Geodesy and Geology Velyka Lepetykha. The removal of boundaries, topographic survey 1:500

Hurry up to order geodetic and geological services! The campaign will last only until the end of June! Engineering surveys for construction in the composition of such complex operations as the removal of boundaries in nature, surveying the approvals for the design, geodesy and Geology of the area with the drilling of wells by 8 meters in the great Lepetikhe and Gornostaevski district, Borislav district, Velyka Oleksandrivka district, Novovorontsovka district, Nyzhni Sirohozy district, Velikolepetihskiy district and throughout the Kherson region from 5000 UAH. Geodesy Great lepetikh in just 4 days.

urban-type Settlement Velyka Lepetykha - this is not a city because of the smaller scale, but not the village with its not very developed infrastructure and a small population. In the urban-type settlement can be multi-storey houses, but it is dominated by private houses with large courtyards and land plots for gardening. Every village has its own advantages and disadvantages. The distance from the city, the low level of service make it for some unattractive place to live. But many, on the contrary, strive to live in his house, in the suburbs. Those who are accustomed to city life, the main emphasis is on the fact that in the village there are not many services, for which we refer to city institutions. Such conversations can touch and great Lepetyha. However, the question that there is no land surveying, engineering company, is now solved.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Now every resident or organization of great Lepetyha can simply contact us to resolve any issue associated with the land. If you need to explore it for the preparation of the technical materials for the issue of land surveying and cadastral documents, if you are going to build or reconstruct a private or commercial facility - you will definitely need our help. We will not describe in detail each of the many surveying procedures, and will focus on two key, related to various areas.

First applies to the construction or any other process associated with the landscaping of the site. This surveying. Is it on-site with the aim of thorough study. You get full information that is of special imaging equipment are processed and transferred to the graphic document topographic plan. This plan is made in two versions - as already mentioned the graphics, that is, on paper and in digital - electronic medium.

Geodesy Great lepetikh, Geology, removal of boundaries, topographic mapping 1:500Another service, which must be mentioned is removal of boundaries in nature. It refers, rather, to the field of land management and the necessary paperwork to the site and to join in the ownership of them. The removal of boundaries involves precise definition between the public and its coordinates, as well as coordination between these with the owners of neighboring properties. Proof is the Act of removal of boundaries in nature.

you should Not overlook another direction of our activity is Geology. It is also undoubtedly important, especially for construction and site improvement. It can help to learn about the structure and type of soil. And this, in turn, will give the possibility to choose the correct way of laying the Foundation, waterproofing and drainage system, if we are talking about construction, or to determine the varieties of plants, if it is a landscape design or garden.

whatever service you need, we will gladly become your helpers in this important affair.

also in your area are most common surveying and geological services:

  • the copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000 for electricians;
  • topographic survey for design of new buildings;
  • geological izania under construction and reconstruction of private houses, gas stations, elevators;
  • splitting axes foundations;
  • Executive geodetic survey pillars, pits;
  • calculation of earthworks and remains of raw materials in warehouses, silos.

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