Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Velykyi Burluk, topographic survey for design

Promotion!!!The whole complex of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological esskay in Velykyi Burluk. We provide quality technical report upon completion.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Velikiy Burluk, topographic survey for designIn Velikiy Burluk the specialists of our company have produced a breakdown of geodetic axes for the construction of the Elevator 60 thousand tons at the railway station In-Burluk In-Burlutskiy district Harkaway region, the customer was co-hosted by the Agro-industrial Association "Agrosvit", geodesy and Geology in areas such as Dergachi district, Chuguev district, Volchansk district , Dvurechansky district, Kupyansk district, the Oghuz district, Shevchenkovskiy district, as well as in the settlements Gorane, Zamost, Mikhaylovka, Shevchenkove, Novoselovka, Podsreda, Proletarka, Fedorovka, Chutnee, Krasnoyarsk, Komsomol, Barn, Hryhorivka, pleasant, Obuhovo, Balogova, Dvurechansky, Well, poplars, Zhukov ravine, Montewka, Katerinovka, Golubovka ,Chervona Khvylya, Litvinovka, Kanevcheva, Green Guy, Funny, Prickly, Slyhovoe, Rogozenko, Andreevka, Gardener, Water, Redcode, Small Burluk, pioneer, olkhovatka, Novoselovka, Podsreda, Hnilica First, Egg, Grey Yar Hnilica ,Couplewho, Chervonoarmeyskoe Second, the Borsch Arkutino, artemovka rivers, Martova, Green guy,  Malakhovka, Prigorodnoe, Well, Mitrofanova, pleasant, Balogova, Sand, sand lance, Nikolaevka, Nezhdanova, Red First, Thorns, Grekova, Berestov, Novoivanovka, Tokarevka, Dobrolubova, Mechnikova, Ivanovka, Petrovka ,the Great Settlement, pershotravnevyi, Olsan, Lyman First, Sinyavka, Petropavlovka, Hems, Kupyansk, Coal Tit Kondrashova, Tsenkova, Smorodkovka, Monachinae, Housenka, Western, Dvurechnaya, Dvurechnaia, Twolane, Kutikova, Kachanovka, Starowka, Pleskachevsky, Dulgence, Putnikovo, Redcode, Vasiltsova, Water, Gardener, Andreevka, Rogozenko, Mitrofanova, Well, Figalia, Hagino, Dolzhanka, Sliznevo, Nefedova, Ivashkina, Ustinovka, Artisanal, Berezniki, Lake, Wide, Chopped, Potykhonove, Komissarova, Creedance, Ochakovo, Chernyakov, Krasny Yar, Grace ,Vasilevka, Ivanovka, Zakharovka, Butovo, Grachevka, Kupino, Hapuna, Varvarovka, Baksheevo, Innopole, Novoaleksandrovka, Petropavlovka Urchenko, Kotovka, Verevka, White Well, Volkovskoe, Earthen jar, Wilcza, Ageline, Synelnykove, Zhovtneve, Ramenskoe ,Pine forest, Ukrainian ,Revolutionary, Berenice, Peter, Shevchenkove First, the Profintern, Wide, Goncharovka, Joomla, Saratovka ,Paszkowka,  Zhovtneve Second, Budaki, Dugouts, Nasterea, sandy, Sabeline, Round, Degtyarnoe, Small Wolf, Okhrimovka, Draught, Caricnoe, Sabino, Pokolenie, Wolczanska Farms, Quiet, Volchansk and other

would you Trust your life or the lives of their loved ones unscrupulous doctors? And would buy life-saving drugs in clandestine pharmacy around the corner? Most likely - no. When it comes to key issues relating to life or health, we try not to save. Looking for the best professionals, buy best products. The same must be true in every field - not only in health care, pharmaceutical or insurance.

Engineering and surveying and engineering-geological works you also need to trust the professionals. Indeed, their quality depends not only your material side, but also life. Because a properly designed and built home is the guarantee of strength, reliability, and security. Quality depends on many factors, but primarily it is the competence and experience of the specialists.

in Addition, in such a complex and high-tech really need people with appropriate tolerances to work. After all, such individuals need not only to be able to work with all kinds of equipment, but also to be sometimes potentially dangerous objects. Therefore, the availability of licenses and certificates as well as possible confirms the integrity, the reliability of each of the employees and the company as a whole.

Guild Engineering is the official state professional engineers in geological and geodesic spheres. They all have diplomas, certificates of qualification, certificates of additional training. In addition, those professionals who are involved in potentially dangerous objects have additional permits to conduct their work there. Whatever city you have not called in Velykyi-Burluk or what else, you can read our documents.

the Scope of our activities is very wide. We carry a full geological survey large and small territories in compliance with the land law. Soils that are adverse or problem studied advanced, and on this basis developed a plan for further action. This may take not only the analyses for the laboratory, but also be other manipulations on the spot. Immediately after drilling.

Geodetic services presented by us in full. For any object, of any size you can choose the work that you will need. Among the variety of services we offer you:

  • Surveying and the preparation of cadastral plans for further processing of relevant documentation.

  • Executive surveys - both interim and final, and complete control over the construction process.

  • Surveys with a detailed drawing of the terrain, objects, communications and green spaces in the area.

  • Breakdown of Foundation, corners of buildings and leveling.

  • Removal of boundaries in nature with the driving boundary sign and agreement with the owners of neighboring territories;

  • Breakdown of the axes of the building for construction;

  • Geology of the site for the calculation of the Foundation.

Our documents and maps recognize all land surveying, architectural and other departments, because they know about our integrity and competence.

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