geodesy always timely learn about all the innovations in land surveying and engineering field and adjust their work according to these changes in order to provide you with quality results.

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